ICYMI: Teen Mom 2 News Roundup

Jenelle Evans Reveals Miscarriage

On the heels of controversy over Jenelle Evans finally acknowledging her pregnancy, a new interview with U.S. Magazine was released. In the article, Jenelle claims that the pregnancy everyone suspected in April was miscarried.

Jenelle said she found out she was pregnant in April while seeing an endocrinologist for her mystery health scare issues. It was just days after this appointment that she taped that infamous episode with The Doctors. She claims she told The Doctors’ featured endocrinologist that she had a positive pregnancy test but was now bleeding. Their endocrinologist performed an ultrasound as well as urine and blood tests and said, “Everything is coming back that you’re not pregnant.” (From my knowledge, a miscarriage would show falling levels of hormones, just like when she wasn’t sure if her positive pregnancy test was from her abortion or from her new pregnancy with Nathan Griffith. Please correct me if I’m wrong!)

Jenelle then went back to her original endocrinologist to tell her of the negative results, to which the doctor responded “Well, it looks like you had a miscarriage.” Jenelle then went on to say that the bleeding she thought was a period must then have been a miscarriage.

But wait, it’s gets weirder!

It was on The Doctors that Jenelle was also told to discontinue the birth control pill she was taking at the time to alleviate her mysterious symptoms, e.g., hot flashes, joint pain, anxiety, etc. With this, we started to see the nascent excuse for another pregnancy coming into form…

A lot of people called it from here. This doctor’s orders would be the excuse for why she got pregnant yet again. Well, my friends. Take your moment to gloat.

Ahhhh. Catharsis.

But we’re not done yet!

Remember how on The Doctors Jenelle said she wanted to wait “a year or two” before having any more kids? She specifically said, “When I settle down and stuff then, yeah, maybe then, but not any time soon.” This new interview thus means she sat there saying she did not want kids when she had just tested positive days earlier.

Jenelle claims she and David had to switch to condoms to prevent pregnancy once The Doctors told her to discontinue the pill. (Only the condom was “cheap and burst.” Twice, apparently.) But what doesn’t add up here, yet again, is that Jenelle was already pregnant when they gave her this advice.

Confusing, isn’t it?

So it just goes to show yet again that MTV’s claim that these girls promote safe sex and pregnancy prevention is a total joke.


Kail Lowry Tweets Dumb Shit

Shocking, right? Kail is in New York City for the VMAs tomorrow. She was asked what she would wear and tweeted that she was considering sweatpants.


Kail, honey. We’re still not over you yelling at Jo for wearing sweatpants on a Sunday in his own home while he and his girl care for a newborn. Fair warning: You show up wearing sweatpants—we will never, ever forget.

This is amidst Kail going back and forth with Javi’s friend Peach, who Javi revealed outted Kail’s cheating to him. Kail finally tweeted “Social media is not the place.”

But Peach didn’t let go.


Leah Messer gets yet another pet

So Leah gave Gracie a budget at a flea market, and the family walked away with a pet rabbit.


What’s the over/under on this poor rabbit disappearing? 3 weeks? The one-time budget for a flea market surely does not cover the ongoing care of a rabbit. Bunnies need fresh veggies and fruits, which are clearly not a staple in the Messer household. They also need fresh hay, pellets, exercise and mental stimulation, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Sorry, bunny. You are eating Cheetos and chocolate frosting from here on out!


Chelsea Houska’s gender reveal ruined (?)

Adam Lind made a tweet-and-delete saying Aubree told him the new baby is a girl. We’ll find out soon enough if he was for real here.



I’m pretty sure Teen Mom 2 is filming right now, so I’m sure we’ll get one of those scenes.

Scene: Chelsea collapses on the couch, phone in hand. Her hair is done up in a messy half-bun. She’s wearing a plaid lumberjack shirt from Casual Male XL and hipster glasses. She whines,, “Oh my gawwwwwd! Did you see A-d-a-m’s tweet?”

Whichever twinning friend is on rotation that night will commiserate in a shared baby voice pity fest.

Can’t wait…..

Don’t forget Teen Mom OG episode 3 airs tomorrow night before the VMAs. That’s Sunday night 7/6c. I will be doing a live recap again.

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  1. Ambers 'anxiety' says:

    1. Jenelle needs a csection, and accidently has a emergency in which her uterus needs removed. May God have mercy on her, once ensley is grown up ugh….

    2. 😂😂😂 I hope she does I’ll tweet a SS of her bitching. Pretentious ass slore

    3. RIP Bunny 🙁

    4. Yay another girl 😊

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      I know right?? Jenelle is over using her uterus. Take it out and give it a rest! And if she thought sex with Uncle D was painful, she now has to push out another baby. She should’ve just stayed abstinent!

      Bring it Peach! I hope she blows it all out there. Love it.

      Poor sweet bunny……

      Adumb would too. Just to spite Chelsea and her happiness.

  2. The IncrediKail Hulk says:

    Jenelle lies so much I’m surprised she knows her own name. Honestly. The sad part is this girl will grow up, will get the boys’ attention and Jenelle will become a trampy middle aged mom. The mom who buys booze for the parties so she can look like the cool mom and try to steal the boys’ attention away from her daughter.

    Kail will need a mermaid blanket to go cry in once this is all said and done. I don’t understand where her giant ass ego came from but I’m waiting to see it come crashing down.

    what the hell is up with these girls and pets? Chelsea is the only one who actually appears to love and commit to them. Leah needs to quit, the life expectancy around that house for pets is just not good.

    Poor Chelsea. I have no doubt Adam is right, he would pull some douchey shit like that.

  3. Louise says:

    I’ve lost count of jenelles pregnancies….

    Can anyone make a flow chart?

  4. Samantha says:

    People on Reddit are claiming that is not Adams real Twitter account. No clue if that is true or not. If I was Chelsea I would be pissed if he had ruined that moment for her.

  5. Nikki says:

    Jenelle is such an awful person, I can’t even!!! Why does she get pregnant over and over, while loving couples out there still struggle??? Disgusting! As for Kailyn, she is finally getting what she deserves by being outted by her former friend. I think she thought she was going to buddy up to Peach and she would automatically take her side or stay silent but nope, clearly she was Javi’s friend first-and I don’t even care for Javi but I think this is funny as hell! “all I hear is blah blah blah I’m a dirty tramp” lolololol I wonder what Suzy Smirnoff thinks of all this stuff she reads online about her daughter?? Surprised she hasn’t release a book or something like, “Raising Kail and Loving Cocktails”

  6. Lynn says:

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