Twitter | Jordan Cashmyer Out of Rehab

IMG_1862Jordan Cashmyer has been the unsung train wreck of 16 and Pregnant season 5. After her episode, Jordan and her baby daddy, Derek, left for Texas to stay with Derek’s dad. They didn’t stay long and ended up back in Maryland. The couple soon split. While Derek seems to be getting his life on track–save for the occasional joint–Jordan has not been so lucky. She worked at a strip club, suffered from postpartum depression (and other mental health issues), spiraled into heavy drug and alcohol abuse and attempted suicide in 2014. Jordan barely saw her daughter, Genevieve, who was, at one point, being raise by her parents and Derek. Now Evie is being raised by Derek and his mother. Jordan attempted to turn her life. She quit working at the strip club, moved back into her parent’s home and began seeking help for her mental health issues. However, it seemed that her drinking was not being kept in check.  TMZ reported early this month that Jordan got so drunk she gave herself a black eye and a concussion from a fall. This was after losing her job at a gym because of alcohol use. A source close to Jordan said that she was checking into a 30-day rehab program in Baltimore. On June 24, Jordan tweeted a picture of herself (left) telling everyone that she was free. Has it really been 30 days? Time does fly when you are rehab! Jordan has been relative active on Twitter since her release. Hopefully, this ends up being the last wake up call for Jordan and she is able to get her life on track. Evie is still young but according to  tweets by Derek, Jordan is far from being a mother now or in the future and Genevieve doesn’t even know who Jordan is.

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