NEWS : The Duggars are adopting their 20th child

According to media reports Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently were granted temporary custody of an 8 year old boy.
The circumstances surrounding the reason for them being granted as temporary guardians/custodians are due to the boy’s mother being homeless and dealing with legal troubles and isn’t able to support herself or her child. The couple were granted Temporary Custody and Guardianship as of August 31, 2016. It is being speculated that the mother of the young boy is a relative of Michelle Duggar,

The little boy was originally in the care of his Grandmother who recently suffered a stroke and isnt able to care for the young boy anymore. The Duggars’ are due back in Court November 14, 2016 to make the Custody permanent and become this child’s permanent guardians. The mother of the young boy is apparently on board with this decision and is willing to relinquish permanent custody to the Duggars’. The mother had requested in court documents that the State waive a home visit. Not sure why she would prefer the State not visit the Duggar home to ensure its the best environment for her child.


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