American Horror Story: Cult | Episode 1 Recap “Election Night”

Hey there! It’s Janel and I am back to recap another season of AHS. So let’s jump right into it, shall we.


We start the episode on 11.08.16 (election night) in a nice non-creepy Michigan suburb with the news of who was just named as the 45th POTUS. First we see Kai Anderson played by Evan Peters watching the election coverage in his basement. At first I couldn’t tell if he was happy or upset by the news but after he humped the TV screen I decided he was clearly happy, right?!?

Next we skip over across town where married couple Ally, played by Sarah Paulson and Ivy, played by Alison Pill is glued to the TV screen with their neighbor friends Councilor Chang and his wife. Ally & Ivy’s son Oz is also there with his nanny.  Ally breaks down crying when the new President is announced; her and her crew is clearly disappointed.

Kai on the other hand is basking in the news and to celebrate he makes a cheese puff smoothie (no seriously) and slathers his face up and does his best Trump impression, complete with the famous hand gestures. While Kai is getting all dolled up his sister Winter, played by Billie Lourd is not thrilled by the news and explains her grievances to her friend on the phone. Kai spooks her in all his cheese puff glory and they make a pinky promise, on what the viewers have no clue, yet.

Evan Peters

Nailed it!


A couple getting frisky in the park are interrupted by our favorite clown, Twisty! He ends up murdering them, but don’t fret though folks it turns out to just be a comic book that Oz was sneakily reading before bed. When Ally comes to tuck him in she catches him and loses her shit when she sees the picture of the clown. Turns out she has a phobia of clowns, among MANY other things.

At a local city council meeting for a motion hearing about security for the local Jewish community center Kai goes on a rant about fear when the floor is opened to the audience. Keep in mind his rant had nothing to do with the motion that is being discussed and when Councilor Chang reminds him of that and basically shuts Kai down. Kai gives Mr. Chang the evil death stare and you know nothing good can come out of that.

Evan Peters

You messed with the wrong one!


Next we see Ally with her therapist Dr. Rudy Vincent, played by Cheyenne Jackson where she is discussing her 50 million fears and phobias. Her doc tells her to work out and take a chill pill. (He literally prescribes her some anti-anxiety meds).  After leaving her doc’s office she heads to the grocery store which is weirdly empty. As she shops she starts hallucinating and sees a bunch of clowns throughout the store. She manages to escape the clown filled store and runs to her car where she frantically calls her wife. When she looks up, what does she see in the rearview mirror? You guessed it, a clown! She makes a split-second decision and floors it, running her car smack dab into the light post a few feet ahead.  Once she gets back home Ivy informs her she’s a nut job that the police only saw her on the security footage from the store popping bottles, just kidding she was throwing them around like a mad woman.

While leaving their restaurant they own together Ally and Ivy are discussing placing an ad to look for a new nanny for Oz. Then the conversation turns into an argument about voting/candidates, while they are arguing they encounter Kai when he accidentally (dripping with sarcasm) douses them with a latte.

Billie Lourd

Just call me Mary Poppins


Winter applies for the nanny position and is interviewed by Ally & Ivy. She puts on all the charm and lands the gig even though the viewers learn she hates children from another scene with her and Kai doing their weird pinky promise thing again.

Kai antagonizes a group of Hispanic men by throwing a condom filled with his pee at them. Naturally they rush him and beat the crap out of him, as the camera pans out it is shown that someone is recording just the fight scene, leaving out the piss throwing and derogatory comments Kai made.

While trying to enjoy a romantic dinner at their restaurant Ally has another meltdown and claims she saw another clown. Ivy is pretty much fed up with her antics at this point. Back at home Mary Poppins aka Winter is showing Oz a snuff film, ya know to make him strong. While she runs to the kitchen to grab cookies to enhance their viewing pleasure Oz looks out the window and sees a group of clown climb out of an ice cream truck across the street from his home. It’s the same clowns Ally saw in the grocery store, maybe she isn’t crazy after all?!?

As the couple (Ally & Ivy) pull onto their street they find police cars and a crime scene. They find Oz is okay along with Mary Poppins. He retells his parents the story of the clowns killing the Changs. Mary Poppins alludes to the fact that Oz is lying. When Ally asks the detective on the scene what happened he tells them that it was a murder-suicide. But we all know that isn’t true!

Well that’s it my friends, that concludes the first episode. What did you guys think? How are you feeling so far about this season as a whole?

Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jace and Kaiser's Therapist says:

    i loved it. looks so much better than last season :]

    ps are we going to get any updates with what has been happening to jenelle the past two days?? or any of the other moms ?

    • Janel says:

      Thanks for reading!

      Hmm, I am not too sure about the Jenelle updates, I only write for AHS. I’ll ask and see if the other writers are planning anything.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I really only do the recaps of the shows – I did just see that Kailyn still has not named her baby, at least publicly.


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