American Horror Story Episode 9 | “Chapter 9” Recap

Chapter 9

The end is near 🙁 only one episode left in this season! Let’s hear your predictions in the comments on how you think this season will end!






We start this episode with three fans walking through the woods equipped with camera-mounted helmets and selfie stick cameras. While stopping to take pictures of the tree where Flora’s yellow hoodie was found they see a bloodied woman stumbling around in the woods. The woman runs off and the threesome chase after her. They briefly catch up to her and she says she is looking for her car and runs off again. A short distance later they see an overturned car in the clearing of the woods and the woman now dead in the car.

Taissa Farmiga

We are going to be famous!


Back at the house Audrey questions Dylan as to why he is there, he says he was contracted by Sidney to show up at a certain time in the pig head costume. When the ladies ask about his car and phone he tells then he ubered and didn’t bring a phone, per Sidney’s instructions. Dylan still thinks everything is fake until Audrey hammers home that everything is VERY real. They then travel through the house and show Dylan the dead bodies of Shelby and Dominic. They all decide to go to the Polk house to get a car so they can leave before night fall. Lee comments that tonight would be the last night of the blood moon cycle, and the deadliest.

Sarah Paulson

This is not a fucking game!


At the police station the three fans (Sophie, Todd and Milo) are there telling a detective the story of the woman in the woods. The detective tells them that there was no one in the car when they went to investigate. He expresses his agitation at having to go and investigate baseless claims from “fans” of the show ever since the first season hit the air waves.

It’s almost dark by the time Dylan, Audrey and Lee make it to the Polk house. Dylan says he will get the vehicle, Audrey decides to go look for Monet and Lee says she will go look for the tapes. They all agree to meet back up at the truck once they hear Dylan start it up. Audrey finds Monet tied up to a chair, she frees her and they are preparing to leave as they heard Dylan start the truck when one of the Polk brothers comes in. He rants and raves about how Audrey killed Mama Polk but he is cut short when Audrey pulls out a gun she found in one of the drawers and shoots him in the head, killing him.

Meanwhile as Dylan hot wires the truck he is stabbed from behind by the remaining Polk brother but before he can finish the job Lee comes out with camera and tells him that she is recording everything. In the distance the Polk brother notices the torch carrying mob coming and he calls out to his unbeknownst to him, dead brother. He flees in the car Dylan just hot wired. Lee runs off to hide leaving an injured Dylan behind along with the tapes. Audrey and Monet find Dylan and the tapes but they can’t help him because they see the mob approaching and run off for safety. Poor Dylan, he can’t catch a break, so much for no man left behind.

Audrey and Monet make it back to the house and Monet questions Audrey on what she thinks happened to Lee. Audrey explains that something terrible has happened to Lee as she would have never left the tape behind otherwise, Audrey assumes Lee is dead. The ladies decide to see what the big hoopla is all about with the tape and watch it. They first see the torture that Lee endured and next they see Lee’s confession of Mason’s murder. Meanwhile we (the audience) see Lee alone in the woods when she is approached by the witch lady who feeds her a heart. That can only mean bad things are going to happen next, remember what happened to Thomasin when she ate the heart? Yikes!

Milo, Todd and Sophie, played by Taissa Farmiga are back in the woods on their quest for viral fame when they stumble upon Mason’s death site, as they stare in marvel they notice Lee standing off in the distance. Todd goes to approach her to fan girl her and she immediately kills him. The remaining two fans realize that shit just got real and run for their lives. They both fall down a short run later, typical. When they look up they see the familiar wooden stick figures hanging from the trees. They come across the production trailer and see the dead bodies. Dylan comes hobbling out of the woods half dead and the two fans lock themselves in the trailer. They see the cameras recording Audrey and Monet in the house and on the next camera they see Lee approaching the house. Sophie calls the police to report what is happening and of course the police don’t believe her. The duo see from the cameras that Lee is now inside of the house. Sophie convinces Milo to go with her to the house to stop Lee from hurting Monet and Audrey.

Taissa Farmiga



While Audrey and Monet are drowning their sorrow in a bottle of alcohol they hear a noise out in the hall. They open the door and see Lee standing in the hall chanting. Lee obviously possessed by the witch lady tells them they shouldn’t be there with their vile presence. Monet cuts her off to go off on her about her being a murderer. Lee has had enough of that loud mouth and promptly shoves her through the stairs banister and Monet falls to her death on a take of wood through the chest/stomach. Audrey runs away from Lee screaming and grabs the knife next to Dominic’s body. After a short tussle in which Audrey manages to swipe Lee with the knife allowing Audrey a few seconds to run down the stairs. Lee is hot on her trail and at the end of the stairs Audrey falls and manages to stab Lee with a piece of wood to hold her off while Audrey runs out of the house.

Sophie and Milo are out in the woods again trying to find the house, they finally see the house up ahead and Sophie runs full speed ahead leaving Milo trailing behind.

Audrey makes it to the cellar and as she is about to close the door Lee appears holding the door open by standing on it. She buries the meat cleaver in Audrey’s shoulder and pushes her down into the cellar. Lee closes the cellar door satisfied with her handiwork.

Sophie and Milo are hiding when they see the mob with Dylan coming on one side and on the other side Lee is coming towards then. They watch as Dylan is disemboweled by Thomasin. When they turn back around to see where Lee is they find her right behind them. Next we see a text blurb that says the footage we are about to see came from an iCloud account registered to Todd. Sophie and Milo are dragged to The Butcher, they are both put on wooden stakes through the anus, ouch! As if that wasn’t torture enough, they are then dosed in gasoline and set on fire alive.

Sarah Paulson



The next morning the police arrive at the house and see the carnage from the previous night. They find Lee hysterical and unaware of her actions the night before. They place her in a squad car just as Audrey comes crawling out of the cellar. A police officer goes over to her and helps her to the squad car. Lee walks toward Audrey and Audrey freaks out and grabs the police officer’s gun and tries to shoot Lee, but she is then shot by several police officers and is killed.

I can’t believe Lee is the lone wolf standing, I just knew Audrey was going to make it till the end.

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  1. Jace and Kaiser's Therapist says:

    damn … season over already :/ seems like it just started

    episode was crazy. i think they will get lee go free or she will plead insanity cause she was at the house

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