The Most Explosive Fight! | BB18 Recap & Discussion: Ep. 40

For the first time probably ever, the evicted players of the Jury House are center stage with drama and chaos, stealing the spotlight from game and making things personal!

Natalie’s first day in the Jury House was an unforgettable one, I’m sure! While Natalie tries to update the Jurors on the past week’s events, Michelle threw a shot at Paulie, bringing up Paulie’s decision not to take his showmance Zakiyah off the block, which ultimately got her evicted. Paulie, of course, went into defensive mode and called out how the girls of the Jury House (that would be Da’Vonne, Bridgette, and Michelle) have treated Zakiyah like garbage ever since she and him have reconciled and reunited.

First of all, it’s not cool that these girls would treat Zakiyah badly due to a personal relationship choice that has nothing to do with any of them or the game of Big Brother. They are being especially catty and mean to pretend like their judgements and opinions are better than Zakiyah’s. Yeah, Paulie has been a major douchebag in the past, but the girls have been major bitches, too, and to each other. Now, however, they are all “kumbaya” with each other, and the past was put behind them. They aren’t willing to do the same with Paulie and team up against him and Zakiyah every chance they get, by the looks of all the Jury House segments that we’ve gotten so far.

Things turn from bad to worse when Paulie tells Da’Vonne she’s a bad example for her daughter. Well, you’ll just have to see it for yourself, and if you have already, it’s worth a second watch! Grab the popcorn!

Bridgette, for whatever reason, butts in at any chance she can. Michelle, like any super fan would, just sits back and watches the fight unfold. Natalie’s probably asking herself, “What kind of hell did I just move into?”

I liked all the girls in Jury and liked Paulie the least out of everyone the entire season, but there is no denying that these girls (at least, Da’Vonne, Bridgette, and Michelle) are shit-stirring drama queens that won’t grow up and learn how to be a bigger, better person.

Back to the actual Big Brother game, Paul becomes Head of Household, breaks down in tears and dedicating his win to his ride-or-die, newly evicted bromance Victor. He also wins the Power of Veto, dedicating that win to his dearly beloved floaty Pablo, which was kidnapped from the house by Michelle when she was evicted weeks earlier…

Corey Brooks on the season premiere of BIG BROTHER, Wednesday, June 22. BIG BROTHER airs Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT); and Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT), featuring the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen.   Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS  © 2016 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

Corey, the newest Jury member

And Paul takes a swing at the last showmance standing, nominating Nicole, who had never been on the block yet this entire season, and Corey, who was the HoH who sent Victor to Jury. Obviously, he keeps his own nominations the same, and James has the single, solitary vote and power to choose which of the two to evict and bring to the final three houseguests.

James, being the wienie that he is, makes it known that he’ll do whatever the HoH wants him to do. Even though this has been his strategy since day one, it makes the most sense this week, since he wants to keep on Paul’s good side, to hopefully be taken to final two if Paul wins the next HoH.

Paul’s target is Corey, seeing as how he’s a stronger, physical competitor than Nicole. Corey, while talking to Julie Chen, he claims to be completely surprised that James evicted him. When asked about the possibility of a future, real-life romance with Nicole outside of the Big Brother house, his answer was…not convincing. It’s rather obvious to anyone with eyes that she likes him a whole lot more than he likes her. Oh well!

Who out of the final three houseguests would you like to see win $500,000? Nicole, Paul, or James?

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