Teen Mom 2 | Season 8 Episode 1 RECAP | And Then There Were Five

Welcome back Teen Mom 2 Readers! Here we go with another season, and of course, another girl added to the mix.

Briana is not a personal fave, but who knows what will happen by the end of the season?! Or even the end of the recap! Leah definitely didn’t have much to recap this week.




Chelsea is only a few weeks from having baby Watson (who we don’t yet know by name on the show) and Aubree is very excited about having a little brother. Chelsea seems so happy, which is great, but still has some very weird conversations with her friends, i.e. “Imagine what it’s like to have a human just above your…vag”. Okay then! Chelsea does say Adam is not “doing well” and I get the feeling maybe Adam and Ryan have similar issues?

Chelsea DeBoer
Chelsea is having a diaper keg party, where guests bring diapers in exchange for beer. I have never heard of that, but who knows, perhaps that is a thing now. They have so many balloons they have to use the crew’s car to transport them.

Chelsea and Cole discuss their birth plan. Cole says he might freak out, but you can tell that he is totally into this whole experience and loves it all. They are so happy; I really hope that never changes. Chelsea’s water breaks and after a very short labor and delivery (which thankfully, we are not part of), Watson Cole arrives. Hurray!

Cole DeBoer 


Kailyn is finishing college and finishing her divorce from Javi. Javi brings Lincoln over to Kail’s and tells her he is signing the final paperwork. Javi looks sad as he heads to his lawyer’s office. He does meet with his friend Alvin later, though, and laughs about it. Kail tells him that she is going to have a party.

Javi is headed to LA to shoot a special. Javi is looking forward to seeing Briana in LA, as they have kept in touch and hung out a few times. Javi seems excited to have Briana on Teen Mom 2. Javi tells Briana that he is sad that he does not have his family together.

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn talks to Kristen and tells her that her new man does not want to be on the show, doesn’t want his name mentioned on the show, and probably has other “ho’s” on the side. Jo comes over to drop off Isaac’s bag and Kailyn tells him that she is basically doing it all, which Jo just gives her a look. Kail says she is never getting married again, and does not want to discuss her current relationship. She abruptly gets up and says she is going to bed, leaving Jo sitting in her dining room with the producers.

Javi has both boys while Kail is at school. Kailyn FaceTimes Javi and demands to see the boys, as if Javi has sold them to the circus or something. Simmer down, teakettle. Javi tells Kail that he may have to deploy again. She is completely unresponsive, in typical Kailyn fashion. Javi tears up, especially when he tells Isaac he may have to leave again. Isaac also cries at the thought of Javi leaving again. Lincoln gives his dad a big hug and tells him he’s his best friend.


Briana and Javi meet up in LA at the special Teen mom taping. Briana and Javi talk about her baby and the baby-daddy, Luis. Javi asks where Luis is and Briana says that he is in Florida, but still in the picture with her. Briana admits her new baby was a “surprise” but that she is very excited and so is Luis. Nova is very excited about baby Stella as well.

Briana DeJesus

Devoin, Nova’s dad, is still not much of a father, and seems to be in and out of her life at his convenience. Luis and Briana are watching Nova ride her bike. Briana says she needs some pregnancy pants. Probably a good plan, based on the jeans she had on. Luis says he is ready to be all in as far as Briana and the baby and Nova. Briana does share that they met at a club and she was pregnant less than a month later. She does ask Nova if she is okay with them living with Luis instead of Briana’s mom and sister. Now, really, what were you going to do if she said no? I do not understand the parents on these shows that put that type of responsibility on a kid’s shoulders.

Briana DeJesus

Briana takes Nova to LEGOLAND. Brittany, Briana’s sister comes along as well. Briana admits that once again, she was not using birth control when she got pregnant. Briana and her mom discuss that they were at the abortion clinic when they decided to get Luis’ opinion on the baby. They also discuss Devoin’s shortcomings with Nova sitting right there.

Briana and her friend Shirley meet for lunch. Briana is worried about how much weight she has gained. Her friend then tells her that Luis is cheating on Briana. Briana is trying to not freak out, but does look at the other person’s Instagram. She decides to text the other woman and asks when she was with Luis last. The other woman wants to talk on the phone. This should end well.


Jenelle is still pregnant with baby Ensley, and still upset with Babs because Babs still has custody of Jace. Jenelle is stressed because their current house possibly has mold and their new house is not ready yet. Kaiser breaks some Christmas ornament and Jenelle throws out a few “dudes” and states that she is overwhelmed because she’s pregnant. Kaiser looks totally over it all. David and Jenelle have a fight because she has to use the bathroom, but has to also get Kaiser a bottle. Things seem a little out of control there at Casa de Evans/Eason.

Jenelle EvansKaiser Griffin

Jenelle and Company are moving into another rental, since their house definitely has mold. Jenelle is stressed because she has to watch Kaiser while everyone else is moving furniture. David suggests she take Kaiser to the new house but she whines that she just ordered food. Jenelle is annoyed that David and his friends are taking a break during the moving process. They are too late to pick up the keys to the rental house, as the realtor was there at 8 a.m. and it is now 4 p.m. Jenelle says she will freak out if she has to stay in the old house another night, yet she doesn’t want to go to a hotel with Kaiser, and didn’t do something sensible, like maybe putting Kaiser in the car and going to pick up the keys to the new house? Her and David get into a huge fight and he throws things out in the yard. Jenelle then has a crying breakdown and wants to be left alone. I get it, she’s pregnant, but damn, she needs to get a grip.

Jenelle has stopped crying long enough to pack stuff for her and Kaiser to leave for a hotel. Jenelle tells the producer that it’s all David’s fault that they are not completely moved. She also texts David and tells him that she cried and no one cared. Um, Jenelle? You told him to leave you alone. Several times. Not defending David, but come on already. Jenelle then leaves Kaiser in the car so she can bash David to the producer outside the car. Jenelle is upset that she has no friends, no boyfriend, and has no one but her child. Cue hysterical tears again. Of course, she brings up not having Jace and how Barbara is the source of her unhappiness.

Jenelle Evans


Leah is starting college and stressing about getting the girls to school early in the morning. In other words, same story as always. Addie can’t find her toothbrush, so Leah opts to just have her use mouthwash. Um what?!

Leah is on her way to class. Maybe she’ll take a class on “How to Wear Your Seatbelt Correctly”. She is very excited to be going to school though. Her first class is English 101. It’s okay, still time for that seatbelt class, I’m sure. Leah drops Ali off at Corey’s following physical therapy. Addie is sad because she wants her dad. It is pretty heart wrenching when Addie says, “She (Ali) gets her dad and I don’t get my dad”.

Leah Messer

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Chelsea and Cole adjust to having a baby in the house, Addie is still missing her daddy, Kailyn looks completely disinterested in Javi deploying but angry that he told the boys it is a possibility, Jenelle and Nathan are in court, and Briana brings up adoption with Luis. Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. Grace says:

    How hard is it for these people not to bash their kids father in front of them? I don’t care how deadbeat the dad is, it is not a conversation for a child. Be the bigger person…

  2. Amy says:

    Janelle seems to be unable to deal witb Kaiser at the best of times. Couldn’t imagine what she would do if she was dealing with a normal life where both parents worked and didn’t make MTV money. Poor Kaiser is going to be such a handful for the rest of his life because nobody has shown him love and structure. She can’t deal with the kids she has now Don’t know why she thinks she could deal with Jace full-time. Glad that Barbara has prioritized getting custody of Jace for school days so he can have routine and structure. Not the fun part but definitely the important part.

    • Tyler's Great American Novel says:

      She seems to treat Kaiser as a mini version of Nathan. I wonder if she just hates having a reminder that David isn’t her first soulllmmattteee.

      • LittleBelle says:

        I was thinking the same thing and it’s not Kaiser’s fault who his daddy is, that’s all on Jelly. Of course she had to prove to the world what a great mom she is with her soulllllmate and now she’s acting like he’s disposable. Sad really sad.

  3. Poor future TM-babies with awful names says:

    My heart hurts for Kaiser (and for the other kids, but especially for him). Jenelle doesn’t even try to be nice to him.

  4. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Jenelle is a terrible fucking parent. I knowwww being pregnant and having a small child is stressful.

    But she actively made that decision so I’m not here to pity her. She also makes enough money to hire extra help. If it were a new (average income) mom struggling with a small child and pregnancy I’d be like okay. Not feeling the slightest bit of sympathy for Jenelle tho

  5. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    My favorite part was when Jenelle told Kristen that she pays for everything, which is exactly what Barbara said was happening. But back then it was something like “I don’t pay for everything! I bought us a boat, it’s our boat! God!”

    • Nikki says:

      Oh my gosh I am dying laughing at your avitar!!! How did u find that Dawn Glamour Shots picture?!?!? Hahahahaha!! Wow. That made my night.
      As far as the show, it is truly painful watching Jenelle pretend to interact with Kaiser that poor little boy has no love or affection in his life it is so sad. He’s going to get push to the Wayside even more now that she has a baby girl. Pretty interesting to see that her and David have the same kind of relationship that she’s had with every other dude he’s ever been with, constant screaming and arguing and whining.
      Addie crying made me sad ! And Briana stop saying you wanted an abortion with your kids ON TV where they have to replay it for years and be made fun of by class mates. I completely support everyone’s right to choose whether they want to continue their pregnancy but Briana seems to bring that up every season every show she’s ever been on for MTV.
      Same old ugly bitchy Kailyn. I love how much Javi loves the kids ♡ I am not one of the people that think she is such a great mom I think that she truly loves her kids but she is negative on a daily basis towards their fathers and it will be damaging for them eventually.

  6. Old lady says:

    Jenelle is an awful parent. That said, when I got divorced (many years ago) I was very thankful I had daughters and not sons. It bothered me when I saw traits and attitudes of their loser father in my girls. I often wondered how difficult it would be to look at a child’s face and see the ex you now hated. Kaiser looks so much like Nathan, and I think that’s part of the problem. So very sad for the poor little boy….

  7. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    its kinda shitty when David is a tad more likeable than Jenelle in this episode. He was actually being pretty rational. Why couldn’t Jenelle go and get the keys? Why couldn’t she go out for 30 minutes alone? Maybe if you did that you wouldn’t of had to get a hotel room 🙄

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