Teen Mom 2 | David Eason sentenced to 60 days in jail

Well, it was bound to happen soon. Just a few weeks after celebrating one year of official dating, Jenelle Evans is repeating the wash cycle. Her boyfriend and soon-to-be baby daddy David Eason was sentenced to serve 60 days for violating a restraining order.

Y’all might remember this occurred in March 2016 when David saw his estranged toddler son and ran up to give him a hug. Sounds great, but the son and his mother were party to a restraining order against David after he allegedly abused the mother during her pregnancy and threatened to kill her. He was found not guilty on the assault charges but the restraining order still stands.

Radar Online is now reporting that David is appealing this decision, so David may not serve time right away.

Jenelle took to Twitter to let us know that the judge was just biased and already hated David from a previous case. They hired the infamous Dustin Sullivan to fight this one, but Jenelle says the judge wouldn’t even let Dustin get her brilliant arguments on the record.

"But Dustin, he can't serve time. We've got a baby on the way. That's why I got all these floral maternity dresses!"

“But Dustin, he can’t serve time. We’ve finally got a baby girl on the way. That’s why I got all these floral maternity dresses!”

Baby Ensley Jolie Eason is due in January, so only time will tell if David Eason will be in jail at the time of his daughter’s birth. If you recall, Nathan Griffith was in jail around the tail end of Jenelle’s pregnancy with Kaiser; however, he was around for the birth.

Just another day in the life of Jenelle Evans! Can’t wait to see this play out on Teen Mom 2!

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  1. Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

    I hope that his dimwit appeal means that he’ll be locked up when she gives birth – then Jenelle will finally have reached peak White Trash.

    They’re both disgusting, UBT with his “I’ve only got a protective order against me because I swore while my son was sleeping!” and Jenelle’s “Clearly the judge just hates David, that’s why he was found guilty!”, how delusional can two people get? Do they really believe these lies, or do they just expect us to?

    • Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

      Thanks for the article El, I’ve been waiting to get my thoughts on this off my chest, lol

      • El-ahrairah says:

        My pleasure. I got an alert when I was standing in line at the bank. Killed me to wait so long to write it up! 🙂

  2. Macis Rhine-stoned dreams says:

    I just get a bad vibe. He’s got deadeyes. She’s just a pos. But his he’s just a monster waiting to be released….

    I hope she gives birth alone, she cheats with kiiieeefer, and he isn’t in her life anymore.

  3. WELL, JENELLE says:

    Can someone explain to me how theres a restraining order protecting his son and his ex, but not Maryssa? Does his daughter have a different mother?

    Jenelle falsely cries domestic abuse and plays victim, and then turns around and essentially dismisses someone else’s claims because it doesn’t ft with her fairytale. I hope Ensley finds a way to navigate life, despite her egg donor and sperm donor. Poor babies, all of them associated with these two.

    • Rosie says:

      Yes they do. Marissa has another mother, and im not quite sure if theres another kid from this mother (unsure if david have 2 or 3 kids) guess he has a good relationship with marysas mother. This other girl called the cops when david tried to strangle her while pregnant, dont think is a false claim because she does indeed have a restraining order for david, he cant contact her o her son. So scary, a sociopath just like jenelle (or just like the notebook)

      • Macis Rhine-stoned dreams says:

        I’m curious to if the reason he was not guilty was it was he said she said or she didn’t testify?

    • Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

      She and UBT both now have 3 kids with 3 different sets of parents

  4. The IncrediKail Hulk says:

    I legitimately can’t take this guy seriously. Why is his head the shape of a peanut?

    I wonder if prison time will break him and he will go psychotic on her after he’s out. This guy is just nasty; I don’t feel bad for Jenelle but I wish those kids weren’t in the mix at all.

    • Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

      Hahaha, peanut!

      I’ve read on Twitter that it’s a “coke bloat”, something to do with the salivary glands getting swollen from taking the drug? This reality star, Jax Taylor, has a similarly weird shaped head and it’s rumoured to be from using too much coke.

  5. Nikki says:

    That dude is one of the ugliest men on reality TV! Yuk!! He looks like a serial killer. I wish I was kidding! I bet poor Jace is terrified of him.

  6. Anette says:

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