UPDATED – CONFIRMED FALSE | New Baby Mama claims Matt Baier is father of her 3 year old

Editor’s Note: The original article is below. As you can see, we were initially skeptical of this recent claim from a woman named Layla Swanson. As of this morning, we have confirmed this story to be false. First, the provided paternity form lists the child as X and Y, while Layla claims her child by Matt is a girl. We were also able to find exactly identical values, results and test numbers in a sample report from GTLDNA.com. Scroll down for a side-by-side comparison.

Many of you are probably at least dimly aware of the shit show that has been Twitter in the past week or so. There have been a lot of screenshots and a lot of accusations flying around, almost all of them directed at Matt Baier or his Teen Mom OG star fiancee Amber Portwood. I have been hesitant to print most of the stories–they come from at least 3 women–because I have not seen enough verifiable proof. One, in fact, was proven to be a complete (and honestly kind of creepy) lie, so let’s all be on our toes here.

Tonight, however, one of the women named “Layla Swanson” has finally provided pretty convincing proof. She has posted photos (not screenshots!) of legal and paternity documents. The legal documents list Matt Baier as the father to a child born on July 5 2013. This means the baby would have born about 18 months before he started dating Amber. I have NOT been able to 100% confirm this info yet, and to me these look like intake forms NOT court documentation that would need to be “mailed” to her with a name correction. These look like forms you can fill out on a computer and print with no court involved, and they do not match the Massachusetts intake forms from  what I could find. Baby Mama is not willing to talk to the media at this time, so take these screenshots with a huge grain of salt.


Here are the alleged DNA test results from  Layla.

And here is a sample report from a DNA testing company. To further confirm things, this DNA sample is from a testing lab in Australia, certainly not one that a Boston court system would use. Note that the “daughter” has X & Y chromosomes, and all of the values are identical. It appears “Layla” simply Photoshopped this PDF then printed it and signed it herself. You can also compare this sample report with the lab’s sample exclusion report to see how the values are very wide-ranging, so this is no coincidence.



The following screenshots are allegedly from Matt to Layla. EDIT: We can assume these are fake now, too. 


Layla claims the following tweet is from “early 2016.”

There are plenty of other rumors and accusations flying around that I am not comfortable sharing yet. This one just happened to have more convincing photos. Feel free to share and link the other rumors in the comments, but I won’t be reporting them until I get some more verification. 🙂

Final Edit: This is why we were skeptical of running with the initial stories that came out last week. I do my best to not bring libelous rumors as clickbait or “news,” so until we have a lot more undeniable proof, I will not be running anymore stories on this Matt Baier Twitter drama. 


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  1. Trailer Trash Train Wreck says:

    I do appreciate you covering this odd story about Matt, but what is up with all of these stories about Matt in the media. There’s the ones with him with the scratches and black eye, the rumors about the chick who is supposed to be his side chick who was on the Being Matt special. Is someone really desperate to sell his book, keep Teen Mom OG on the air, or has the truth about this scumbag has finally come Out? Who knows, but unfortunately Amber will probably stay with him.

    • El-ahrairah says:

      That’s the hard part. None of these women coming forward now are allowing the media to verify things, and I’m wary of posting libelous stuff. The pics are of Matt but the circumstances surround them are completely speculative. It’s just a minefield right now. :/

      • Trailer Trash Train Wreck says:

        It’s all very sketchy and I don’t blame you for not posting. If I was involved with Matt and he did me wrong. Lol he would be going down in flames. I would be sharing screen shots and everything i had on him.

        • El-ahrairah says:

          I appreciate your understanding. Even the fact that these documents say “Matt” instead of “Matthew” have me skeptical, but this is the most we’ve seen from all this Twitter drama. I’m also thinking these are just applications that anybody could fill out online and print to make it look typed in and more official.

          I’m just… skeptical of everything involving Matt right now.

  2. Scott Mendoza says:

    It’s so hard to trust anybody! She is the only one who has came forward with any substantial proof. The paternity test looks as real as they come and I work in a DNA testing lab so I have no doubt about that but as far as the other paperwork to me it looks like petition purposes meaning asking for the court to grant her a court order for him to go to court. As far as I’m concerned she checks out with me but hopefully all turns out to be true!

  3. Teen mom is trash says:

    I’ve heard she released temp. Documents becuase some media outlet she is going with prohibited her from posting real images they want to be first to post the good ha IMAGINE THAT! Also heard she had interview with Dr.Drew tonight via LIVE stream!! I would give it a while before you discredit her otherwise you could be under fire from her supporters.

    • El-ahrairah says:

      Oh wow look! It’s the same IP and e-mail address that posted the Scott Mendoza comment that was defending the validity of these documents. Boy, you sure were fast to post this comment 2 minutes after it was updated. What a coincidence that I told only “Layla” as soon as I made the edit.

  4. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Woah, I’m not even sure what is happening right now!
    Matt is a douche but why the shitsorm that is mostly obviously fabricated?
    I can’t even imagine having that much extra time on my hands😂

  5. Trailer Trash Train Wreck says:

    I just don’t get it. What it the reason behind all this crap. It’s not even good gossip.

  6. Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

    You da real MVP El!

    Why anyone would lie about this though, it’s so fucked up. Like, the guy has already proved he’s a pathetic deadbeat, one extra kid coming out of the woodwork isn’t going to change that

    • El-ahrairah says:

      There’s definitely something fishy going on, but I can’t say anything that’s not total speculation and self-invented rumor. But… there’s something off, for sure.

  7. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    Rumor has it she’s deleting pics of the two of them now on IG. I don’t have one but rumors don’t lie, right?

  8. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Can I just say (OT) is that it’s annoying that amber is a curvier girl who uses skinny ass models for her clothes. It’d be nice to see some varying size models in her clothes.

  9. Lionel says:

    I do like the manner in which you have framed this particular concern and it does give me personally a lot of fodder for thought. On the other hand, coming from what precisely I have personally seen, I really hope as other remarks pack on that men and women remain on issue and not get started upon a soap box involving some other news of the day. Anyway, thank you for this exceptional piece and even though I can not necessarily concur with this in totality, I value the point of view.

  10. Joseph Doolin says:

    I can for fact say this is a fabrication, Massachusetts is contracted with LabCorp for its DNA testing. This is a DDC Diagnostics DNA test, secondly it is not court admissible because it is not a legal DNA test, a legal one would have the notary stamp and signature right next to the DNA expert. For all those who think DNA is 100%, well it is, but no one ever factors in tampering, which makes it not 100%. Believe me, since no one is educated on DNA, tampering happens all the time. Duped Dads.


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