Snapchat | Kail & Vee Hanging Out Again

In social media news, Kail and Vee were spotted hanging out again. This is a sight more common since Javi was deployed back in January. Kail is currently expecting estranged husband Javi to come home from his Air Force deployment any day now. They’re said to be going to Florida together with the kids. Recent tabloid articles have said that the couple are going to try to work things out once Javi gets home in an effort to avoid divorce. This would probably make for good Teen Mom 2 drama. Fans are pretty much over the Kail-Javi drama being played out on social media lately, so we will have to see how this all works out in the months after Javi’s return. For instance, is Javi really going to return to live somewhere else to give Kail her space?Teen mom vee

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