Javi Marroquin introduces newest girlfriend

It’s that time of month again! Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin is introducing his latest girlfriend Lauren Comeau. The story behind this one is a little odd!

Javi met Lauren this past weekend  (July 1) and they made their official Radar relationship announcement a mere four days later. Is this a Teen Mom record?



This is Javi’s fourth legit girlfriend since he and Kail split last summer followed by their divorce in November 2016. His prior belles included Nancy Gisell (who he claims was ‘just a friend’), Cassie Bucka (dating Dec 5 2016 through Jan 3 2017), and Real World: Skeletons star Madison Channing Walls (dating March 23, 2017 through April 3).

Javi Marroquin and his ‘not girlfriend’ Nancy Gisell

Javi Marroquin and his girlfriend Cassie Bucka

Javi Marroquin and Madison Wells

Javi Marroquin and his latest girlfriend, Lauren Comeau

As for how the new couple met met? Javi told Radar, “We met at one of our best friend’s weddings. She was the maid of honor.” It’s possible these two were chatting it up beforehand and July 1 just marks the date they met in person but…that’s just me trying to be generous.

Javi admitted that while their relationship is “fairly new” (a quote I nominate for understatement of the year), he says it “doesn’t feel that way.” To make matters even more hilarious, Lauren is already complaining about their long distance relationship, as she lives in South Carolina while Javi is reportedly living in Maryland. “Distance isn’t ever easy,” she told Radar.

So is this girl going to handle Javi’s deployments any better than Kail? I suppose only time will tell!

EDIT: A wonderful commenter brought to our attention that we had originally posted a photo of Javi and Peach rather than Javi and Cassie. It was the first Google Image googling their names together, and I’m an idiot who didn’t double check. The Hollywood Gossip, the source of the image, had mislabeled Peach as Cassie. I have updated the photo with the real Cassie! Thank you for the correction, Whydoiwatchthis!


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  1. Cate says:

    At least he looks happy…

  2. Old lady says:

    I feel sorry for Javi; I think he’s actually a really nice guy! Kail took such advantage of him, and I think really broke his heart. We used to judge him harshly because he never trusted Kail, but now we know he was probably right all along!
    I hope he doesn’t marry someone too quickly, or, God forbid, get some girl pregnant! I wish Javi well…

  3. Whydoiwatchthis says:

    Isn’t the picture of him & Cassie actually a picture of him & Peach??! Or do they just look really similar?

    • El-ahrairah says:

      Umm! That’s a good question! I took the first image from Google images for “Javi Marroquin and Cassie Bucka,” and it was labeled that way from The Hollywood Gossip. But I have facial amnesia and can’t tell people apart sometimes lol Let me look into this. Thank you for telling me.

  4. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Poor Ol’ Javi is desperately looking for love.

  5. Grace says:

    If you have to start your relationship off by selling stories to Radar, it’s likely not going to last long.


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