Kail Lowry posts blog defending herself against cheating allegations

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry is sick of fielding her estranged husband’s allegations of cheating. Javi only recently confirmed the rumors, as we wrote here, but it hasn’t helped that Javi’s friends have jumped into the middle of the Twitter drama. Kail finally made use of the blog section on her personal website to clarify the following items:

  • Kail claims there was nothing “specific or dramatic” that led to their marriage ending, basically saying, “No, I did not cheat.” She says they had problems for a long time, but after years of sweeping their problems under the rug to keep the family together, Kail says she finally “woke up.”
  • She adamantly denies rumors of her late 2015 miscarriage being an abortion. She says Javi’s reaction to the miscarriage (as we saw on Teen Mom 2 last season) contributed to the demise of their relationship. She claims she received “blame, anger and shame but no support.”
  • She affirms Javi’s claim that she filed for divorce in December, but says it could not be finalized during his deployment, which began in January. However, she claims they were most definitely “separated.”
  • Kail says they both waffled on getting back together “for the family.”
  • Kail says there was “too much outside involvement” in their marriage, something which many Teen Mom 2 viewers noted a long time ago.
  • She admits that she has been dating since she filed for divorce. She threw some not-so-subtle accusations at Javi, as well, saying, “What’s okay for one has to be okay for the other and that’s all I’ll say about that.”
  • Kail says the friends who betrayed her should “not throw stones in glass houses.”

Finally, she closes with this:

Unfortunately, this was a marriage that ended but there are still children involved. I have kept my mouth shut because I didn’t think we needed to involve more people during this sensitive time… And it’s the father of my child so I never want to bash him. I would never want my children to think poorly of the person I was once married to. I can’t control what the other side does, but it was time to get my truth out there… But also stay positive and vague about it. 

Within minutes of posting this blog, Javi and his friends were Tweeting about it.


kailblogtweet3 kailblogtweet2 kailblogtweet

This is coming after a VMA red carpet interview in which Kail claimed the couple could theoretically rekindle but their near-term goals are very different.

“I think it would just take time,” Kail told Star Magazine. “We have different visions for our near future, so I think it would just be a while.”

The next day, Javi said No Way Jose. “No, there is nothing that could be done, said or heard. We both know it was too much.”


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  1. Disney queen says:

    So. Much. Drama. It’s like watching trashy people from your hometown argue on fb with their baby daddies

  2. Nikki says:

    I like how all these reality stars say they don’t want to comment on the situation -while they’re commenting on the situation! Anything to bring more attention to themselves. No one is buying anything you’re selling Kailyn! I’m not a Javi fan but she is such a cold bitch I feel a little sorry for him. At least he won’t have to look at her saggy pierced tits anymore.

  3. The IncrediKail Hulk says:

    Well, that’s more calm than I imagined it would be.

  4. Baby Bear says:

    I don’t like either of them, but I’m actually caring less about Javi. He seems like another one that could end up on the ID channel.

    • Leah's Lahw-yur says:

      I feel the same way. I’m not a Kail fan but Javi has turned into a total controlling douchebag. I think it was obvious from the beginning that these two were a poor match but it ended up being worse than I could have imagined. The worst part is going to be about 10 years down the road when Isaac and Lincoln get to see their parents bashing each other all over the Internet. Very few people on 16&P or TM seem to have learned the concept of taking the high road and I have a lot of respect for the ones who have kept quiet, even when they have had every right to be shouting things from the rooftops about their ex.

  5. AMBIan says:

    So by her claiming that they had been separated since December, is she also admiring that most of what is filmed is bogus? Bc she made it seem like they were working on things at his going away party and while talking with Isaac when Javi was deployed? Didn’t they read a bedtime story about daddy being deployed? It’s getting too confusing trying to follow all of these time lines between the show and social media!

  6. UBT's Secret Basement Room says:

    Kail’s not my fav, but when she does something dumb or acts in a way super different than I would, my mind for some reason always flips back to her 16 & P episode and early Teen Mom when she had no support, like negative, no, none support from her family and I just think, well – she could be doing a lot worse. It’s a wonder she’s gotten this far.
    She’s still an unpersonable dingle-dongle, but I do feel sorry for her for the trauma and abandonment she must carry with her.

    • Nee says:

      Your name scares the hell out of me.

      • UBT's Secret Basement Room says:

        UBT scares the hell out of me!
        But really, I was just trying to be clever but I think I got a bit too creepy.
        Still, though. He gives me the willies.

        And on a side note I just want Janelle’s face to go back to normal! 🙁 I think she needed, like, 1/5 of the work she got done. Now she and Farrah are plastic robot ladies with undeniably perfect but still offputting faces.

  7. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    I’m sorry Kail. All I heard was “blah blah blah I’m a dirty tramp” 😜

  8. Confessionsofabathtubshitter says:

    unpopular opinion but peach is too much, like way overly invested and being petty as hell.
    We get it your Javis bff, we get it. Have a seat. Its really disgusting to see how she is elbow deep in kail and javis shit.

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      I agree. Peach should shut her mouth. But I hope she doesn’t. It’s funny as hell!
      Kail is only pretending to take the high road here because she was in the wrong. She doesn’t want it to get out.
      Was Peach with Kail when she saw Dr Miami?

      • Confessionsofabathtubshitter says:

        no i think one of kails delaware state university friends went with her, i dont know her name.

  9. TMJ Refugee #1337 says:

    all these girls do is bring attention to their fuck-ups when they make excuses for themselves nonstop. kail, you haven’t dared to step foot on the high road, stop acting like you’ve “been silent this whole time” when all you were doing was adding fuel to the fire and forcing javi to pretty much react.

    at this point i give no fucks about kail and javi because they’re absolutely both insane and are incapable of respecting one another, then again, if i were javi i would have dropped some shit on kail a while ago. now she wants to “clear the air” when shits getting too real for her. jo had the decency to let her get away with a lot, but javi isn’t letting that happen now.

    ugh these idiots. their drama is obnoxious and their twitter shitfest gives me a headache.

  10. no baby daddies says:

    Kail would never want to bash the father of her child? What has she done to Jo for 7 seasons on tv?!!

  11. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    God help Javi if he tries to pick up his son wearing sweat pants…oh wait…kail would never berate the father of her son…

  12. Amelia says:

    She’s probably lying about not cheating, but I feel like Kail is being way more mature in this situation. I mean, geez, Javi is writing a book about this crap. How thirsty can you get?

    • Amelia says:

      And by “mature” I mean she hasn’t been publicly bashing Javi.

    • The IncrediKail Hulk says:

      To be fair they both are pretty pathetic. Kail married him for those military benefits and he married Kail for MTV notoriety. It seems reasonable to expect these two to keep fighting each other for the public’s attention now.

  13. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children says:

    So will she defend also showing the world her tatas and nipple rings????

  14. I Never Yell says:

    Kail and Javi bring out the absolute worst in each other. Their marriage was a disaster and I feel so bad for the boys.

    Did anyone else see that Matt’s eldest son has moved in with him and Amber? Only a couple of months ago they were slinging mud at each other in the tabloids.

    • The IncrediKail Hulk says:

      They got enough money from those tabloid studies now that everyone can shack up on Amber’s dime and they can all pass bowls or 40s around while lounging around like normal on the couches.

      Not like there’s any children involved in the ordeal or anything.

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