Mackenzie McKee opens up about suicide attempts

This is a story from the sad news front. Mackenzie McKee maintains a perky-happy image on Snapchat, but she is now revealing to Radar Online that she struggled with severe post-partum depression after the birth of her son Broncs last August. You may recall that Broncs was medically fragile after birth.

“My postpartum was so bad,” she said, “I would fill up the bathtub and go under water. I would take anxiety meds and hope not to wake up.” Mackenzie also revealed that her husband Josh took all three kids to another home at one point. She told Radar she felt Josh did not “support her” during her mental health struggle and even encouraged her to kill herself.

“He would come home from work and I would be crying and I would threaten suicide. He couldn’t handle it,” she told Radar. “He said, ‘I don’t love you, you’re crazy.’ I was suicidal. He said, ‘Go kill yourself, but don’t do it in front of me and the kids.’”

Some readers may remember a few months ago when Mackenzie took to Snapchat to explain how depression and other mental illnesses are all “in your head” and that taking medications just reminded her that she was depressed and anxious. At the time, Mackenzie made it sound like she stopped taking medications prescribed by her doctor and chose to just “think positive.” Still, she admitted on her social media that she had attempted suicide five times.

Both Radar and WetPaint have ended their stories on this interview by saying Mackenzie is now focusing on her Body by Mac and Helo band businesses as well as pursuing a dream as a motivational speaker. Let’s just hope that Mac has gotten some serious professional help.




  1. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    This is sad. Every time I read a story about a mother who suffered horrible postpartum depression I wonder why tf something that impacts so many women seems to receive so little support. Furthermore, why does maternity leave in this country suck so bad for so many moms..

    Now that I’ve gotten my empathy out of the way: why is she still relevant enough to be interviewed by radar online. So many of these moms faded to black but here she is still trying to hold on tight with her fake ass Fitbit business and body by Mack.

    And here I am fueling the flame by commenting 😔

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Sorry I got annoyed by seeing there was a story by her and I didn’t even get to address the wtf Josh part. It is overwhelming how many people are ill-equipped to respond when people struggle emotionally. But how could you tell your wife (even jokingly) to go ahead and kill herself, just no and in front of the kids??

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      ‘ many of these moms faded to black but here she is still trying to hold on tight with her fake ass Fitbit business and body by Mack.’.

      This was kind of my original thought as well. It is like she is so desperate to cling on those last seconds of fame left .

  2. Kallie says:

    Attempted five times? Seems like a cry for help….I don’t think she wanted to die or she would have done it the first time. Still very sad and I hope she’s getting better support.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Definitely a cry for help. However, statistically speaking, women often attempt with “reversible” methods such as pills and cutting whereas men attempt (and succeed more) with more probable lethal methods such as guns and jumping from large heights.

  3. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Where was Grangie while all this shit was going down?

  4. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    I work in perinatal mental health and people like her with their “DON’T TAKE MEDS, JUST THINK POSITIVE!” make me want to fucking scream. Do you KNOW how many pregnant women I talk to on a daily basis who have had horrible outcomes, depressed, suicidal, unable to care for themselves and they won’t take meds because I SHOULD JUST THINK POSITIVE AND MEDS ARE BAD???

    It’s a lot. I’ve read a lot of sad charts and heard a lot of sad endings and a lot of them would have been avoidable without this kind of bullshit.

    Take your meds. Work with your psych. “Positivity” will not fix everything.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Agree. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you need extra help. Sometimes, yes, you do need to change the way you think – but that’s what therapy is for.

      Again, statistically speaking, using both therapy and medication has the best outcome for most people. Not quitting meds sans medical advice and fucking thinking positive

      • Tyler's Great American Novel says:

        Yes, and maybe she’s a victim of all the “positivity” talk but she makes it worse by using her platform to keep parroting it.

  5. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    ‘Josh did not “support her” during her mental health struggle and even encouraged her to kill herself.’

    Loving relationship right there..

    • Reenaface says:

      Yeah, it really makes me wonder why she married and continued to pro create with a creep like Josh. He was off his rockers and refused to work, and showed no emotion towards her when the show was on the air. No comment as to why it was insinuated that her fight with Briana had something to do with her wanting to take her life. She was upset that MTV chose Briana over her. Sometimes I think these girls should just count their lucky stars and try to live normal lives off of the camera. It’s not like any of these girls achieved much outside of having more kids, yeah, some got married but their marriages didn’t even last. Outside of the show it seems like they’re always finding the next hustle trying to stay afloat their MTV earnings, a;ways on social media promoting all of these microwave businesses instead of trying to find a real career.

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