Teen Mom 2 | Season 7 Episode 25A RECAP | Reunion Part 1

Hey there Teen Mom 2 readers! It’s certainly been a crazy wrap-up to the season! I’m here to give you a recap in case you missed any important parts..or just enjoy re-hashing. I have heard Twitter was blowing up, but I’m old, and don’t use Twitter.

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Dr. Drew; I think he’s right up there with Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil. He is basically a trouble-stirrer and definitely has his favorites.


Kailyn says this is her most dramatic season yet. She is ready to move on from all the drama. That seems bloody likely. Only not. Kail is first up with Dr. Drew. He re-shows the breakup with Javi for the 16980908 time. Poor Isaac. Kail confirms that everything is over with Javi. She also admits that Jo has really stepped up, which I agree with 100%. Javi comes out and says he thought that things were being worked on when he deployed and that when he came back things would be okay. Kail says the miscarriage she had with Javi’s baby was the breaking point.

Javi defends his actions when he came into Kail’s house without permission and looked through the drawers. He said he just wanted to see what was going on in his house. Javi and Kail argue about whether they were supposed to meet at Chipotle. Mmmmm…Chipotle. Wait, what? Anyway, Javi admits he was out of control and in a rough spot, losing his wife and children. Both Javi and Kail claim they are in a good place in their co-parenting relationship though.

Kail Lowry

Next up, Jo joins Kailyn on the couch. Jo confirms that he is on good terms with Kailyn and will do anything to help her through rough times and be there for Isaac. Jo also says that he is okay with Javi at this point. I have to say I am amazed by Jo’s hairline. It’s so perfect. Jo claims that he has always felt Kailyn and Javi did not have a great love or deep relationship and has told Kail that honesty is the best policy. Kail responds to that with a “huh”. I’m glad you got your degree in communication, Kail. Dr. Drew parses it out for her and she agrees.

For the final scene with Kail, you have Jo, Kail, and Javi and then eventually Vee joins them. Javi says it hurt his feelings when Jo was hesitant to let Isaac spend time with Javi. Jo says he is over that, though, and things are okay now. Vee says the divorce is sad, but that she feels that Jo should have Isaac half the time. Kailyn doesn’t understand why Vee wants to get the custody agreement in writing. Vee, rightly, points out that Kailyn is fickle and often changes things. Kail states that none of it has anything to do with Vee. What? Vee and Jo uprooted their entire lives, moved to Delaware and it has nothing to do with Vee? Dr. Drew steps in and says basically that Kailyn is right and the request has to come from Jo. Shut up, Dr. Drew. Jo seems like he is trying to placate everyone, especially Kail. I can’t blame him, who wants to face Hurricane Kailyn? Of course, Kailyn pulls the “I’m not going to talk about it”. Jo makes the statement that they “have done threesomes”. Ahhhhhh….Kailyn’s face is priceless at that comment. Of course he was referring to hanging out, not … well, you know! They finish up by talking about a secret cheese dip recipe.

Kail Lowry Javi Marroquin

When your ex brings up threesomes


Chelsea is next up. She is positively glowing and just radiates “happy”. She tells Dr. Drew she is glad she let go of Adam and now has the fairy tale with Cole. She says nothing is different now that she is married.

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

Living the Dream

Dr. Drew then brings up Adam. Chelsea says Adam is the same as always, if not worse. He is barely involved with Aubree at all. Chelsea knows Aubree is disappointed over and over with Adam’s behavior, but that Cole steps up and fills the dad role. Chelsea says that Aubree does get to see Paislee fairly regularly, which is good. To be honest, Chelsea definitely takes the high road and does not really bash Adam, just states facts and moves on. Definitely a sign of maturity.

Adam refused to show up for the reunion and sent a text saying “eff you”. It’s longer than that, but that’s the basic gist of it. Dr. Drew claims he was often frustrated by Adam. Gee, you don’t say, Dr. Drew. Chelsea says she wishes Adam would just decide if he is going to be there for Aubree or not.   Dr. Drew then shows a montage of Adam saying how he is the wounded party. Adam, unlike Jo, does not have a perfect hairline. Petty, I know, but so true. Chelsea’s update is not very long, because things are basically going really well for her and her South Dakota Life.

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  1. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    I’m really happy for Chelsea, even if it does make her segments kind of boring for us.

    The number of times you could just tell that Javi or Kail was obviously lying (like when Javi denied he was looking to see if a guy lived there) was ridiculous. I feel bad for Jo and Vee having to walk on eggshells around her and clean up the damage she is doing to Issac.

  2. Teen Mom: Oops Babies says:

    I always appreciate a nice hair cut and line up. Joe definitely has a good barber :). I don’t know why Adam is still hanging on his horrible receding hairline, he should just call it quits and shave it bald.

  3. Ain't shit says:

    Vee shouldn’t ask for Issac in my opinion. Id think it was weird too if my kid’s step mom was asking for more time and things in writing and the Dad wasn’t… it’s weird. If Jo wants it, he should ask. If he doesn’t care to make it official and is okay with the arrangement that’s on him. Vee is uncomfortable with the custody being unstable. Jo and Kail don’t seem to care. Vee would need to take up her issues with Jo not Kail.

    • shannon says:

      Or maybe jo just doesnt want to rock the boat and lose the extra time hes got because he wants it legal about 50/50 but vee has the guts to stand up for both father and son! kail is all over the place and makes coparenting look more difficult than it can be in her situation. if shes giving 50/50 to javi why not jo?

      • Ain't shit says:

        They should get it in writing.. if Jo wants. He doesn’t seem to care that much. Jo doesnt have the guts to stand up for his OWN kid and his OWN relationship… that’s on him. It’s not Vy’s place. Jo values keeping the peace more than getting 50/50 custody in writing. That is his choice and that’s okay.

    • Lazuli says:

      Vee can obviously see Kail is taking advantage of Jo and she is trying to protect Jo’s rights as a father and Isaac’s relationship with him. There is nothing wrong with getting something in writing especially after Kail has screwed over Jo and custody before. Jo is allowing Kail to take the lead and run everything and that can end up hurting him in the long run.

    • Lazuli says:

      That being said, I do agree that the actual issue should stay between Jo and Kailyn. Vee can encourage Jo and offer advice but, that should be the extent of her involvement. It shouldn’t be Vee and Kail discussing custody but, Jo and Kail.

  4. Bethann says:

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