Farrah Fired?!

It has been a long time since I’ve written anything for this site. Life has been hectic. Lots of changes, but that is not important because I want to get to the tea! As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across this post.

It is no secret that since Farrah joined Teen Mom OG, there has been a significant outcry for having the adult film star being featured on the show. Many believed her presence set a bad example for the many impressionable viewers. You know, besides the drug addictions, domestic violence, child abuse allegations, CPS investigations, multiple baby daddies and unrealistic expectations of teen motherhood. Just to name a few. Farrah’s backdoor seems pretty mild compared to the plethora of other issues; however, it still left people wondering; “why is she still here?” I, mean, Jenelle is still here, so obviously MTV moral standards are set pretty low. However, despite her cringe-worthy, anti-christ attitude, Farrah did provide entertainment. People love to hate her. And, for the most part, it seemed Farrah had learned her lesson and focused more on her other businesses. Yeah, she still overly flaunted her silicon assets and make questionable parenting choices (who doesn’t on this show), but she was steering away from the business that made her alnost fanous. Film-wise, at least.

But, Jesus God (Leah), she just could not resist exposing herself more. Instagram does draw a line somewhere, right? Or Froyo and furniture aren’t the most lucrative businesses unlike other areas of hers that we know. After tightening her lower region (so maybe not a lucrative), Farrah did a live peep show on a site called CamSoda, where she, ah, flew solo. I guess James Deen wasn’t available this time. Or she just did not want to share her goods. That can be taken so many ways. Her show ended up crashing the site, and I’m guessing her recent trips were funded by admirers from the site. For those who don’t know, Farrah had a wishlist set up for people to buy her things in exchange for her presence on their screen. Items included trips, designer bags, hair and nail maintenance, etc. There must have been quite a response because Farrah scheduled another show. This time involving her infamous behind.

It seems MTV actually will draw a line somewhere, and Farrah was the one to cross it. Ass first, no doubt. It can’t be a coincidence that Farrah was fired the same day as her “performance”. And, true to Farrah nature, she responded in her usual word salad way; which makes her claim of writing a book about business even more horrifying. She says that she is being an adult and doing things that other adults do for free or in private. Uh, yeah, there is a reason for that Farrah! You use the restroom in private too but, that doesn’t mean it needs to be filmed. That is not something to really be proud. Anyway, I’ll let our readers try to decode and discuss the rest of Farrah’s response to Viacom firing her. And I will leave you with these questions: do you think that Viacom should have fired Farrah for this reason, especially with all the other issues that they let slide with the other girls? Is Farrah’s open back door more offensive than, say, Jenelle’s disregard for her kids or Maci’s drinking?


If there is something off about formatting or anything of that nature, I apologize in advance! It has been a while since I’ve worked on this site.

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  1. JerseyGirl says:

    Thanks for the article! While I find Farrah a spoiled, mouthy brat, I don’t think she’s any worse than any of the other girls – she’s not underage, so if she wants to peddle her “goodies” for cash, meh, what do I care.

  2. Claire says:

    I’m more upset at her use of the English language than I am at what she does with her body parts 😂

  3. Claire says:

    Interesting question posted on another site……….Who would you like to see replace Farrah on TMOG? I’d say Mackenzie or Nikkole are sitting by there phones praying for a call from MTV!

  4. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    I do agree with the bit about sex shaming. While I don’t care to see Farrah’s lady bits, and she IS a vile human being – she was kicked off for her venture into the sex industry?

    1. It’s legal
    2. It’s a job aside from sitting on her ass to collect MTV checks
    3. All of these women got here because they had sex as children
    4. They continue to have sex (unwed- no judgement being passed) and reproducing

    I hate Farrah so I would never use this argument specifically in her defense, but I might use it for someone who I actually like. I guess it’s only okay for MTV when they’re the only ones who can capitalize off of the sexcapades of these girls…

  5. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    Ahhh! Love the article! Good work! I just heard about this. I’m not too upset but I bet Debs is!

  6. Nikki says:

    Take Jenelle with you!
    Am I the only one laughing at #anal
    Hahahahahhahahahaha!!!! Oh Farrah, still so dumb.

  7. Grace says:

    I’m kinda with everyone else in that she was fired for a shitty reason. She’s not doing anything illegal, and is one of 2 moms who haven’t gotten pregnant again. Now her attitude and everything else about her, I should down right awful. She’s a terrible person, but all of a sudden MTV has morals? Gtf out of here with that crap. They constantly let cast members with drug problems put their kids in danger, they let abuse happen and not do anything about it (adults and children), they sit back and let it slide when an INFANT is born on drugs to a cast member. Then they fire Farrah for having legimate legal sexy time?!?!

    • Grace says:

      Jenelle should of been fired the moment they found out Ensley was born on drugs. Mtv wants a scapegoat for all the shit they are getting over Jenelle, and Farrah was the lucky one to get that call. It’s unbelievable that being in all sex worker is more awful than abusing your kids and having them born high.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Honestly, if Farrah weren’t so unbearable to watch as is, I’d call for a boycott

      But I don’t think tmog has shit to offer. They need to cancel the show anyway

      • Grace says:

        I feel like cast members should be fired for doing things like that, and then the rest would fall in line. No one will take Farrah being fired seriously. Now if they canned Jenelle, they would. They should make tmog/2 one show without the ones who are being divas (Jenelle, Farrah, why was Briana brought on?!?)

  8. -A says:

    Its been confirmed that Amber is pregnant.

    • Chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      I seriously wonder as to how long these girls think the show will be around. Must be a long time because everyone keeps getting pregnant and want the keep the money train going.

      A bit disgusted that these babies seemed to be conceived for money not out of love. I would like to say that these girls don’t have ulterior motives but it us kinsa hard not to.

      It was rumoured that TMOG was coming to an end I guess Amber having a new baby will be enough reason to go on.

  9. Mo says:

    Teen mom og is boring. And without farrah it will have less content and be even more boring. Farrah working in the sex industry is a lot less scandalous then what some of these other moms do. But that’s where mtv decides to draw the line?? Ok.

  10. Chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    I have read that Farrah was a nightmare to film with BUT…

    As Grace has said MTV was looking for a scapegoat but I also believe they wanted to set an example for the rest of the girls.

    As in ‘ Look we can fire you and you can kiss your 300.000 dollar per season if you keep pushing us’.

    On the one hand I am glad that MTV has
    finally set an example because the refusals to film, the bitching about the way the girls are portrayed and the storming off set at the reunions must have reached a boiling point.

    That being said.. It kinda sucks that Farrah is the one that has to be the one that got fired because I really think Jenelle is far more worse.

    But they won’t fire her because she is a trainwreck and she is good for ratings and pops out storylines: babies.

    I am guessing Farrah not getting knocked by ‘soulmate number 5009098778’ didn’t help either.

  11. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    OMG AMBER is PREGNANT! How do I spread the news!!?!?!?


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