Frank Sexually Assaults Da’Vonne? | BB18 Recap: Ep. 9

In the last episode, Bridgette became Head of Household and is holding all of the power, but the houseguests know Bridgette is Frank’s little puppet. She initially was considering nominating either Nicole and Corey or Tiffany and Corey for eviction, but Frank talked her out of targeting Nicole and Corey and directed her focus on getting Tiffany out, who he has had a few tiffs (pun intended) with for a few weeks now.

Why was Bridgette targeting Nicole and Corey out of the blue? It is no secret to the rest of the house that things are heating up between “Nicorey.” Both of them are trying to play it cool, fearing to be targeted. Meanwhile, another showmance is blossoming between Natalie and James.

Even though Frank is a part of the eight person alliance, the 8 Pack, he is causing major coreynicoleproblems with his alliance members. He makes several comments on the female houseguests’ bodies, including calling Natalie fat and Zakiyah a hussy, but no one has a bigger problem with Frank than Da’Vonne. After several altercations, including name calling and slapping Da’Vonne’s butt, Da’Vonne bursts into tears, and the better part of the house rallies to her aid and support the plan of getting Frank evicted as soon as possible. However, seeing as he and Bridgette and practically sharing HoH, “as soon as possible” isn’t quite soon enough.

At the nomination ceremony, Bridgette did exactly what Frank wanted her to do and nominated Paul and Tiffany, to no one’s surprise.

The whole house competes in the roadkill competition, and Frank emerges victorious, giving him the power to choose the third nominee for eviction. Frank anonymously nominates Bronte, even though she and Bridgette are good friends. Despite Tiffany being Frank’s number one target, she is suddenly feeling safe, thinking the houseguests will pick her over Bronte, who was aligned with the previous two evicted houseguests.

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  1. All the Drugses says:

    I didn’t like Frank in BB14 (because he was aligned with douchebag Boogie), but I kinda liked him at the beginning of this season. His arrogance has made me hate him again though.

    • anandrewking says:

      He definitely has a bit of an ego problem, doesn’t he? Do you think they house will vote Tiffany out of the house, or keep her around to keep the “Tiffany vs. Frank” center stage? Because that’s what I would be wanting to do!

      • All the Drugses says:

        I’m really not sure. I haven’t really had the time to keep up with the feeds, so I don’t know if anything has happened since Sunday’s show. But, based on what I’ve seen, Tiffany will probably leave. The house likes to talk a big game about switching targets but it usually doesn’t happen. What do you think?

        • anandrewking says:

          Da’Vonne was trying really hard to change the house to vote Bronte out, because she wanted to get back at Frank, who wants Tiffany out. But nobody is eating what Da’Vonne is serving, so it looks like Tiffany will be sent home.

  2. JC says:

    People still watch this show?


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