Kailyn Had Her Third Baby!

It’s a boy, y’all!

Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry shared on Twitter this evening that she has given birth to her third boy! This child, long referred to as BabyLo by his mother, will join older brothers Isaac, 7, and Lincoln, 3. According to Radar, BabyLo joined the party around 3 this morning. The name Kailyn chose is still a mystery, but, as you’ll see below, it will likely be very Pinterest.

Father Chris Lopez, who has become notorious for avoiding the spotlight, has not made any public comment on the birth.

Kailyn is known for not learning the gender of her children until they are born. I don’t know how anybody has that kind of willpower, but it sure got fans speculating. Now we know: her proud “Mother of Boys” persona lives on!

Kail mother of boys

In addition to keeping the gender secret, Kail was also keeping other pregnancy details in the dark until the very end. She never shared her due date and posted some deliberately cryptic things as it drew nearer.

Occasionally she’d dangle the baby name carrot as well, like last month when she literally polled her Twitter followers about her baby’s name.

She made another infuriating tweet, which is simply a screenshot of a Google search for “How long do you have to name your baby after [giving birth]?” with the words “ok cool”. Kail was looking pregnant AF, expecting BabyLo to show up for pizza night, and she still hadn’t chosen a name? Either she’s just using the baby name voting gimmick for attention (probs) or this is literally the least planned baby in every sense.

Way to use the identity of your unborn baby for popularity points, Kail. Damn, it worked too.

I will keep you all updated on the name situation.

Welcome to the world, BabyLo!

UPDATE 08/06/17: Kail confirms this baby is a day old & nameless. Ripken Nixon BabyLo Lowry-Lopez, anyone?

UPDATE: 09/02/17: New month, no name. But look at how precious this baby is!
Baby Lowry

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  1. Mo says:

    Yeah she was definitely doing all that crap for attention. But congrats! Wonder if she’s filming right now?

  2. Leah's Lahw-yur says:

    I’m guessing it’s all a game to get attention, as I recall her tweeting before Lincoln’s birth about how she was prepared for another boy, with the perfect boy name picked out (and some other stuff…I don’t remember all of it) and she was so worried that the baby would be a girl. You can’t tell me that she prepared like crazy for baby #2 but did nothing for her third child.

    Also, I’m just going to say that I’m actually relieved that she had another boy. I shudder to think of what kind of psychological damage Kailyn would inflict on a girl. I know she’s damaging Isaac and Lincoln too but I just think things would be exponentially worse if she had had a daughter.

  3. Z says:

    The one thing I give Kail credit for is lasting without knowing the gender; that would kill me.

    Hopefully baby is healthy.

  4. Grace says:

    My daughter was very planned, and we never named her until she was 5 days old.

  5. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Yea Kailyn is annoying but I can see going some time without having a name (even after birth). I mean their name is who they are. You might have something picked out and then you meet your baby and he/she doesn’t fit that name? Idek lol I have commitment issues with names. My dog didn’t have one for like a week after we brought her home- and we knew she was coming

  6. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    “How long do you have to name your baby after [giving birth]?”

    You’d think after having 2 babies she would know this by now.

    Oh well congrats to her..

  7. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    How long can I dangle the carrot before everyone loses interest?
    That’s the real question
    Name the child Kail. Like you haven’t already bought it into shitty enough circumstances. At least give it a name like you’ve given a fuck somewhere.
    She irritates the fuck out of me of late. Grow up. Shut you legs. Shut your mouth. Stop tweeting dumb shit for 24hrs Kail, and everyone can have a Fresh of breathe air.
    Or just go away. That’s probably easier

  8. Brenda says:

    Devlin, Brendan, Killian are some good names

  9. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    This may not go over well but I can’t be happy for her. If she had focused on raising Issaac and Lincoln more and didn’t fuck around with Javi while he was away (she claims it wasn’t cheating but recently accused him of cheating while deployed so which is it?) and didn’t give everyone whiplash with her back and forth, then MAYBE everyone may look at this differently. Her boys may be fed, clothed and well mannered but look at what we’ve seen on TV. She let a strange man come into her home so they can sleep together while Isaac was there. She scared the crap out of him and instead of comforting him and making sure he was okay, she called Jo crying and upset demanding he come get him. It takes more than money to raise kids and I think a lot of the fan base is having a hard time looking past that, like I’ve seen comments saying it’s okay because she has the money to provide.
    It’s not okay to have an accidentally on purpose baby with some random guy while your divorce papers aren’t even drawn up yet and while your kids are still heavily confused on what’s happening and emotionally distressed.
    She is horribly entitled and acts all high and mighty. Like she solely raised her boys and put herself through school with no help at all. She’s able to drop her kids off with their dads or their parents whenever she wants and she’s able to sleep well at night not worrying how she’s going to put food on her table or figure out which bill is more important or which ones are passed due.
    I’m sorry this is so long but Kail brought a third baby into her mess of a life and this one may not have hit the dad jackpot. Kail is way too selfish and inconsiderate and this whole thing just proves it.

    • Gary's Saran Wrap Condom says:

      I could not have said it better myself! Kail keeps emphasizing how she’ll be raising this baby by herself etc…. but she not only put herself, but her beautiful little boy into this crappy circumstance because of her own selfish wants. Her baby deserved better than her trap baby attempt and the boys deserved to have a mother that put their emotional needs before her own while they are going through such a difficult time.

      She is unbelievably lucky that Jo and Javi both want to see their kids abd do so regularly/consistently and basically jump at any opportunity to get more time with them (or Javi who is overjoyed to get time with Isaac too).

      Unfortunately not all dads are like this and it seems like for her third man seed choice, she chose a dud.

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        “I realized I wanted another baby.” First of all, just because you realized you’d eventually want another one, does not mean go ahead and get pregnant with the first guy who looks at you! She did not need another baby. What she needed was to focus on the two that she already has.
        Second, isn’t this why she no longer wanted to be with Javi? Because he wanted another baby and she didn’t? Like maybe if you talked about it instead of just shutting the poor man down everytime he brought it up, you wouldn’t of had any problems (generally speaking, of course) with what page you guys were on.

        That’s thing though, Kail has no idea how lucky she is that she has not one, but TWO men so dedicated to their children INCLUDING a step parent wanting a relationship with a child that isn’t even his! A child he has no moral/financial/emotional obligation to! And she has the balls to wish that they weren’t involved! You’d think for someone who had no father growing up she’d be forever grateful for them. I’m still blown away that she had the audacity to bitch at Jo for being in sweatpants when him and Vee first brough ViVi home.

        I don’t care how educated Kail is. Or at least thinks she is. She’s stupid. Plain and simple. Money can’t buy class. Money can’t buy decent parenting schools. Money can’t give your kids the parents they rightfully deserve and are entitled to. She can get as many degrees as she wants. She can have as much money as Bill Gates for all I care. But she’ll always be a shit mother. She can take that “Mother of Boys” shit and shove it up her huge ass.

  10. adotham says:

    If she got her bachelor’s degree, good for her! Now she just needs a real job. Griffin is a dumb name though, imo.

    • AMBIan says:

      Griffin is my dogs name 🐶 People ask “like Gryffindor ?”

    • Gary's Saran Wrap Condom says:

      When I read the names out loud, my husband informed me that Griffin was a last name (like Family Guy) and then I realized she may be trying to copy Chelsea with the whole last name as a first name idea.
      I honestly don’t like any of the names on her poll, but I do think her name choices in the past have been good and unique enough that they will be the only one in their class with that name but not unique enough that no one will know how to pronounce it.
      I could see her naming him some thing along those lines like Gabriel or Quinn or Vincent.

  11. Jennelle's next Endorsement Deal says:

    Starcasm posted some pictures of nameless Baby Lo! Super cute!! PS I watched Jenelle’s 16 and pregnant episode the other day, and literally NOTHING seems to have changed. It was mind blowing.

    • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

      “Nothing else worse can happen, mom.” So precious.

      • Jennelle's next Endorsement Deal says:

        Omg YES! That line!!! Made me say, oh yeah what about being a heroin addict? But no, to a 16 year old Jenelle nothing worse was going to happen. HAHAHA!!!!

    • Lana Lyse says:

      I just watched it too! If you drink every time Jenelle says that abandoning Jace with her mother to go party is “making time for MYSELF!” you will die of alcohol poisoning.


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