ICYMI: Teen Mom News Roundup & Live Baby Shower Recap

Oh, where to begin! There is so much going on this week, and I’m running on so little time. So let’s do a quick rundown.

Teen Mom 2 Live Baby Shower

After last night’s episode, MTV ran a bizarre baby shower couch segment hosted by Nessa Whats-Her-Face. This “baby shower” after-show featured only Kail Lowry and Leah Messer, since the guests of honor, Chelsea Houska & Jenelle Evans, could not fly so soon after birth. So the “baby shower” had no pregnant women and no babies. Super lame.

The show mostly involved Kail being given some role of reading out fan questions from Twitter. If you thought that communication degree she’s been harping on about for years now would make Kail a good presenter… Ha. Well. Anyway.

The duo also played a baby shower classic called “Guess What Nasty Baby Food You’re Eating.” Neither of them got any of them right, with Leah refusing to even guess at hers, and I’m 90% sure Nessa revealed the wrong answers. Like I think she was reading the wrong cards or something, because I’m not sure what would make pureed pear turn green.

As part of this episode, we got to see Papa Randy Houska and Barbara Evans–drinking champagne from her “I See Ya With Keiffah” mug–chime in via live feed. We learned that Cole is taking very well to being a dad, but Babs didn’t have such glowing words for her daughter’s beau. She said David kicked her out of the delivery room, which Jenelle hotly contested on Twitter last night.

Jenelle says we should all stay tuned because The Truth Will Come Out regarding her childhood relationship with her mother when she releases her book this summer. Don’t hold your breath.

We also learned via fan question that Kail is hoping to have a third child even though she is turned off by the idea of marrying again. This, of course, led to a Twitter war with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, who believed the reason for their divorce was, in part, due to him wanting another child when Kail did not.

Kail fired back but later deleted her Tweets in an effort to keep the peace.


But today, she was right back at it.

Javi also Tweet-and-Deleted the following: “What am  I bitter about? The abuse, cheating or drugs that was going around my son? shouldn’t cry to me when things go south.”

Drugs, what!? 

That’s when Javi’s best friend Peach stepped in and Kail unleashed on her, as well. Kail accuses Peach of walking into her home uninvited, and Peach says she didn’t step foot inside but Kail had left the door open. Blah blah blah #StayClassy



Oh, and Leah says she is currently enrolled in college classes with an undeclared major but is looking to study communications.

Edwards Special Airing Wednesday

If you’re in love with Papa Larry and Mimi Jenn, you’re in luck! MTV decided to air a special dedicated to their family tomorrow night. We will see more of Ryan Edwards, who in the previews is looking more…normal. And we even see Ryan’s  fiancee.

I honestly don’t know if I have the patience to watch this one. Seems kind of bland to me, but let me know if you guys want a recap!

Jordan Zeplin is Knocked Up

16 & Pregnant alum Jordan Howard was married in October 2015 to Tyler Zeplin. You may remember their pretty wedding photos.



Jordan and Tyler were said to be divorcing last year, but it looks like the couple worked things out.

This will be Jordan’s third child with Tyler.

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  1. Nikki says:

    That “baby shower” was the dumbest thing I’ve seen teen mom do yet. Boring and pointless! I’m so tired of these whining cry babies with their passive aggressive threats “just wait til the REAL story comes out” it’s such an attention-seeking comment. If you want to say what happened in your eyes, then say it! And Kailyn and Javi and Peach too constantly tweeting everything and arguing for the world to read is so old. None of them should have custody of those kids because they are acting like 12 year olds.
    Leah. College. Yea right. Just like her nursing degree she was getting for 5 seconds??

    • Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

      I feel bad for Leah because I feel that this college attempt is pretty much doomed to fail. The way she talks is pretty indicative that she’s not an eloquent person, combined with being out of school for 6 or so years…. I don’t like her chances.

      She’s resorting to cold soup straight from the can and struggling with “anxiety” now, I don’t know how adding college into the mix is going to be successful

  2. Natasha says:

    Kail: There seems to much more going on behind the scenes than we all think. I generally see her as a good mom though. She has made mistakes but we all do. I think the biggest thing I see is she is no longer a humble person. Star status has taken over big time with her and Amber.

    Leah: I know this not popular but I am rooting for her. She has made her mistakes, terrible mistakes but I can see she is trying to come back from them. The girls look happy and that is most important.

    • Snapchat Surgery says:

      I’ve always had a soft spot for Leah too. I also have a special needs child. my son has severe autism with severe communication delay, and it is so hard no matter what age you are/relationship status. It always hits me in the heart when she talks about Ali because I understand how she feels. She looks like she is doing better, and I’d rather root for someone like her than someone like Jenelle(who does things for tv and social media).

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      Kail is a good mom but because she does shitty things and has a shitty attitude you tend to forget about it..

  3. Danika says:

    So on the episode wtf to jenelle saying she is gonna change jace’s last name to Eason… eewe

    • Nikki says:

      Yes I agree what was she thinking?! Between that and her constantly saying to Jace every episode , do you want to live with me, do you want to live with me ???

    • Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

      Her last name isn’t even Eason, she doesn’t seem able to pursuade UBT to propose as readily as she convinced Nathan and Courthouse. But why rush into a big commitment like getting married, just have his baby instead, right?!

      • Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

        Actually, you know what? I’m going to put a bet out there that UBT will propose on Valentine’s Day. It just seems so typical Jenelle – cliched trashy proposal where she can then wax lyrical about their perfect familyyyyy, and probably throw out a few jabs about having UBT’s son and Jace living with them “really soon”

        Any other takers?

  4. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    I’m looking forward to Being The Edwards!! I even asked the Aus “cable” provider if we will get it (and the after shows)
    Kail is such a self righteous bitch. She’s just nasty. She thinks she’s being the bigger person but she’s actually just being a high horse cunt.
    Leah can’t speak. Or spell properly. How the hell will she manage university?
    Jenelle. Same shit. Different soul mate. Different baby.

    • Bud Life says:

      And how the hell would she manage a communications major lmao

    • Tylder's Great American Novel says:

      “high horse cunt” is my new favorite insult.

      Leah can manage university because West Virginia has low standards. Didn’t she claim (like every other person on 16 and pregnant) that she was a good or straight A student?

  5. I wished my real dad would play with me says:

    So Kail not only got to read the questions she go to pick them as well? Of course we aren’t going to hear anything we really want to know about then.

    Also yes Kail if it is still Javi’s house as well and he okays is Peach can let herself in.

    • El-ahrairah says:

      I’m not sure if Kail got to pick the questions. They were displayed to her on a monitor and she would squint down and read it aloud. There were several questions I think she would have avoided, like how the boys were handling the divorce and if Kail would ever marry or have kids again.

  6. Pending Charges says:

    The Baby Shower special was pretty lame, I can’t believe I wasted my time watching that. The best parts were Babs and Randy. They could have Skyped in Chelsea and Jenelle and their babies, that could have made it more interesting.

    All that drama between Kail, Javi, and Peach being on Twitter is just sad. They are all so immature. Their kids can possibly find that stuff when they start exploring the internet, but I hope they don’t.

  7. rosie says:

    Is it me or kail got lip fillers?? Icouñdnt stand her being so incredibly rude with everyone on this season. Screaming to rhe producers, and even when isaac asked for his room why did she had to jump saying you wont have a room there. You could see isaacs heart getting broken

  8. Conspiracysiri says:

    Jenelle: girl, please. You won’t even make it down the aisle. If my some miracle you do, you will want a divorce so fast, you won’t even get to put in thr paperwork to change Jace’s last name. He wouldn’t even be in your custody in the first place.

  9. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    It sounds awful but..

    I WOULD PAY to see Peach and Kail going at each other in a boxing match.

    I think Kail will probably win though.

  10. Alicia says:

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