Adam Lind Doxxed and Vandalized, Accuses Chelsea & Randy Houska of Leaking His Address

Teen Mom 2 baby daddy Adam Lind is furious over his addressed being publicly posted this week, and he claims ex Chelsea Houska and her father (and maybe even Saint Coley!) are behind it.

He claims there was an Instagram account with the username “deadbeat_tm2″ dedicated to “hating [him] and tearing [him] apart.” A few days ago, the account posted a police report that listed Adam’s full home address. Adam claims the police report was for a simple noise violation. He has narrowed down his suspects to a handful: Chelsea, her father Randy, her step-mother Rita and her fiancé Cole DeBoer.

You can see the screenshots at the end of this article, courtesy of our awesome commenter Leah’s Meth Pipe. 

Adam’s fiancée Stasia Huber joined in the Facebook rant to claim they are worried about the safety of themselves as well as Adam’s two daughters Paislee and Aubree, who spend some time in his home per custody agreements.

Then Adam posted that someone had vandalized his car. It sounds like someone slashed the tires, but Adam was not clear about what occurred. He claimed he had his door open and lights on “waiting.”

Stasia then posted that the police had come to the home and lawyers were contacted. She claimed that  the police and lawyers were going to trace the Instagram account that had leaked their home address, saying they wanted the wrongdoers to be prosecuted for “child endangerment, harassment, [and] knowingly enforcing possible harm.”

Adam put on some bravado by claiming he wished someone would break into his home so he could “legally beat them within inches of their lives.”

Then shit gets serious. Adam brings up names. He says:

“I still have a strong feeling is randy … Chelseas dad … He’s always been a big fan of mine … takes so much time out of his busy day to update his own twitter and what not to talk about me … Shits that posted on that page literally leads right to him Rita Chelsea or Cole … They r the only ones with info I’ve seen posted on there”

A fan posted that the Houskas were just “jealous.” (Oh my God, guys, why is that always their excuse? “Y’all just jelly!” Do they not know the meaning of the word? Are they trying to say “envious?” /rant) Adam agreed the Houskas were jealous that he had turned his life around.

Adam then shared a Timehop post flashing back to when Chelsea lovingly posted to Adam’s Facebook wall that they got the Teen Mom 2 gig. Adam posted “Wonder if the feelings have changed at all.”

A fan or friend told Adam to get together a bunch of friends to write negative reviews for Randy Houska’s dental practice, saying “Isn’t he like 70? Really grow the fuck up.”

Adam and Stasia called on all of their followers to report the Instagram account that had leaked the information, which got the account banned. But a few hours later, a Twitter by the same anonymous person popped up in its place. Within a few hours, that Twitter account was also banned.

Adam and Stasia have been quiet today, but Chelsea and Randy didn’t let the accusations fly without standing up for themselves.

Chelsea tweeted she hoped he found out who leaked the address “so he looks even more dumb lol.” Papa Randy, ever quick with his Tweeting thumbs, was ready to throw shade, tweeting to Chelsea “You planning a wedding or planning revenge?”

The implication here is obviously that the pregnant Chelsea, who is a little over two months from her wedding, simply would not have time or care to harass Adam.

All I know is this sounds like a case for Nancy Drew! The social medial troll that doxxed Adam Lind, I personally suspect, is not a member of the Houska family but a random “hatter” from the interwebs.

What do you guys think??

Here are the juicy screenshots:

adamlind1 adamlind2 adamlind3 adamlind4 adamlind5 adamlind6 adamlind7


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  1. Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

    How the fuck is his address “leaked” when it’s on public record on the police’s website? Maybe if you don’t want your address out there, stop doing dumb shit that means the police need to record your address

    As for anyone being “jealous” of these two…. Dude, we’ve all seen your crappy non job as a Gym Bro, and your house is hardly a Barbie Dream House. He’s up there with Jenelle for how deluded he is

    • Mk2000 says:

      Very well put, I know Randy can be a bit immature, but I really don’t think it’s him or anyone else in the family. He is definitely the male version of Jenelle. Can you imagine if he would have been Jenelle’s boyfriend instead. Lol

    • Dani says:

      its confessionsofabathtubsh*tter

      how do I join this site my old TMJ loves!?

      • El-ahrairah says:

        Hi Bathtub Shitter! (lol) We don’t have user log-ins right now, so you just keep commenting like you just did 🙂 If you would like to set up an avatar, you can use I’m open to creating user log-ins later on, but I’m not sure making people jump through hoops to comment is a good idea right at the beginning. 🙂

  2. Nikki says:

    Oh Adam honey , nobody wants your vials of steriods and used needles, so don’t worry, no one is coming to break in !

  3. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    That what I thought! As if Randy cares enough to actually make an IG page slamming him. Get over yourself Adumb. Whoever did seriously hates him though.

  4. Ursula the Merbitch says:

    So he is worried about the girls safety but thinks Chelsea and co leaked the info. Surely Chelsea would be just as concerned about her safety and wouldn’t want to put her daughter at risk over petty BS. He is absolutely deluded!!!

  5. Film About My Life says:

    Randy is immature as hell, but he’s never been shy about bashing the hell out of Adam so I’m hard pressed to believe he’d do anything anonymously.

    Chelsea and Cole send Aubree there so why the hell would they encourage that?

    You know, Adumb, if you just straightened your ass out, and acted like a decent human being, people would stop hating on you so hard. I’m not for this cyber bullying shit, but what I’ve seen from most “hatters” has been a mutual protective instinct/sadness for the children involved. Part of me doesn’t really believe it was even believe it’s the typical Hatter group I watch on Twitter; I have yet to see them approve of things that would potentially put the kids in harms way.

    • chelseas annoying bad voice says:

      Thank you. Randy is immature AF and he needs to cut the umbilical cord already. I mean a while ago he was arguing with some girls who were bashing Chelsea.. Those girls were like 20 year olds.

      I know Adam is a tool and he deserves the grieve he is put through (he sucks basically) but my 3 year old is more mature than he is .. Feuding on Twitter, calling Adam out, defending ANYONE who DARES to say something bad about his golden child..

      This man is like 55 or something his daughter is what 24,25? She can fend for herself.. There is a ‘smugness’ about him that I can not stand. I couldn’t agree more with Adam about ‘Randy being busy but still finding time to bash him’.

  6. Dramastical Changes says:

    Adam is so deluded. Why in the world would Chelsea or anyone that cares for Aubree’s safety post his address? It just makes no sense. He is such a freakin’ moron!!

  7. Nathan's Ponytail says:

    I know I’m being an annoying grammer police woman by mentioning this, but know that it comes from a place of love:
    Haters= people who hate things
    Hatters= people who make or like hats

    • El-ahrairah says:

      Haha I totally feel you. AFAIK “hatters” has become a sort of slang for the weirdos on Twitter who tweet to all of the TM people, especially Jenelle. It probably started as somebody’s dumb error, but it’s stuck lol That meme is freaking hilarious though! :’)

      • Nathan's Ponytail says:

        Haha that makes sense considering Jenelle’s impeccable communication skills. I stand corrected! Carry on!

        • El-ahrairah says:

          Oh God, this reminds me how a few articles ago I wrote that Butch ordered two “on-trays” at a restaurant. I was like “Please, guys, please remember what I’m referencing so I don’t look like an idiot!” Lol!

          My autocorrect on my phone is absolutely ruined from Teen Mom speak. It thinks “Wif” is a word as well as “Girlses.” It automatically recommends “God Leah” if I type Jesus. It’s amazing, from a linguistic standpoint, how this show has affected my everyday language!

          • El-ahrairah says:

            And for future mistakes, I am totally open to y’all’s editing skillses. I am actually a professional writer, and I’m running this site on the side. Sometimes I go through it really quickly because I’m busy, but then I come back and see an error and just hate myself for a few minutes. So please let me know if I mess up. I don’t want people to think the schools aren’t well here! 😛

            • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

              You’re doing a great job E! I’m pretty sure the hatters and girlses here love it as well 😜

    • Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

      Years ago, one of Jenelle’s illiterate fans called her twitter haters a “bunch of retarted hatters” (yes, that is a direct quote – another place where schoolses aren’t well, clearly) and so the twitter haters are now known as “hatters”

      *”the more you know” star*

    • Guest says:

      If you decide to appoint yourself a ‘grammer police woman’ it is a good idea to spell ‘grammar’ and ‘policewoman’ correctly.

      • Nathan's Ponytail says:

        Oh shit, my bad. Fail on all accounts.

        • Nathan's Ponytail says:

          I’m still hanging my head in shame over this. I promise I do know how to spell grammar correctly. That’s what I get for being nitpicky.

          • El-ahrairah says:

            Haha! I know the feeling, trust me! I believe they call it Muphry’s Law (typo intentional); “If you write anything criticizing editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written.” Blame autocorrect. 😛

  8. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Agreeing with what most everyone said; Randy is inmiture but he isn’t shy. I don’t see him doing this because he is smart enough to think of Aubree’s safety. However that being said Randy is smart. I remember something a few years ago about Amber & Gary and Leah was to be living with Gary because Amber’s address was public and they were worried about crazy fans/Leah’s safety.
    I’m going to go with my gut and say nobody from Chelea’s camp did this. It saddens me that there is possibly someone out there dedicating their time to Adam that possibility doesn’t know him. The only thing that will change my mind is if court documents surface where Chelsea sites Aubree’s safety being in Adam’s now public house. If that were to be the case I will loose all respect for Chelsea & company. I don’t think that is the case but it’s a possibility.

  9. Confessionsofabathtubshitter says:

    I love seeing an active TM page!! RIP TMJ

  10. Bud Life says:

    Pretty sure no one in the Houska Klan would actually leak his address, as he is right – it would place both Aubree & Paislee in danger. 🙄🙄. Okay, Adam

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