Jill & Jessa Counting On : Season 2 Episode 7- Recap

Hello Guys!

We’re already on Episode 7 of Counting On this episode is called ” A Guy’s Guide to Courtship”, of course it is! Even though they clearly ask the girls some opinions too, but as we all know in Duggar land Men are # 1. This week we get to see Jinger and her entourage fly to New York to meet up with Jeremy’s family. Flash to a talking head of Jeremy saying “We’ve been unofficially together for 5 months and officially for 3 months” Erm. Here comes the Duggar’s magical math! Last episode they were apparently courting for 3 weeks. Jinger claims she hasn’t seen Jeremy in 3 weeks, which would bring us to 6 weeks. I dunno anymore guys math was never my thing and I think no one wants to admit how short of a courtship this was.

Jinger and crew arrive at the airport and oh no their flight is delayed by a whole hour. Jinger sits nervously in her seat talking about what a bummer it is being delayed while Jessa is breastfeeding Spurgeon casually next to her probably trying to mentally drown out Jinger’s whining.  We find out the crew will in fact be meeting Jeremy in Dallas, TX to fly with him to Philly. But the whole delay fiasco may throw a wrench in those plans.

Now we get to see some flash backs of some of the kids’ early courting days (this is all just filler I tell ya!) Advice number one from the guys “Get in good with Dad” oh dear God. Basically kiss Jim-Boob’s ass so you can score a courtship with a Duggar girl. Now we are treated to some old footage/filler. We see a bald-faced Ben looking pre-pubescent and overly nervous asking Papa Duggar if he can Court Jessa in a very small room with doors shut with Michelle, who is nodding anxiously because this is probably the most excitement shes seen in months and also being in a locked room with two dudes, Fundie Fantasy!
Nothing screams creepier/staged more than that scene!

Now we get treated to some more flashbacks of Derick and Jeremy asking Daddy Duggar if they can court his daughters. Man Derick looked way better back then, poor dude. Now its time to put John-David on blast and ask the kids’ what type of girl ol’ JD would want, blonde or brunette? City or country girl? Leave this guy alone! Clearly he has no interest in romance and I’m sure he gets harassed all the time about not being married at this point. This episode is kind of all over the place and I’m having trouble keeping up with the Jinger scenes and bouncing back to old clips and voice overs of the Guy’s Courtship Advice. Now they go on to talk about Joe going to the ALERT Academy, basically its a boot camp teaching young men how to “serve” as Joe puts it. They do a bunch of drills, flip over what looks to be an old burned down car and he explains how this program prepares men for their future. He talks about how men need to prepare themselves for when they enter courtship. Now the producers ask the kids’ what kind of girl Joe would want, I’m starting to worry that they’re gonna go down the list of available men and this is a big ass family, Please stop at Joe.


Before marrying into the Duggar clan


Back to the Airport Drama! Jeremy tries to work his magic and find an alternative flight for Jinger and crew, with no such luck.. Jinger reveals their flight was re-booked three times and they finally got on a flight to Dallas to meet Jeremy, I’m guessing Jeremy bailed on his original Philly flight and waited hours for Jinger, because TLC probably made him wait.  The couple finally reunite at the airport. I swear Jinger was going to kiss him she definitely made kissy lips, but I was disappointed when that is as far as it went. They frontal hugged and I think that is a new thing for a Duggar Courtship, these two are too bad ass for those side-hugs!

This is becoming like a ping pong match with all the back and forward scenes, now were back to the Courting Segments so far the kids have been asked by producers what type of woman do the single boys like. Here comes Josiah, he states he is the 8th kid and he is in the middle, he refers to himself as the meat in the family all sandwiched in the middle LOL. From what I gather Josiah likes blonde or brunette girls that are shy but also outgoing and organized and laid back. So basically a girl with a pulse will do just fine. If you guys do not remember Josiah was once in a courtship with a girl named Marjorie which ended right around the time that Josh’s molestation and cheating on his wife scandals all came to light. (smart girl to exit during that “season of life”) Josiah claims he is the family comedian and he likes to make “strange” animal noises…he then starts making what I’m guessing is a bird call of some sort. I’m a little uncomfortable at this point. Its a little odd how they completely gloss over the fact that old’ bird caller Josiah was already in a courtship, the Duggar’s never admit to failure.
I’m wondering now when we will get to Jinger and Jeremy’s trip….

Josiah “Strange Animal Noises” Duggar


There is 10 minutes left of the episode and I start hearing “Jed & Jer are the twin boys in our family”…. DEAR GOD are we really going to discuss these boys’ types of girls they’re into? I seriously thought Josiah was the big finale.. Jed and Jer are described as extremely close, always together, their beds are next to each other and if you see Jed, you know Jer’s right there! Basically we have a overly co-dependent set of twins on our hands. When their siblings are asked what type of woman the twins are into basically all the answers are conflicting or just flat out wrong and it tells me that they have no idea and barely know the twins. We get to see old clips of Ben and Derick proposing… which makes us think that another engagement is on the horizon…. and maybe just maybe this episode it will happen, but nope, no it does not.

There is 48 seconds left in the show and we see Jeremy in his family’s living room talking about how its past midnight and Jinger and Mrs Duggar have gone to sleep, so he is using this late night opportunity to show off the engagement ring to his parents. They all fawn over it and his mom says she is sure she will say yes. The next clip says “next time on Counting on” its a voice over of Jeremy saying they are all headed to Manhattan. I’m starting to think the engagement wont happen til next season or it will be a season finale cliff hanger… This episode was pretty hard to recap for you all considering it was all a recap in itself and it was just a bunch of fluff, forgive me for the lack of substance to this recap!

The ring that’ll seal the deal


Well guys we got through another show, I honestly kind of miss 19 Kids and Counting I found that show so much better to watch, This show is all filler and dancing around and teasing us until we get to the point and something actually happens. I’m really holding onto hope that things will get better however I think we’re near the season finale! Someone better get knocked up soon or the Duggars’ wont have anymore life events to exploit to help them keep the TLC money train chugging along.

PS did you guys hear that Cousin Amy Duggar is currently filming a special about her life… this should be good LOL. Did anyone catch her special of heading to Nashville to chase her dreams of being a country singer? If not its worth a laugh/watch. I definitely cant handle that girl, she is too much and really likes to play up being the “Duggar rebel” her last name wasn’t ever Duggar, but she changed it during the days of the old show when it was like 14 kids & Counting.. pretty odd. But as soon as the Josh scandal broke she was all too thrilled to change her last name when she married Dillon King. if you aren’t familiar with her gem of a husband he threw a fit when TLC decided to not film or air their wedding special. He is a real treat! I’m guessing Amy’s special will follow once Counting on has its season finale.
See you next week!


  1. Jennelle's next Endorsement Deal says:

    Thanks for the post! I really hate these types of episodes they do too. I mean come on, we’ve all seen these old scenes from past episodes about 100 times before. I do like that I can fast forward through a vast majority of the show this way! (If I even remembered to DVR it that is). I also liked 19 kids better in the sense that there was always more going on. The married/courting girls are kind of boring. I like that Jing and Jerm (like my nicknames for them) frontal hug, means he’s feeling the boobs beneath the shirt 😉 scandalous! I’m totally convinced these two have kissed, they’ve looked like they’ve wanted to at least 3 times this season, and the cameras are really only around so much right…

    Still, I bet she’s already preggo.

  2. Macis Rhine-stoned dreams says:

    Fundie fantasy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    I love your recap. I won’t watch Because creeper Joshua was on their fb page with that sleezy smug greasy smile. Disgusting.

    • Danika says:

      Thank you! Im happy to recap the shows for you guys! Yes if I see Josh on Counting on I will legit snap haha. I have a feeling theyre going to show him and try to do a redemption special on him, they’d make so much money off that story line.
      He is so smug and I hope the public backlash knocked him down a few pegs !

  3. Danika says:

    Thanks for the comment. Oh Lord the recap was hard to do, Im like k we have all seen all these clips a million times, nothing new to report here. Im actually starting to think that I dont like Jeremy, something is off about him. He definitely has the brain washy huge eyed cult vibe to him, but I am just wondering what a nearly 30 yr old man wants to do with this 22 yr old? Not a crazy age difference but if were being honest her emotional age is like 15. I also think they have kissed. I also wonder if all the courtship rules and standards the duggars set are actually bogus lol!

    • Jennelle's next Endorsement Deal says:

      Well I remember them saying on 19 kids that they let their children set their own courtship rules and boundaries. Josh and Anna, Jill and Derek and Jessa and Ben had all set the same damn rules for themselves. I think it’s obvious that these two think that the “Frontal hugs” are ok ad it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve okayed kissing for themselves too. I’m rolling my eyes at these guys.

      • Danika says:

        I used to like Jinger alot- but this courtship was the icing on the cake for me haha. I bet you shes a bridezilla

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