TEEN MOM 2 | Season 7 Episode 25B RECAP | Behind the Scenes

Here’s the second part of the reunion recap. I do wish they’d find a different host other than Dr. Drew. I know, probably isn’t going to happen, but a girl can dream. This is titled Reunion Part 2 online, but it is really the second part of the season finale and also the reunion. I’m so confused. Sorry, readers! Also, sorry if the sections are a little disjointed, it was harder to separate them since the girls were somewhat interacting.


Jenelle and all the assorted crew are in LA. David and Jenelle dish about how it’s pathetic that Barbara and Nathan will do anything to get on-camera. Um. Pot? Kettle. Thought you should meet. As David and Jenelle walk down the hallway, I am amazed at their height difference. I’m a full foot shorter than my SO and this definitely is more than that.

Jenelle Evans David Eason

Jenelle is not looking forward to talking with her mom or Nathan. Jenelle breaks down while talking about how she just wants Jace back. Jenelle and David then talk privately and David tells her to stay strong and just tell the truth. Jenelle continues to talk about her rough childhood in which Barbara did not play a lot of Yahtzee with her. I’m not sure I ever played Yahtzee with my kids. I should double check that they are not harboring a lot of resentment. Anyway, Jenelle continues to cry and the producers basically tell her either come out and participate or don’t. Then Jenelle breaks down because she’ll be excluded if she doesn’t come out and film. Um, yeah, that’s how that works. I swear, she reminds me of a petulant three year old who needs a nap.

Jenelle is leaving, with David and Jace. She doesn’t feel well, and needs food. The producers tell her that she can’t leave, but they continue walking towards their Uber. Jenelle continues to state that she is always left out and no one cares, that she doesn’t matter. Jenelle wants her mom off the show. She ugly cries and David consoles her. Jenelle puts Jace in the car and tells the producer that the only reason Barbara won’t give back Jace because the show continues to film her. I’m not really following that logic, sorry Jenelle. The producers bend over backward to try and get her to go film, but she insists on leaving. The producers are worried about letting the car go with Jace inside. They do leave and the producers call the police.

Jenelle Evans

I just want Jace backkkkkk

Barbara comes down and is very upset that Jenelle took Jace. The police agree to meet the producers and Barbara at the hotel where Jenelle is staying. Barbara feels it is mostly David’s fault that things are strained with Jenelle. She tells the producers she is ready to send David to jail. They arrive at the hotel and the producers tell Jenelle to bring Jace down. The producers and Jenelle text back and forth about who is going to get Jace. Barbara looks close to a breakdown over all this. David finally brings Jace down. I swear when he lets Jace out the hotel door, it’s just like those hostage situations you see on TV. Do any of the adults in that poor kids’ life realize what they are doing to him? Or care? Barbara asks Jace why he left with them. Um, because he’s seven and his parental figures told him get in the car. Jenelle is then super angry with the producers for continuing to film all the shenanigans, conveniently ignoring the fact that she was the cause of the commotion to being with. Jenelle tells the producers she is going home that night.

Barbara talks to the police and wants David arrested, but not Jenelle. The police tell her that it doesn’t really work that way. It’s both or neither. Barbara is unhappy about this development. Meanwhile, Jace wanders around, probably hoping to get a scholarship to a nice boarding school far away from all the craziness. Jenelle is positive that she did the right thing by taking Jace the day before.


Kailyn and Javi pick up with him storming back into the house to try and hash things out. Kail is not overly receptive to this idea. Javi refuses to leave and plops down on the sofa. Honestly, I don’t get him in this scene. She’s clearly done with you, kind sir. I am definitely not Team Kailyn, but at some point, he has to stop.

Kail is getting ready to go to LA and talks to the producer, JC about the upcoming reunion. He says he is excited to film a reunion. Kail is hoping for a mellow, non-crying reunion. Kailyn arrives and fawns over Jenelle’s baby belly. Barbara does call her out about the “baby fever” and says “Baby? You didn’t want a baby last year!”

Kailyn Lowry Jenelle Evans

Kailyn talks to the producer about the divorce with Javi and co-parenting. The producer breaks in and says Jenelle is about to leave.

Kail and Leah film the intro, as the other two are gone. Dr. Drew tells the audience that they will talk to Chelsea and Jenelle later. Kail tells the producer that she is upset that Vee had an opinion about custody of Isaac. Jo steps in and tries to diffuse the situation. Kail and Vee do sit down and Kail again reiterates how it would be unfair for her to give Jo written 50/50 custody. Vee tries to tell her how she feels, but Kail basically shuts her down.


Leah and the girls are hanging out, since they are not going with her Los Angeles. Leah shares with the girls that she was accepted into a college close by. Their reaction is mostly lukewarm, because, well, they’re children, not your spouse or your peers, Leah. However, Leah is very excited and it’s good to see her happy about something positive.

Leah is in her dressing room and shows the crew her stick-on boobs. Way to keep it classy, Leah. She then heads out to talk to Barbara for a while and tells her that she is starting school soon. Barbara tells her that she’ll likely meet her Prince Charming at college.

Leah Messer

Leah says she is excited to go on stage. She tells the producers that it’s not her concern if the others didn’t film or not. She doesn’t want to be in the middle of any of it, but acknowledges that Chelsea is sick.   Leah is not sure anyone else will show up after the day before, but Jenelle and David do roll up after all, since Barbara is not around. Chelsea is also feeling better.


Chelsea and Cole are officially hitched and she has changed her name. Chelsea and Cole talk about happy they are to be married.

Chelsea DeBoer

Chelsea and Cole arrive in LA and Chelsea is not feeling well at all. Kail does fawn over her baby bump as well. They’re obviously super close, as Kail stumbles over Chelsea’s new last name. Nathan and Cole talk in the hallway, and Nathan says it’s the first time they’ve met. Cole nicely points out that it’s not.

Adam did not attend the reunion and Cole declines to go on stage. That seems so unlike him, to be honest. I know he’s a private guy and all, but you’d think he would support Chelsea out there? She doesn’t seem too bothered by it though.

Chelsea is running a fever of 99.7 and is worried people will think she’s not being serious about the show. She is apologetic as they head out with a very ample supply of water.

There is a cute montage of all the kids at the end. I wish MTV would do a show with just the kids on it. And that concludes this episode recap. Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Barbara always blames jenelle’s bf for their strained relationship.

    Barbara. There are two common denominators in this equation. I’m just sayin

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      I was going to say the same thing..
      Barbara blamed Nathan as well in the past.

      Disliked Kieffah a lot. I don’t remember how she felt about Gary and Courtland though.

      • Baby Daddy #3 says:

        And the thing is, I’m not denying her reason for not liking these men. They have all been trash. But idk 🤷🏽‍♀️ Pretty sure she and Jenelle weren’t doing so well before Jenelle got pregnant either.

        Wish we could compare to when Jenelle is single but lol that never happens

  2. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    Great recap! We should start a go fund me for Jace’s boarding school scholarship, since you know neither his family nor their employees will pony up for it.
    Barbara, don’t give Leah ideas. She’ll change her major from Communications to Mrs.

  3. JC says:

    Uh…explain how Cole declining to go on stage seems so unlike him? He’s been to a couple reunions before and he never goes out on stage. So doesn’t it really seem exactly like him? Just sayin….

    • JerseyGirl says:

      To me, since he IS involved with Chelsea, obviously loves her very much, that is the part that him not going on stage seems unlike. His overall character, not his past appearances at reunions. He’s obviously okay with being filmed, so it’s not a strict “I value my privacy about everything” thing.

      • JC says:

        I see what you’re trying to say. I’m just saying that at every reunion they ask Chelsea to get Cole to come onstage. And she always says he doesn’t want to and is uncomfortable with it. She also repeatedly says that he is very uncomfortable with filming. Obviously he does it, understanding that it comes with the territory if he is going to be with Chelsea. But she always says that he’s uncomfortable with it. That’s why, to me, it does not seem unlike him at all to decline to go out on stage.

        I mean, as much as he has been filmed to this point, how much do we actually learn about him on a personal level simply from what you see on TV? Most things that people know about him probably come from what they’ve read online.

  4. Old lady says:

    Likes aren’t registering again.

    • El-ahrairah says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I’ll look into it. I may have to replace the like system with a new one since the spam filter is finally working and I don’t wanna break it lol

      • Grace says:

        I had to make a whole new account because it kept saying mine is spam. I was formerly ‘Snapchat Surgery’, and it wouldn’t let me post a comment or even sign in. Just thought you should know. Maybe other people are having the same problem 🙂

        • El-ahrairah says:

          I looked through the spam folder and couldnt find your comments. 🙁 I chose the new spam filter bc it had a two step verification. If it thought someone was spam, it was supposed to ask for human verification so this would never happen again. Idk maybe I’m in the wrong line here. Sigh

          • Grace says:

            I don’t think it was my comment, it was the name ‘Snapchat surgery’. When I made a new account, it wouldn’t let me have that name either. It’s ok! 😊 Unless kail goes crazy again and gets some more of the plastic, I’m good with a new name. I can only imagine how difficult it is to run a website, and keep all the spammers away without wrecking everything else. You do a great job

            • El-ahrairah says:

              That’s what I was starting to think. I think some of the goofy names (and I *adore* them, so this is extra upsetting) may set the spam filter off. 🙁 I truly appreciate your understanding. Sometimes I just want to pull my hair out over the backend problems of the site (and it seems like there’s a new one every day), and without you all expressing your appreciation for it, I definitely couldn’t carry on. <3 I am not a techie by any means, but I'm Maguyvering the shit out of it.

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