Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peeks

Here’s what you have to look forward to on the next episode of Teen Mom 2!

Kail Lowry

Kail stops by Jo and Vee’s place, where Jo is quick to ask how things are with “Javier.” Admitting they fight all the time, Kail says she hopes she and Javi can realize they’re “on the same team” the way she and Jo have.

Vee asks what specifically Javi has been doing wrong, and Kail says Javi has showed up at her house through the basement. She claims Isaac had to tell Javi “You’re not supposed to be here.” Jo is pissed and says Kail and Javi need to get something in writing because this behavior from Javi is unacceptable.

“If he’s crazy enough to just walk into your house, then what the fuck else is he going to do?” asks Jo.

However, Vee is quick to bring everyone back down to earth. “I feel like you’re just making him out to be a fucking pyscho,” she tells Jo. “We’re talking about someone who is, like, in their–like he’s going through a divorce.”

vee teen mom

“Come on, Jo, you know this chick is cray.”

Kail seems to get an awkward smile watching Jo and Vee arguing about her ex.

kail lowry

“SEE! The ‘perfect couple’ argues about Javi, too!

You can watch the full clip here.

Jenelle Evans

I was already cringing when I read this sneak peek was titled “Jenelle and Barb’s miscommunication.” Isn’t that, like, the story of their lives? Having poor communication skills? Anyway, here’s what’s happening on  Monday night’s episode.

Jenelle and David have to arrange TWO custody drop-offs today. Jace is being dropped off with Babs, and Kaiser is going to visit Nathan. But, as usual, it’s the day of and they don’t know what time the drop-offs will be, so they decide to order some pizza for the kids. While eating, Jenelle yells that she can’t believe what Nathan just texted her. Nathan asks for the good gym in Wilmington so he can go work out then swing by and pick up Kaiser.

“He’s not coming to our house,” says David. He wants Nathan to meet them somewhere.

teen mom david eason

“I don’t feel safe around that lil bitch.”

Then Babs calls and asks if she’s still dropping off Kaiser today, which is presumably in her area. Jenelle explains the Nathan text, and Babs immediately launches into an “Oh great, now I gotta drive all the way to Wilmington to get Jace” rant. Jenelle tries to keep her cool and says those words never came out of her mouth. It quickly devolves into a classic “Oh my God, dude” yelling match right in front of poor Jace.

This girl needs to get a phone that she can actually hold. This looks like a precursor to carpal tunnel, js.

Leah Messer

Leah goes to pick up daughter Addie from ex-husband Jeremy. He’s still unsure what his work schedule is going to be like thanks to the nature of his industry. He asks how Leah is doing, and she says she’s getting bored around the house and has started thinking she should go to school.  Bless her heart, Leah lights up telling Jeremy this.

leah messer

“Isn’t you so proud of me, Germy?!”

Leah feels that if she had not gotten pregnant as a teen she would have gone off to college, but now she’s resigned herself to looking at beauty school. (Spoiler alert: Leah ended up getting accepted to West Virginia State University last fall. Her major was undeclared.)

Jeremy sounds encouraging at first, but he ends with a bland “Just finish it this time,” and you can just see Leah deflate.

“…I guess you isn’t.”

You can watch the full Leah sneak peek here.

And that’s it! Yet again, there is no sneak peek for Chelsea Houska. Must not be anything interesting going on in the Dakotas next week.

Don’t forget to join us for a live tweet-a-thon during this episode Monday night at 9/8c!

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  1. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    Barb jumped to a conclusion but instead of Jenelle going to another room to scream or remaining calm and explaining things, she started full out screaming and banging her hands on the table- as Jace was sitting right there. That poor little guy looked like his heart was breaking as she screamed. She just does not see how horribly that impacts him.

  2. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Leah said on one of the after shows that she’s thinking about majoring in English and I just about died of laughter

  3. Williejonesjr says:

    Babs is a sh*t starter. She knows very well no one said SHE had to come to Wilmington. She’s not Nathan. They were talking about Nathan, not Babs. I can see why Jenelle gets frustrated talking to Babs bc I bet every conversation is like that with Babs not listening to a word Jenelle says and Babs hearing what she wants to hear.

    • ColeAteMyCereal says:

      She is for sure- but I also feel like the way jenelle handles her responses impacts jace so much and she doesn’t even realize it.

    • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

      She does jump to conclusions, but she also said she couldn’t hear Jenelle. She is in her 60s, I’m sure her hearing is going to shit.

  4. Williejonesjr says:

    Btw, you all got a huge “shout out” the other day on Reddit! Someone on r/metateenmom recommended this gossip page as a good one for snarky recaps!

  5. Jennelle's next Endorsement Deal says:

    i mean honestly comments and recaps here are best! I don’t even need to watch the show anymore, you all write the recaps and everyone comments exactly how I feel anyways! keep those recaps coming! 🙂

    • El-ahrairah says:

      Aww thanks! That means a lot! 🙂 I’m working really hard to keep this site growing, so I appreciate our loyal readers so much <3 Shout out to JerseyGirl for doing the last few recaps!

  6. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children says:

    Germy with his comment, lol aint that the truth!!!! Girl never follows through on anything!!!

  7. Katie says:

    The comments on this article are stuck at 0 :S

    • El-ahrairah says:

      Yeah, I’m working on it, but my IT guy is out of town until tonight >.< Thank you for sticking it out with me, guys.

  8. claire says:

    Great sneak peek at what’s coming!love this website and the recapsurrounding!

  9. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Vee is and will forever be my spirit animal.

  10. First thing I’m going to say is.Barbara and Janelle as well as the TV show need to stop fighting around or near jace.all of you aren’t thinking about what all of this crap is doing to him. When he gets older and starts dating he will treat women poorly. And that is because of all of you.he doesn’t want to go and live with his mom.none of you give a rats ass at the way your treating jace.janelle you never have taken care of jace. And you should be so happy that your mom took him and took very good care of him. Remember janelle all you cared about at that time was having a boyfriend and going out. You can’t be on your own without having a man. I will say this you have been taking care of your son by Nathan.you are growing up.just remember your mom
    Isn’t your enemy.I hope you think about all of this.let jace live with your mom and then he can go to your house and be with you and his siblings.it has been just fine that he lives with your mom until you got with Nathan and now David let your son continue to live with your mom and let him be happy.the TV show should stop the way you and your mom act in front of jace.I would like to see you and your mom and jace and David get into counseling.it would help all of you. Please think long and hard about everything I’ve said.good luck Janelle.and your mom needs to stop fighting as well.I had a daughter and her middle name was Janelle.she passed away the day after thanksgiving she was 3and a half months old.then the next year my son was born two days before thanksgiving.I hope you stop fight with your mom and in front of jace. Be grateful. I want you and your mom and your children happy. Sherryl

    • I wished my real dad would play with me says:

      I’m so sorry for you loss and congrats on your new blessing. My middle name is Janelle.

  11. God gives us one life. Try to make it a good life get a major in something so you could get a job if you had to.

  12. Nikki says:

    This website is great El! It’s nice to be part of a community, so to speak, here where people can comment and have opinions without saying nasty things to other posters 🙂 Love the recaps! I too end up fast forwarding alot of the show and come here to read and comment. I love how Vee basically stuck up a little for Javi, I’m sure Kailyn hated that which makes it even better!

  13. Neglected Cake, Neglected Children, Neglected NA says:

    All I wanna say about this…. I wanna smack that smug look off kail’s face… soo bad.

  14. Nicole says:

    I saw an article about Kailyn on Yahoo today that said the father of her 3rd is someone named Chris Lopez? And that he was “throwing shade at Javi on Twitter” ?? Anyone have any info about this? I couldn’t pull the article up, my computer at work kept freezing :0

  15. Jeffery says:

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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