TEEN MOM 2 | Season 7 Episode 20 RECAP | Fake Out

Welcome back to another recap of some of our favorite girls and their kids. It’s me, Jersey, and I can’t wait to recap this week for you.

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn and Jo take Isaac to his first day of first grade. Jo is getting Isaac ready and of course Isaac looks super cute. Jo and Isaac have a very touching conversation ending in a hug. Awwww. Kail asks Isaac what was in his lunch and Jo says he put in a “lunchable….” . I guess those are just as popular in Delaware as West Virginia.   Kail asks as they are getting out of the car if Isaac has all the school supplies he needs. That might have been a prudent question to ask the night before or a few days before.

Kailyn Lowry

Kail is again pretty much absent from this episode; there is a shot of her going to her first day of class for the semester. Isaac is at Jo’s with Jo, Vee and Vivi. Vee points out that now that they have Isaac more, maybe Jo should get the 50/50 custody in writing. Jo is hesitant to rock the Kail-boat though. Vee feels like their lives are based around Kail’s wants and needs. Jo sees it more as basing their lives around Isaac’s needs.

Jo heads over to Kail’s to talk to her about custody. Kail is barely paying attention to him at first, with her eyes glued to the computer. Kail states that she feels that everything is fine and wants to keep things status quo. Kail plays the single mom card when Jo brings up the ever-changing schedule. Kail becomes defensive and says now she has hard feelings towards Vee. There is some weird snuffling, snorting sound in the background, which no one acknowledges or anything. Did Kail get a pig and I missed it? Is that Lincoln snoring? I’m not entirely sure.

Kailyn Lowry

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle, David, Maryssa and Jace all head to a restaurant. Jenelle mentions that she texted Nathan to see how Kaiser was doing and she is annoyed that he didn’t text her back, since he has no job or anything. Pot, please meet kettle?! Nathan wants to discuss disciplining Kaiser and having Kaiser follow the “rules and regulations” at his house. Isn’t that kid two? Not that you can’t set boundaries at two, but rules and regulations? Is he at Baby Boot Camp? David coaches Jenelle on what to say to Nathan. That should end well. Jenelle feels since Nathan broke up with his girlfriend, he must want Jenelle back. Naturally.

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle is not feeling well, so David heads out to drop Jace with Barbara and pick up Kaiser. He asks Jace if he’s excited to go back to Meme’s house. I get it that they are supposed to engage in conversation while filming, but can you please ask Jace something other than where he wants to live? At this point, he probably wishes he could find a nice boarding school somewhere. The kid-switch with Nathan and Kaiser goes smoothly; just in time for Barbara to arrive to pick up Jace. That goes smoothly as well. David heads back with Maryssa and Kaiser.


Maybe someday they’ll stop asking me where I want to live….

Jace Kaiser

I got ya, brother

Jenelle, David, Kaiser and Maryssa are in the car when Jenelle mentions that one of her friends, Jelly, talked to Nathan and Nathan had said it was “weird seeing Jenelle pregnant”. Really? That doesn’t seem all that weird, honestly. Nathan also can’t wait to get back with Jenelle, per Jenelle and Jelly. Gelly. Jelli. I have no idea how you would spell that for someone’s name.

Nathan’s friend Josh actually says “I feel like y’all film on these couches too much.” That might be the understatement of the century! Nathan tells the producer and Josh that David texted him and called him out about Nathan’s attempt to get back with Jenelle. Nathan admits he told David in the text that there is a one percent chance he would get back together with Jenelle and that they were perfect together at one point. She was perfect with all her soulmates, Nathan, you know that. Nathan then tells the producer he doesn’t want to get back with Jenelle, not in a million years. But Nathan, you just said….nevermind.

Nathan Griffith

Back in the car (at least they’re off the sofas?) for everyone, sans Jace. The discussion centers on Jenelle talking about when she gets Jace back and how he should be living with her and David. They pull up to drop Kaiser off and David makes a snide comment about Nathan not being there and calls him a “little bitch”. That’s great for the kids to hear, David. It says fifteen minutes elapses, but Jenelle gets back in the car with a different shirt on. Weird. Jenelle says she pumps Nathan’s mom for information about what Nathan does with Kaiser.

Leah Messer

The girls also started school on this episode. Leah tells them that they better not get food or trash all over her car. She must have turned over a new leaf, or purchased a new car, because her previous ones were downright scary on the inside. Gracie shares that someone told someone else to “shut their piehole, which is their mouthhole.” Well, okay then! Addie, who is probably feeling like she needs in on the action, throws her yogurt on the floor. So much for that clean car. Leah does threaten her with a time-out and carries through, much to Addie’s dismay.

Addison Calvert

Time out or TWD audition?

Ali has a doctor’s appointment in Columbus. Leah asks Ali in the car if she thinks she falls more or the same as before. Leah should be telling Ali to put her seatbelt on. The nurse asks Ali if she is in any pain, and Ali tells her no and shows her on the pain chart that she is not in pain. That girl is a trooper. The doctor is pleased with Ali’s overall strength but remains cautious about the future. They may want to test Grace to see if she is a carrier of the same gene that caused Ali’s MD. Leah and Ali call Corey after the appointment. Leah and Corey discuss having Gracie tested. Leah looks really super thin.

Leah Messer

I hope she’s ordering a nice big lunch for herself.

Leah is wrangling the kids at the playground then heads off to drop Gracie at practice. She leaves Ali and Addie in the car, unattended. Since she has spent the episode basically highlighting that Addie doesn’t listen very well, leaving her in a vehicle unattended is probably not the best idea. Especially since “MTV doesn’t count” as far as supervision.

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

Chelsea and Cole are using their at home Doppler to listen to baby Watson (even though we don’t know his name yet, but we do).   Chelsea is worried about errant hair being shown. They find the heartbeat and both smile so big. It’s very cute and touching. Who doesn’t love a new baby?! Chelsea is sporting a rather “unusual” hair do, but honestly, she looks comfy and happy, so rock on, I say. Aubree in those glasses is still about the cutest thing ever. Chelsea and Chelsey talk about her upcoming bachelorette party and Chelsea says they now know the gender, but they are waiting to make a big announcement and Chelsea is trying hard to protect Cole’s privacy. While I do get that, I would think having a baby while you’re in a nationally televised program would negate that whole privacy thing overall.

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

Chelsea’s friends bring her over an inflatable man doll named “Dick”. Her friend starts to blow it up when Aubree walks in the room. Chelsea tells her it’s a “naughty thing” and ushers her out. Chelsea drops Aubree with her mom and heads out for her girls weekend. While she was inside at her moms, her friends have inflated “Dick” and given him a seat of honor in the backseat.

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

Chelsea and Company play a very strange penis-ring toss game. They do look like they’re having fun though. The next day they go to a Mystery House. This seems pretty interesting and if I’m ever in South Dakota, that’s definitely happening. They are talking about the wedding in the car and accidentally give away the gender. Ooops. Chelsea handles it pretty well and laughs it off.

Chelsea’s weekend continues with her three friends at a restaurant. Chelsea says she doesn’t mind not being able to drink, because she’s so happy. And she really seems genuinely happy.

Next time, Jenelle learns that Nathan was arrested for domestic violence, Chelsea continues to point out that Adam is never around, not even on Aubree’s birthday, Leah’s grandma gives her some sage advice about not chasing down a deadbeat dad and Kail tells Javi she had a change of heart and wants to get back together! What?! Tune in next week. Until then, Jersey out.


  1. Nikki says:

    I fast forwarded thru all of Chelsea’s segments. The baby talk voice grates on my nerves and she bores me. Kailyn looks so hideous with her tattoos and this is coming from a person who loves tattoos and has several! She looks like she thinks she’s some tough chick from the hood but she is such a poser. She is now treating Joe as her babysitting service. Don’t even throw around the phrase “single mom” when you have two very devoted (to their kids) father’s who are FULLY involved! Ughh she’s awful.

  2. Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

    Nathan talking about disciplining Kaiser reminds me of this hilarious scene after Kaiser was born – Babs was coming over to meet Kaiser (as in, he was a few days old) and Nathan starts going off to Jenelle about how he doesn’t want Babs trying to come over and “discipline my child”, even though Kaiser can’t even hold his own head up.

    If Jenelle keeps up with not imposing any rules or boundaries on him there will be hell to pay once he starts school and is expected to follow instructions. I get that a two year old can’t really be “disciplined” as such with time outs, but they can have their bad behaviour redirected and understand that it’s not what’s done.

  3. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    Jenelle not feeling well=bullshit.
    This conveniently happens after she announces to UBT that Nathan wants to call her and might want her back. So here comes Mr. Mom David to take over drop off/pick up so there’s no contact between Nathan and Jenelle. Oh and look how caring he is, let’s make sure everyone hugs and kisses!
    Not buying it.

  4. Cate says:

    That snorting noise in Kail’s segment was probably her bulldogs. They make pig noises.

  5. I wished my real dad would play with me says:

    JerseyGirl when Leah was taking Ali to her doctors appointment she did have her seatbelt on you just can’t see it because of the way she is sitting. Also I think its a good idea that her and Corey follow through with getting Gracie tested to see if she is a carrier. But now my next question is then shouldn’t Addie and Remi also be tested? They are half sisters of the twins so I’m sure the likelihood isn’t as great but as a parent I would still feel that worry and want it done to put my mind at ease.

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      I think-from my understanding of the way it was said-that only children from Leah and Corey will have the gene. So they could have kids with anyone else and be ok. It’s the same with Cystic Fibrosis sadly. Certain people have mutations when their genes combine.

      • LittleBelle says:

        So this post made me finally come out of lurker mode. Just like what “Leah’s Meth Pipe” mentioned, this disease is like Cystic Fibrosis and the way it moves from parents to children. If you’re a carrier, your partner should be tested and then genetic math will happen for future children. All known carriers of a genetic disease like this should have testing done on children so their children know their status too.

        The geneticist in me was trying to remember Ali’s diagnosis so I looked it up and it’s a weird newish disease. Sorry if this gets all genetics heavy but it’s my field of study so here we go….She has Tinin muscular dystrophy. Basically it’s a mutation on chromosome 2 and is considered an autosomal recessive disease.

        That means both Corey and Leah are “carriers” of this disease and they each had to pass this gene to Ali. Each of their children have a 25% chance of getting this disease. Gracie has a 50% of being a carrier like her parents by getting one copy of the gene from one of her parents and only a 25% chance of not having the gene mutation at all. Remi and Addie should be also tested because they have a known parent with the carrier gene. They will not get the disease but have a 50% of being a carrier and can have their husbands tested in the future for children.

        Well that was a long first post….

  6. Tylder's Great American Novel says:

    Leah is trying so, so hard to make it seem like she’s changed. The kids all looked so confused at her sudden OMG PICK THAT UP KEEP THINGS CLEAN freak out. I have a feeling this isn’t something that happens regularly.

    Kail….needs to stop. If she needs to change the schedule or whatever since Javi isn’t there, she needs to set up a new schedule with Jo and not just suddenly back him into a corner.

    Jenelle probably doesn’t pay enough attention to her kids to know they’re poorly behaved. Didn’t Barbara make a nearly identical phone call a few seasons back about how Jace needed a couple days to settle back into having rules with her after seeing Jenelle?

  7. Nikki says:

    I know that show production can edit and change things around, but they wouldn’t have the material if the girls didn’t act that way. Such as h I will Leah is trying so hard to act like she’s together and sober. She’s not. We can all set it. And when she cried that first episode it’s because she is doing the EXACT same thing as every other season and she knows she is going to be portrayed that way. Get it together! Corey and Miranda seem to be ok taking care of 3 girls and Leah has tons of family help. She is rarely alone. But she is not sober, no way !

  8. Marie says:

    The mystery house from Chelsea’s scenes is located in the Black Hills in South Dakota not north

  9. chan says:

    Leah is obviously putting on an act, she is clearly still a mess. I have no words for Kailyn. I think Vee was right and that Jo should go for 50/50 and put things in writing, I feel bad for Vee that she was seen as the bad guy here. And every episode my heart is breaking for Jace, damn people, quit asking the poor kid where he wants to live!

  10. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Kail: I sort of remember something about Kail being somewhere filming the voiceovers or reunion or something and flying back within a few hours of Issacs first day of school? If that is the case I forgive her for any forgetfulness; she is there and Jo had it covered. Now, Jo…I’ve been team Jo all season but I sort of feel like he wanted to bring up a custody change to Kail and used Vee as the fall guy. That wasn’t fair to Vee; if Jo didn’t want to make any changes he should have never said anything. His conversations between he and Vee & what Vee says should stay between the two of them. That being said I think that Jo should have the custody order modified. Issac is spending all this time with Jo; what happenes when Kail finds someone else to babysit? Jo goes back to minimal time.

    Janelle: If there isn’t some sort of rule in the custody agreement about asking Jace who he wants to live with? If there isn’t there should be! Okay so a little about me: My husband has a baby momma, their daughter is 9 (we have been married 8 years) Now we have primary custody for good reason. BM is buying her time thinking when their daughter is 12 she can walk into court and say I want to live with my mom and ta-da cort grants it and we never see her again. I sort of think that Janelle thinks that if “Jace wants to live with me!” The Judge will overlook everything and bam custody granted. Also, Nate is a little bitch (though so is David so) at any given time he would get back with Janelle.

    I’ll leave the other two later.

  11. Neglected Cake, Neglected Children, Neglected NA says:

    Alright ladies and gents, I’m going to TRY to keep this semi short but no promises!

    Kail — I get where Jo is coming from when he says, it’s not taking advantage because it’s about Isaac but let’s be real, she IS taking advantage because she knows Jo won’t say no because it’s about Isaac! She’s constantly jetting off to where ever or has school or has an argument with her ex and all of a sudden can’t handle being a mom. Jo and Vee are a more stable environment for Isaac hands down and Kail (and everyone else) needs to stop thinking because she’s the mom, she’s the most important.

    Leah – Hot mess express. If you don’t want your kids making a mess in your/a car… DON’T GIVE THEM FOOD OR DRINKS IN IT! It’s that simple Leah!

    Jenelle – No one wants you because they’re in love with YOU, they’re in love with MTV MONEY! Although, I do have to say even despite the fact that he’s controlling and such (whether it was all an act), it was nice seeing David being civil to everyone when doing the pickups and drop offs.

    Chelsea – I like her Snapchats more than her on the show.

  12. I wished my real dad would play with me says:

    In the bonus clip that was at Chelsea’s bachelorette party when they were playing “I never…” did anyone catch what she was arrested for?

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