American Horror Story ?6 Episode 7 | “Chapter 7” Recap

Hey guys, I apologize for my late recap I went out of town for a family member’s wedding. Let’s jump right into it; this episode was a good one!

American Horror Story ?6 Chapter 7

We start off in the production trailer with Slime ball Sydney viewing footage with his cameraman from the previous episode (Chapter 6). The footage of Rory’s death plays back and the cameraman freaks out but Slime ball Sydney didn’t see it as he was looking down at the time the footage played. An assistant walks in with dinner for the two and mentions to Slime ball Sydney that she has been trying to reach Dina but she hasn’t heard back from her yet. Slime ball Sydney tells the assistant that Dina is a distant memory to him. The assistant leaves the trailer and soon after the men hear a scream, Slime ball Sydney goes outside to see what is going on and he immediately comes back into the trailer to tell the cameraman to come outside with the camera. The cameraman rushes outside and we see the assistant lying on the ground bleeding from a slit throat. Out of nowhere Agnes comes out in full Butcher mode and whacks Slime ball Sydney in the chest with her meat cleaver. The cameraman tries to flee but he is no match for a crazy lady. Agnes kills him too and takes his camera.

Back at the house Audrey wanders through the upstairs part of the house looking for Rory, of course she doesn’t find him because well he’s dead. She goes back downstairs to join the rest of the gang near the wall with MURDER written on it. Matt then reiterates that R is for Rory. Monet then defends Audrey and asks Matt the question fans have been dying to know, “If you are spooked, why did you come back anyway?” Matt doesn’t answer but instead shakes his head and looks down.

Dominic finds the pool of blood from Rory’s slashing but no body. The rest of the gang comes over to check it out and Audrey believes that Rory left the house to go film the Brad Pitt movie and that Slime ball Sydney planted the blood there to scare them.

American Horror Story ?6 Chapter 7

The gangs all here! Soak it up ladies and gents because by the end of this episode things change.



Agnes has taken up shelter in some sort of underground dungeon, well that’s what it looked like to me although it could very well be the cellar that Dr. Elias was using. She uses the camera to film herself talking; she goes back and forth between reality (Agnes) and insanity (Butcher mode). While she was talking the torch she was using as a light suddenly goes out. She freaks out and asks if someone is there, she uses her lighter to relight the torch and once the room is lit again we see a bunch of those wooden stick figures hanging from the ceiling, Agnes screams in terror.

The next day back at the house Dominic goes into the Real World (MTV) confessional booth and reveals he only signed onto the show because Slime ball Sydney paid him to bring in the ratings by being the villain. Slime ball Sydney gave Dominic a body camera hidden in a necklace; he puts the necklace around his neck.

Shelby goes to her room to cry after Matt basically writes her and their marriage off. She notices the bloody cameraman’s camera on her bed. She goes in for a closer look and in the background we see Agnes (Butcher mode) speaking some crazy talk. Shelby turns to leave after unsuccessfully trying to convince Agnes to put the meat cleaver down. Agnes puts the meat cleaver down alright, right into Shelby’s shoulder/neck area. Shelby begins to record Agnes with her phone and just before Agnes can deliver the death strike Dominic comes in and wrestles with Agnes for the meat cleaver. He rams Agnes’s head into a mirror and knocks her out. While Dominic tries to comfort Shelby he notices that Agnes has up and disappeared, you can’t keep a good woman down.

Anglea Bassett

I don’t know how much longer I can walk without getting a drank!


The others come in and Audrey is trying to stop the bleeding in the huge gaping hole in Shelby’s wound. They discover that all the phone lines have been cut. The gang wonders where and why Slime ball Sydney hasn’t come to take Shelby to the hospital as they are sure he saw what happened on the hidden cameras. Lee, Monet and Audrey decide to go and find the production trailer; they use the Mott tunnel so Agnes won’t see them leaving the house. At the end of the tunnel they see a figure (who looks like Mott to me) but Audrey thinks its Rory, she calls out to him and the figure screeches and starts coming toward them. Lee tells them to run, once the ladies make it out of the tunnel and into the woods Monet asks if they should keep running. Lee tells them that the creature prefers to stay in the tunnel so they should be okay, revealing she was aware of his presence. After a few hours of wandering they find the trailer and see all the dead corpses. Agnes comes running out of hiding towards them with the meat cleaver raised ready to inflict damage but Lee shoots her with the gun she brought for protection. They start walking again and while arguing on where to go they see some men walking with flashlights, they all run away and hide.

Sarah Paulson

While Audrey is using her camera to record herself leaving Rory a heartfelt message blood drips down onto her face. Monet comes over and tells her she is bleeding, both women look up and sees Rory strung up and hanging from the trees all bloodied and disemboweled. Audrey loses it and breakdowns mourning the loss of Rory, meanwhile the three men they spotted earlier have found the ladies; they use a Taser gun on the women to subdue them.


We are back in the dungeon with Agnes, who at this point is like Superman, she just does not die! She is preparing to remove the bullet from her shoulder while she crazy talks into the camera.

Kathy Bates

I’m completely sane, can’t you tell?


Back at the house we see Matt and Shelby sleep when Matt suddenly wakes up in a trance and goes into the basement. Dominic sees him and secretly follows him down there and records Matt with the witch lady with his cell phone. Matt tells her that he has been waiting for her. Dominic goes to wake Shelby up so she can see it also. They both go down into the basement and we see the witch lady on top of Matt. Shelby tells her to get off of him and when the witch doesn’t comply Shelby grabs a nearby crowbar and hits the witch making her scurry off. Matt then tells Shelby that she is the reason he came back to the house and that he is in love with her. Well, well, well we finally know his reason for signing onto the reality show. He’s just a guy in love you guys. Shelby flies into a rage and beats Matt to death with the crowbar. Um, what happened to that big gaping hole in her shoulder?!?! Shelby was swinging that crowbar like she had the strength of a thousand men.  I guess the writers forgot that she almost had her arm hacked off at the shoulder earlier that day.

Andre Holland

I had high hopes for you Matt! I thought you were the chosen one, sadly I was mistaken 🙁


Lee, Monet and Audrey

We find out that the three men from the woods turned out to be the Polk Family. They take the women back to their home and tie Lee up separately from Monet and Audrey. They season Lee’s leg up to marinate the meat before they cook it. Next we see Monet and Audrey tied up with the brothers hoovering over them tasing them every few minutes and snorting lines of coke. Momma Polk comes in with din din, time to eat up ya’ll! What’s on the menu tonight? Well none other than Lee’s ultra-rare seasoned thigh meat of course! Monet and Audrey realize what is on the plate and refuse to eat it; however they are then forced to eat. Question: Why do we see three brothers? In the reenactment didn’t Matt kill one of the brothers? I guess maybe the writers forgot about that too?!?

Back at the house Shelby’s shock of killing Matt wears off and Dominic tells her that it would be best for her to go quietly and just turn herself in as Slime ball Sydney and the entire production crew already saw her kill Matt from the hidden cameras. As they are talking they hear something going on outside, they go to the window and see Agnes out front with a few gas cans and a torch, she is in full Butcher mode. In the distance we see a group of other torching carry people come up to Agnes and when she turns around she realizes she is staring at her idol, the real life Butcher. Agnes drops to her knees to profess her love but before she can finish The Butcher drops her meat cleaver down the middle of Agnes’s head and splits it in two. Yikes looks like The Butcher did not return the feelings of admiration!

Kathy Bates

It’s you! It’s really you!?!?! OMG!


What are your thoughts on this episode?


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    loved it.

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    I better see Evan 🔪

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