ICYMI: Teen Mom 2 News and Premiere Date

Let’s start with info on the reunion taping! Onset Productions is now taking requests for tickets to the Teen Mom 2 reunion on November 12, and the Teen Mom OG reunion on October 22.

From what I can piece together, these reunions are usually taped about one month after the show has already begun airing. For instance, the last Teen Mom 2 reunion was filmed in April 26 and the season began March 21. The current season of Teen Mom OG began airing August 22, so their reunion taping is around 2 months after airing.

Point being, this gives us a good timeline for when Teen Mom 2 will start airing. Teen Mom OG usually airs across 10 weeks, which would put its last episode in mid- to late October, so I speculate that we’ll be watching the Teen Mom 2 premiere around late October or early November.

Now, on with the news!

Jenelle Evans

On Sunday, Jenelle made a typical tone-deaf tweet, this time about 9-11. It is one of those things where you can almost tell what she meant was not as bad as what the words actually said, but Jenelle being Jenelle, it was just an easy target for tabloids and hatters.

Then there was a series of vague tweets about her business dealings with her creepy lawyer Sonny Barkats.

Here’s my theory. You notice how Jenelle has been wearing a lot more floral prints? And she has been posting fascinating information that she just learned from her doctor about breast feeding, such as how small the baby’s stomach is at birth.

I am betting this new venture is a “baby wrap” in floral and other prints that helps encourage breastfeeding. That or some type of dangerous-looking, “organic” herbal supplement for breastfeeding. Maybe she’ll come up with a product to help cracked nipples, which she’ll say had prevented her from breastfeeding Jace & Kaiser? It will involve boobs, that much I know!

At any rate, everything is just perfect in Jenelle’s world right now because she woke up with a cold and her #SoulmateOfTheYear brought her a glass of water. #LikeTheNotebook

Except, unfortunately, the picture isn’t that rosy, since David Eason had court yesterday. This one involved his alleged violation of the order of protection between his ex and their toddler son. No word from their camp on how that court date went, but it doesn’t appear they locked him up, so that’s probably a cause for celebration in their home.

Kail Lowry

Homegirl is back from Hawaii and brought both of her kids to her college class, according to her Snapchat. She’s been a’tweeting about baby fever again.

More interestingly, Kail decided to start up an Etsy shop selling a “Limited Edition” wine glass for $17 a pop. This precious piece of glassware finery is hand-decorated with delicate, glitzy vinyl that reads “Mermaid Kisses & Starfish Wishes.”

kail lowry etsy

Just beware that you must hand wash this elegant, stylish glass or YOU’LL GET HEAD-SHAKED.


It seems Kail started this Etsy shop very recently with a woman named Kristen Correia. She seems to be the same woman behind Kail’s VMA makeup, according to her Instagram.

If you need this mermaid wine glass for your wino neighbor, your local Babs doppelganger, or your child’s teacher, you best hurry because only 15 are left!

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea has been quiet on social media lately. We do know that Aubree celebrated her 7th birthday.


A photo posted by Chelsea Houska (@chelseahouska) on


Adam Lind took Aubree on a shopping spree at Toys’r’Us. Of course, parenting doesn’t count unless you post a photo on social media… bonus points for being shirtless!


Leah Messer

Leah still posts only inspirational photos and pics of the girlses with the hashtags #blessed and #happy.

She also seems to be getting involved with an MLM company called Pharmanex/Nu Skin. This company has been investigated and sued over false claims and illegal pyramid structure, which you can read more about on their handy little wiki page. Here’s hoping she’s not throwing money into it like she did the Mary Kay!

There is also a bit of news to share about the twins’ upcoming birthday party, which Leah says the girls chose to be themed like this one, a “princess spa day”:

That’s it for this week! I’m thinking I’ll try to make this news round up a regular thing. Teen Mom 2 news Thursdays? And Teen Mom OG news Fridays? Something like that?

Anyway, I think we can all agree that we’re just anxiously waiting for that Teen Mom 2 premiere, so load up your mermaid wine glasses and we’ll keep up the snark until then!


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  1. Nathan's Ponytail says:

    I don’t speak emoji, lol, can anyone decode what hospital lipstick sunglasses means?

    • Catherine says:

      These updates are awesome! I have a really boring staff meeting today, so trying to figure out Jenelle’s emojis will keep me entertained

  2. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    These girls post every single little minuscule detail of their lives on social media. I wish I had that much free time.
    A friend and I joked the other day that we were going to “celebrity snapchat” our day to each other. By lunchtime when we had shared ourselves doing laundry, vacuuming, folding laundry, scrubbing bathrooms and loading dishwashers, we were bored with it. I guess when we don’t have VMAs to attend, Hawaiian holidays and toy shopping sprees to go on, our lives aren’t as exciting 😬

  3. Stop it says:

    The place where Leah wants to have her girlses’s party looks very cute! Five year old me is a bit jealous.
    (Wow, I am so glad I looked at this before I hit ‘submit’ because my tablet autocorrected ‘girlses’ to ‘Hitler.’ What the heck?!!!!)

  4. Mermaid Kisses says:

    Here is my take on Emojis: Makeup/Sunglasses – maybe she is starting a makeup line or a sunglasses line?

    Hospital: there is no way that the baby could already be born, right?
    So my take is: the baby girl is here, she is coming out with a makeup brand, and she is also coming out with a sunglasses brand. lol.

  5. Sir Nibs says:

    Chelsea has a very LGBT themed birthday party going on there. Does my bro Cole know about this?

  6. Randy's School of Immature Tweets says:

    Negative points for being shirtless!

  7. Catherine says:

    I saw a comment that UBT was jailed after court for violating the protective order. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that? Oh Juhnelle, why do all your soulmates get arrested?

  8. Weston says:

    There is perceptibly a bunch to identify about this. I assume you made some good points in features also.


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