Teen Mom 2 | Jenelle Evans and David Eason get in fight with woman in airport

You may or may not have heard that Jenelle Evans recently left The Land to go to St. Thomas with her fiance David Eason and his daughter Maryssa. Jenelle was very happy to be able to bring Jace, too, following the recent outcome of their custody mediation. But the peace didn’t last long when Jenelle apparently got into a verbal spat with a woman in the St. Thomas airport on their way back to North Carolina.

A woman posted her side of the story on Facebook, and Jenelle has now responded with her own version of events. Let’s get started with the screenshots.

First is the woman, who I’ve chosen to keep anonymous. She claims she was taking a picture of a cafe menu board to find out what her family wanted to eat. She claims David was the first to approach her and put his phone in her face saying “I’m videoing you, you like it?” Allegedly, someone pulled him away and that’s when Jenelle stepped in and started pulling the “I saw you taking a video of me because I’m on TV and a reality star” card. The woman says bystanders went and got security when they realized the woman had no personal relation with David.

So what’s Jenelle’s side? Well, she says she videotaped the woman who was supposedly videotaping her, so she has ‘evidence’ to back her up. Jenelle says in the video the woman denies taking any photos of anything and says the woman is contradicting herself in her Facebook post where she admits to taking a photo of the menu board. She says the woman “scared” Jace and Maryssa, and David “told her it was wrong to do that behind our backs.”

Jenelle also claims that she only mentioned who she was because a nearby English couple were confused by Jenelle’s claims until she clarified that this woman must just be starstruck at Jenelle’s famous self standing before her. Jenelle again tries to say the woman contradicted herself by claiming the woman said she had no idea who they were but then went on Facebook ranting about meeting “Janelle [sic] Evans.”

Jenelle says MTV security escorted the woman away, and airport security allegedly asked if Jenelle wanted to press charges, but she says she declined.

So who do you believe??

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  1. Sarah Bowers says:

    Not lieng ass Jasmell! Her sense of self entitlement & importance TERRIFIES me they need 2 stay on the land!

  2. williejonesjr says:

    I’d need to see all footage.

    I do believe David & Jenelle went off on that woman.

    • El-ahrairah says:

      I know, I’m waiting for the footage to be released. She’s probably trying to shop it to Radar like she did the Cinco De Mayo Parking Lot Disaster, but they won’t have interest in doing that to a stranger. If she ever releases it, it will probably be on her SM.

      • El-ahrairah says:

        Okay, I’ve seen some of the footage on Jenelle’s snapchat buuuut I’m leery to post it because this poor girl’s face is clear as day in it. I messaged her to see if she wanted to talk, but otherwise, yeah. Nothing much happened in the footage, just David filming very close to her and asking how she liked it while she acted confused.

        • williejonesjr says:

          They should have just let it go. Instead, they look like crazy hotheads (not like strong, take-no- bull celebs).

          Oh, Jenelle. It’s not a vaca unless there’s some drama

  3. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    So what I’m gathering is Janelle took an interest in a random woman minding her own business and invaded her personal space by videoing her?
    Like Janelle did the exact thing she was claiming this “star struck” woman to be doing? 😂
    IMO the future Mrs. Easton is on uppers this time. The paranoid freak outs she has been having lately are a big red flag.

  4. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Someone tell Jenelle that no one is checking for her raggedy ass

  5. Bacon Slaps says:

    I believe the woman at the airport. There have been so many times when I ask my fiancé what he wants to eat when I’m getting food for us and more often than not, I end up texting him pictures of the menu board as opposed to telling him to google because I know that will get me in and out of wherever I’m going a lot faster rather than texting what’s on a menu item by item and you don’t always have the luxury of looking at a website for a menu either way.

    • #LifeAfterLeah says:

      I have pictures of the Zoo menu board, the Baseball stadium menu board and the football stadium menu board.
      Its just easer to take a picture of them and send it then it is to read off everything and describe what you are looking at.

  6. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Well Jenelle…….

  7. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    I don’t understand why security would have supposedly asked if they wanted to press charges. From what I understand, it’s is not illegal to take pictures of someone in plain view in public (see cases where some creep secretly took pictures up women’s skirts but wasn’t charged because it was deemed not-illegal). May depend on where you are though.

    Either way, this sounds like another round of evidence like Bab’s full glass.

  8. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    Seriously what a conceited..’starstruck’. More like thrashstruck.

  9. rosie says:

    “She is not nice” ummm ya think???
    Also would someone please clarify me on.what starstruck means?

  10. Lazuli says:

    I do think the woman was taking pictures or video or whatever and tried to make up some story about the menu. It’s a plausible story, but something seems off. When confronted, she immediately knew what David was accusing her of and she tried to cover herself. However, I think Jenelle and David deliberately overreacted for whatever reason. Maybe to feel important or to make themselves look like victims. Maybe both. Regardless, it was ridiculous to react the way they did. There was no need to make a big spectacle of it unless they were trying to get attention (more than likely).


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