Kail Lowry Reveals Baby Daddy Drama

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry has finally spilled some tea on her latest baby daddy drama, but she quickly tried to sop it all up before we could see it. This time, we are finally  hearing about the circumstances surrounding mysterious Baby Daddy #3.

Here are the deets from her now deleted blog post:




  • “I think I’m most worried about the changes ahead, but also that I will have this baby 24/7 by myself with no help. I’m going to be a single parent from the beginning!” (Not sure why she’s excited enough to put an exclamation point there, but whatever.)
  • “We won’t be able to pick up and leave to go on spontaneous trips for a while and I will have to schedule our days around the baby’s nap and feeding times.  (Welcome to normal parenthood Kail!)
  • “And even if the boys are with their dads I will have baby #3 in tow so no alone trips for me either.” (This seems to indicate BD3 will not be involved at all, according to Kail)
  • “Before getting pregnant this time around I was planning on going to Thailand as a graduation gift to myself before I go full force looking for a full-time job…” (Man, don’t you hate it when your oops pregnancies prevent rewarding yourself with another overseas trip?)

Now, some outlets like OK Magazine are reporting this as “Baby Daddy ABANDONED Kail Lowry,” which sounds a bit dramastic to me. I don’t think we know yet what this man’s intentions are just based on Kail pulling the woe-is-me card. We also know that Kail considers herself as a “single mom” just by virtue of no longer being with her sons’ fathers. So it’s very possible BD3 will still be involved as a co-parent. Until BD3 speaks up, I think we should all bear in mind that all of this info is coming from Kail alone.



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  1. Nikki says:

    He probably highly regrets sleeping with her and wants to stay hidden. Can’t blame him! Listening to whiny bitches like her complain about regular parenthood issues and say the phrase “single mom” every 5 seconds is so irritating! Honestly, I myself, am technically a single mother, but I don’t go around saying it constantly and look for sympathy and pats on the back! I am a MOTHER. The end. Shut up Kailyn!

    • Butch mullet says:

      To me a single mom is someone whose baby daddy’s aren’t involved at all. She has TWO who both seem like they want to be very much involved.

      I’m pregnant and not married so technically I am a “single mom” however my boyfriend is very much involved. I would never try to play the “single mom” card and take away from moms (or dads) who are doing it all by themselves.

      • Nikki says:

        Right there with ya Mullet! I hate it when people like Kailyn use that phrase when they have fully involved fathers. My kids are 11 years apart and their “fathers” have never ever been involved or interested in them in the slightest, that is a single mom not Kailyn’s version. Ugh I loathe her so much! 😝

    • Butch mullet says:

      It must be soooooo hard for her making alll that money and taking all those trips *eyeroll*

      • Trailer Trash Train Wreck says:

        You would think she could afford a nanny, but you can’t get a putty party by having a nanny.

    • Reenaface says:

      The thing is, is that Kail had a support system with Javi but she messed that up. I’ve never seen a woman so eager to bestow herself a single mother. I can’t actually wait for her to give birth because I am so tired of her and all these articles. Thailand as a graduation gift would’ve been cool but she messed that up, so oh well….

  2. Old lady says:

    I lost all respect for Kail this year. Mostly because she allowed and watched Isaac’s heart be broken as she tore him more and more away from Javi.

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      I just watched one of the After shows (can’t remember which-maybe Unseen Moments) and Kail was just annoying. She thinks she’s so cool and acts tough and talk about her “black soul” and “cold heart” like they are good traits. She needs to fall from her pedestal

    • Jennelle's next Endorsement Deal says:

      Oh my god@! that’s me too, i totally lost all respect for her. I had respected her before, WAY more than Farrah for instance, but now… nope all gone. Boo hoo, I’m a single mom, but I have all this money from TV, so is life REALLY that hard? Nope, plus two highly involved fathers, your Isaac and Lincoln are lucky they have those dads. Kail as their mom… questionable.

  3. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    So Kail is having a pitty party because she doesn’t have a baby daddy this time around to dump the kid off on weekends.
    You have got to be kidding me!
    I honestly think BD3 realized right away she tricked him into knocking her up and is pissed. I think he hasn’t gone public because 1. Who wants to admit they played naked twister with the Hulk? 2. He has enough maturity and class not to put her on blast. You won’t find me shocked if 5 minutes after the baby is out this guy files for some sort of custody.

    Theory #2: He hasn’t come out publicly because this was all a “sperm donor” agreement. Like “hey wanna get me pregnant? You won’t have to do anything I just want a baby!”

    • chseas annoying baby voice says:

      ‘So Kail is having a pitty party because she doesn’t have a baby daddy this time around to dump the kid off on weekends’.

      Yes!! So annoying. It’s like she is upsrt for not being able to go on trips anymore .
      Well use a condom then for crap sake.. you are supposedly on a show about preventing teenage pregnancies.

      • #LifeAfterLeah says:

        Pregnancy is a choice!
        Sorry, not sorry!
        Maybe Kail should practice what she preaches if she wants to take vacations alone.
        Honestly I have taken 1 trip alone since 2009 (the year I became a mom) and I missed my kids and swore I would never do that again!

  4. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Oh guys.
    Let’s give Kail a round of applause for parenting by herself 24/7!

  5. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    Notice how all her focus is on how she won’t be able to take VACATIONS not anything about the kids

  6. Grace says:

    It’s like she got pregnant, and wanted to be playing the ‘single mom’ part from the start. It’s so annoying. Don’t complain about having to schedule your life around the baby. How about not bringing another child into the world when you are not ready to give up your travelling lifestyle. It’s selfish for her to go around talking like this, when she willingly got pregnant.

  7. Sophia's stripper pole says:

    Boo effing hoo, Kail! I will save my sympathy for some mom with no money whose SO abandoned her, not some trashy reality TV star who dumped a guy who (by most accounts), was as good of a dad as he could be given his military obligations, as well as a great stepdad.

    “Waah! Now that the guy I roped into knocking me up bailed on me, I can’t go on exotic vacations any more!”

    This is why ISIS hates us.

  8. rosie says:

    Aha!!!! This proves my theory. This pregnancy was never planned, it was an accident otherwise how on earth would you plan an oversea trip or have a liposuction literaly just weeks before looking for a new miracle baby

  9. Trailer Trash Train Wreck says:

    Wasnt she a “single” mom when Javi was deployed?

  10. Old lady says:

    The only way this pregnancy was planned is if Kail did it as a big F you to Javi. He wanted another child; she supposedly did not.

    I honestly can believe she knowingly did it to hurt him more.

  11. Jennelle's next Endorsement Deal says:

    PS did any one else see the preview for the next episode? Tyler’s mom asks if they’re pregnant, his voice said no his head shake said yes…. I’m intrigued! I saw it on Starcasm. Although, I still won’t watch an episode anymore, whoops! lol.

    • Reenaface says:

      I think these girls have it in their contracts to keep breeding for money so it wouldn’t surprise me if Cate were pregnant again. I don’t think she wanted another child imho but because of Dr Drew’s and insistence and because of MTV throwing money their way, I don’t think she had a choice. I just hope that Tyler doesn’t combust inside because his face says he’s had enough.

  12. Nikki says:

    Did anyone else hear via The Ashley that Adam Lind tested positive for meth and amphetamines at his court hearing???

    • Grace says:

      Piece of crap. His kids need to be taken away from him until he sobers up. They don’t need to be around that at all

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      It was only a matter of time. He’s had that meth addict friend for years. Maybe THATS the real source of why he’s only gotten shittier and shittier!

      • Reenaface says:

        Strange! I thought last season Adam was moping about and complaining to the producer about how the show ruined his life and how he had no friends because they didn’t want to be filmed. I remember Chelsea saying on the most recent reunion how she heard rumors about him being into drugs. Thank God for Cole because Aubree is going to need him now more than ever especially if Adam can’t shake his addiction.

  13. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    Vacations with your children are only important when it infringes on their father’s scheduled time, duh.

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