Paranoia, Chaos, & Blowups! | BB18 Recap: Ep. 17

The two most unpopular in the house are on the block together, and chaos ensues.

Before the blowups occur, the Power of Veto Competition must be played for. James draws Michelle’s, Nicole’s, and Da’Vonne’s names to play along with him and Frank and Bridgette. James, who thought he had enough blood on his hands with his nominations, throws the competition and gets out first. Da’Vonne and Nicole get out fifth and fourth, leaving Michelle competing against the two targets. The Big Brother gods are on her side, however, and she ends up winning the Golden Power of Veto.

Now things start getting heated!

After the competition, Frank casually asks to talk to Michelle. They get to talking, and he starts sweet talking and getting into her good graces. He knows that she is a Big Brother super fan, so he plays into that side of her, telling her that the viewers (that’s us! Hey, y’all!) like to see big moves and like those that make them. He promises that he and Bridgette will work with her in the future if she uses the Veto on one of them. Michelle tells him the only way that she would use the Veto is if he campaigns against Bridgette to send her out, but he flat out refuses.

Meanwhile, the other houseguests are getting very paranoid and antsy over the fact that Frank (manipulator extraordinaire) and Michelle (the one person with the power to safe him) are talking in private. Paul tries to weasel his way into the room, but Frank asks him to leave, which he does and starts fuming over.

Can you say “UNCOMFORTABLE”? Because is that in a nutshell. Paul’s temper got the better of him, and he more or less made himself look like an idiot. He had no points, other than the fact that he doesn’t like that Frank is still playing the game and doesn’t give up. Paul did nothing but put a big ole spotlight on himself, and not only for Frank; everyone saw Paul blow up, and one thing the houseguests always notice is when someone can’t handle their emotions. It would not be surprising to me in the least if Paul is on the block for his fourth time very soon.

Before we can even get over that last awkwardness thanks to our dear friendship-mongering Paul, he puts it upon himself to call a house meeting. Please avert your eyes if you can’t handle an even bigger dosage of discomfort.

As you can see for yourself, Paul is awkward. What you can also see is that even more awkward encounter between Bridgette and Michelle in the bathroom. Bridgette seemed to have wanted to patch things up in some regard and was leaning towards making amends, but Michelle was not having it. Her jealousy that Frank is close with Bridgette and not her has been made blatantly clear, and it’s pretty sad. There really isn’t a good reason for Michelle to dislike Bridgette as much as she does, since Bridgette hasn’t done anything personally or game-wise to warrant that kind of hatred.

Pretty much to nobody’s surprise, Michelle decides to not use the Power of Veto on either Frank or Bridgette, although hopes to work with Frank in the future…Sorry, girl. Don’t get your hopes too high. He won’t be working with you when you had the opportunity to save him and denied it.

I wonder what some of the Big Brother alumni have to say about tonight’s episode!

How do you feel about BB18 so far? Who are you rooting to win and hoping to lose? Let us know in the comments!

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