American Horror Story: Cult | Episode 2: “Don’t be afraid of the dark”

Hey Guys! Let’s jump right into this week’s recap.

We pick up right where we left off in the last episode. Ally is in bed when she hears a noise, she calls out to Ivy to ask if she heard it too and when she turns to see why Ivy isn’t answering, guess who is there instead, a creepy clown. Ally high tails it out of the room screaming, she finds Ivy downstairs and tells her about the clown. Ivy actually believes her and grabs a knife for protection as the couple goes upstairs to investigate. Of course they come up empty handed. Meanwhile in Oz’s room he is being terrorized and chased into the bathroom by Twisty and the three headed clown, or was he? Turns out he was just having a night terror, or was he? Seemed pretty real to me but the viewers are left unsure.

Cooper Dodson

Those dumb clowns won’t find me under the bed!


The news is showing the footage of Kai’s beating and the couple who filmed the beat down are being interviewed. Kai is portrayed as an innocent victim and his attackers are discovered to be illegal migrant workers who are now being detained by ICE. Next we see news footage of Kai giving a news conference on the steps of City Hall. He states that he intends to run for City Council and fill the vacant seat of Councilor Chang after his untimely demise. Coincidence, I think not!

Evan Peters

Vote for me!


Mary Poppins aka Winter does the weird pinky promise thing with Oz one day while she is babysitting. Ally & Ivy come home and find that no one is there. Mary Poppins comes in through the back door and tells the couple that Oz is next door with the new creepy neighbors, who just so happen to be the couple that filmed Kai getting beaten up. Ally freaks out and the couple run next door to gather up their offspring. Ally saw the couple moving into the Chang’s former home earlier that day and saw a bunch of barrels labeled hazardous being delivered. The couple find Oz in the backyard with the neighbors and their colony of bees. The neighbors, Harrison (played by Billy Eichner) and Meadow Wilton (played by Leslie Grossman) explains to Ally & Ivy that Harrison is actually gay and they are best friends who agreed to marry each other if they were both single by a certain age. They tell the couple that they were able to get a good deal on the house due to the crime that occurred. The couple also discover that Meadow has a phobia of the sun due to a skin cancer scare and that she works from home. Ally finds it weird that the new neighbors aren’t concerned in the least bit about the murder/suicide that just happened. They literally moved in before the blood even dried on the floors.

Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman

Hey neighbor, we’re totally normal!


While enjoying a family bonding moment with their son, Ivy gets a message that the alarm has gone off at the restaurant. As she prepares to go check on it Ally offers to go instead. When Ally arrives at the restaurant she finds the lights flashing and the alarm going off. After she disarms it and prepares to leave she hears a noise. She goes into the meat locker to investigate and finds the light switch doesn’t work and a pool of fresh blood on the floor. She backs up into her employee hanging from a meat hook.

A few weeks later Ivy brings Dr. Vincent home to talk to Ally after she has missed several appointments and basically barricaded herself in her home. Ally feels guilty about the death of her employee as he was still alive (barely) when she found him before he succumbed to his injuries. While being interviewed by the police Ally & Ivy try their best to dispel the belief that their Hispanic employee, Pedro was responsible for the murder to no avail. The detective reminds them that the victim and Pedro argued just hours before his murder.

Ally also revealed to Dr. Vincent that she has gotten a gun from her new neighbors, unbeknownst to Ivy. She also has bars installed on all the windows and doors of their home. No more creepy clown sightings for her, or so she hopes.

Sarah Paulson

So so safe


Kai drops by trying to gather up votes for his City Council run and him and Ally have a rather interesting conversation that leaves her shaken up. Later that night Winter gets Ally to not take her medication and to take a nice hot bath instead. She tries seducing Ally and just when it looks like her charm is working the power cuts out. Ally learns from Harrison that the power is out in the entire state along with several other states and that this is a full blown terrorist attack. He succeeds in scaring the crap out of her. Winter takes off to protect her electronics, because what’s more important than that. Much to the dismay of Ally, leaving her all alone with Oz as Ivy is at the restaurant. Ally calls Ivy to whine, after their call is disconnected due to Ally’s phone having a dead battery. Ivy sends Pedro over to the house with a box of supplies for Ally. Ally looks out of the window and spots the same ice cream truck that Oz saw parked across the street in last week’s episode. She barricades the doors with furniture and discovers the wires in her electrical box have been cut. She encounters the clowns throughout her house and she grabs her gun. She wakes up Oz and prepares to run to the neighbors house. As she opens the back door Pedro is walking up at the same time with the box of supplies. Panicked Ally shoots Pedro in the chest in front of a shocked Oz.

Evan Peters

I just want a glass of water lady!


The End

I am still trying to figure out Winter’s role in all of this.

I can’t wait to see who are the clowns, I suspect Kai, Dr. Vincent even and maybe Winter??

We know that Harrison and Meadow are linked or working with Kai.

What did you guys think?

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