Teen Mom 2 | Season 8 Episode 10 RECAP | Welcome to a Puerto Rican Baby Shower

Welcome back to another recap of Teen Mom 2! I hope everyone is safe that was affected by Harvey or Irma.   Those were definitely history defining. Speaking of, onward to our recap.


Kailyn, sans seatbelt of course, is mad at Javi but still wants him to watch Isaac in addition to Lincoln. She calls him and asks what time he gets off work. Javi does manage to throw a little shade at “The Queen”. Lincoln asks Kailyn if they use guns, but she confirms that they do not, they only use lasers. Kail then decides to just take the boys to school with her since he doesn’t have car seats with him.

Kailyn and the boys arrive at her school and head in. She seems oblivious to how inappropriate that is. Yes, I realize sometimes people take kids to their college classes, but they are generally infants and it’s usually not a class where you are recording/interacting. The boys are arguing, Kail is texting, and the instructor is just giving her the look. She sends them into a small soundproof room and is amazed when they are bored and act up. Yes, this was a much better plan than simply meeting Javi at your school and letting him use your car seats. Definitely.

Kailyn tells the producer she is glad school is almost over. She says she takes the kids to school often. I’m sure her fellow students really enjoy that. She is unhappy, still, with Javi asking for child support. She states that she will let Chris be as involved as he wants with the new baby, who evidently does not have a name yet.

Jo calls and wants to see Isaac, but Kailyn says it’s too late. She does agree that he can see him the next day. Jo, Vee and Vivi are hanging out. Jo shares that he is stressed about there not really being a schedule for Isaac. Jo is thinking that he needs to consult with an attorney about 50/50 custody and a written schedule. I feel like Vee wants to say, “Hello, I’ve said this a million times!” but she keeps a very good poker face. By the way, that Vivi is super cute.


At Corey’s, he is practicing softball with the girls. He is so sweet to both of them, even when they have small breakdowns, he just takes it all in stride. Leah is hanging out with her friend and Addie at a park and expresses her relief that Ali’s breathing issues were not more serious. Leah is also advocating for Ali to have an aide at school. Great job Leah, it is great to see you so involved with the girls!

Leah is heading to the school to have a meeting about an aide when Addie informs her that “one of my fingers falled off”. If MTV ever cancels Teen Mom, let’s all petition for an Addie spin-off.

Leah talks to Corey about the IEP meeting. The school has agreed to provide an aide for Ali. Corey is sad that it is at this point, but agrees things are getting harder for Ali. Leah lets Ali know that she will have a full-time aide from now on to help her. Ali has a great, positive attitude about it.


Briana is getting ready for her baby shower, but isn’t sure when Luis will be showing up. She discusses the matter with her friend Shirley. Shirley says Luis told her that he would be there. Briana is planning on still pretending her and Luis are a couple for her family, even though she invited a former boyfriend to the shower. Luis does show up, with several friends. One of the friends has a camera and wants to record MTV. This seems to irritate Briana and her family. Roxanne asks them about the camera and tells him that he can’t film the shower. Brittany seems amused by all the unfolding drama.

Briana is annoyed with Luis so she is not really pretending at the shower that they are together. Enter Dre, Briana’s ex. Brittany points out that most baby showers are for girls, and that Briana has a lot of male friends. During the shower, Briana goes upstairs with her girlfriends and Luis texts her to have a conversation. Luis is upset that Dre is there. This is a very strange baby shower. Roxanne of course watches and is Johnny-on-the-spot when Briana calls her upstairs to ask for support about her decision to invite Dre. Roxanne actually does say it’s pretty weird, at which point, Briana storms off and invites Roxanne to “suck her d**k”. Okay then!

Briana comes downstairs dressed for her shower. All of the guests seem happy for her and the baby. Briana is still not happy that Luis is not happy about Dre being there. Briana’s aunt tries to calm Briana down, but it doesn’t really work.

Briana is sure her family has figured out that her and Luis are not together. Briana, Roxanne, Brittany and Nova, along with some extended family members have lunch and of course, discuss adult matters with Nova right there. Briana, talking with her mouth open, blurts out that Luis was cheating on her. Brittany then throws a little shade Luis’ way. Don’t get me wrong, Luis deserves all the shade, all the time, but this is so inappropriate in front of Nova! Roxanne goes on and on about how disrespectful Luis was for showing up at the shower, but doesn’t seem concerned about the feelings of her granddaughter. Briana then sings the “I wanted to give Stella up for adoption” tune. It’s almost as tired as the “When I get Jace back” song.


Chelsea decides to spend some one-on-one time with Aubree since she hasn’t had a chance to do that very often since Watson was born. Cole is completely on board with hanging with Watson and compliments Aubree for all the help she has been with the baby. Chelsea agrees that Aubree has been a big helper.

Chelsea and Aubree are off to the Butterfly House. Aubree is a little freaked out about butterflies landing on her. I’m with you, kid, it is kind of creepy. They then head to the aquarium. Cole is home with Watson, who seems very content. Chelsea and Aubree had a good time together. Chelsea does talk to Aubree briefly about her going to Adam’s parents, but Aubree seems to feel uncomfortable with that conversation. Aubree asks why her dad’s girlfriend cannot just be there with her dad and not her grandma too. Now it’s Chelsea’s turn to look uncomfortable.



Jenelle opens riding a four-wheeler on The Land. She shows her friend Jamie where the wedding will take place and discusses the upcoming custody trial. Jenelle is still confident that she will “get Jace back”.

Jenelle has a meeting with her attorney for her court date that week. Jenelle recounts that she is confident and her attorney is equally confident that Jenelle will win custody. Jenelle is afraid of what Barbara may have up her sleeve. Of course, we all know now that that something was the fact that both Jenelle and Ensley tested positive for THC at Ensley’s birth. Most priceless comment award of the show goes to Jenelle though, who says, “I feel like Jace is really caught in the middle.” No! You don’t say?! Of course he is, because you put him there.

Barbara and Jace are doing some summer school work to prepare for third grade. Babs then talks to the producer in the other room about the upcoming court date. She is not too nervous that Jenelle will get full custody; she is more worried about putting Jenelle through everything and the toll it takes on Jace. Babs cannot have a relationship with Jenelle because of David. Babs is adamant that David is controlling and does not let Jenelle have a relationship with her mother.

Jenelle and David are preparing for court and David comes in to pluck a gray hair out of Jenelle’s head. That was just weird. You are on a nationally televised show. Act like it. Oh wait. They head out the next day to try and get Jace back. Barbara looks pensive on her drive. They head into court…..

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Aubree is off to spend Father’s Day with Adam, Luis may possibly miss Stella’s birth, Jo tells Kailyn he is filing for 50/50 custody of Isaac, Leah has a date, and Jenelle seems like court did not go her way. Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. rosie says:

    1) at least shoc wasnt there
    2)did anyone knows if she removed shocs name from her body?
    3) i tougth she was from republica dominicana

    A much mature leah, and btw corey is such an amazing dad.
    chelsea: a normal average and happy life
    Does that kid has a name already? She is doing this to stay relevant but i suspect once she reveal his name everyone will already lost interest in the subject
    also in kails ig profile it says something like a mom a little blond and no bullshit, wich is funny because she is all full of BS
    Ok guys im getting serious now. We all have seen this girls take poor desitions for years and lets admit this.. we love it. But now we are enabling child abuse. I feel like im seing a cruel movie with kaiser, worst is this is reality tv, and there is no way mtv is editing the obvious violence this kid is living. Someone suggest in other website to write mtv and ask to stop this nonsense. Please let jenelle out of this show.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I am not sure where Briana is from – her sister said “hello everyone, welcome to a Puerto Rican baby shower”.

      I agree about the name of Kail’s baby. I’d say she has already named him, just not filed the official paperwork.

    • Nikki says:

      Lol about Shoc! I just pictured the cake with “fuckherfaceshoc” on it ! Lololol Briana is so dramatic and loves negative attention. What a bunch of crybaby complaining downers she and her whole family are!!! They whine and complain all day everyday it is NOT MTV editing in this case at all. Luis is dumb but Briana is no better so no sympathy from me.

      Loving Leah and her kids this season♡

      Chelsea is fine but I’m sick of her talking about Adam to Aubree.

      Kailyn is a selfish cow. Agree with the other commenters she had definitely named that baby and is waiting for a magazine cover shoot or something. She’s hideous inside and out.

      Jenelle is the kind of mother you read about in the newspaper that makes you physically ill. David probably beats her and Kaiser regularly. Please please let her lose custody of all 3 permanently.

  2. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that Kail is taking advantage of Javi when it comes to watching the kids?

    It’s like… I got preggo from another dude while we were married and was a total bitch to you for most of our marriage but could you go ahead and take both kids today please? Kay, thanks.

    The NERVE that girl has.. There is nothing wrong with Javi still being around for both of the boys but I hope Kail doesn’t take advantage of the situation.

  3. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    Jesus Christ Briana.. Who invites an ex and their current baby daddy to their babyshower.

    Oh yeah never mind I know why. She is petty and did it out of spite.

  4. Grace says:

    Lol at Jo wanting to come over and visit Isaac at 730pm on a school night. I would have said no too

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I agree it was bad timing on Jo’s part, but who knows what the “norm” is for Isaac to go to bed, especially in that house.

  5. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    OT but have you guys heard about Farrah doing a webcam show? You know the kind..

    I am a bit confused as to why out of the blue she is back im the porn industry , I mean SEXTAPE industry.. With the TM money, having two businesses and all the other endorsements like proting products* surely she doesn’t need to do this?

    Or does she sense that TM OG is gonn end soon and wants to cash in as much as possible? She is also asking sugardaddies to support and has a list of what she wants to have.

    I don’t understand.. Is it about validation from men or are her froco and furniture shops failing or did she just feel like doing it (which is absolutely OK).

    She got 9000 bucks for the show, not A LOT of money compared to her other sources of income.

    Look, more power to the people that work in the porn industry but I don’t get Farrah jumping on that bandwagon again.


    * Apparently Farrah and Chelsea have gotten warning letters from the government to stop selling stuff on Instagram.

  6. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    Leah – glad you’re getting Ali an aid- she really should have one.

    Kail- Jo should have gotten this all in writing a long time ago- he’s just protecting himself and his son. I don’t care if Kail is going to blame Vee for this- it’s in Issacs best interest and if his step mom can see it and his mom can’t, whatever.

    Jenelle- no respect for her. I hope her picture perfect world she’s trying to project comes crashing down hard on her in a hugely public way.

    Briana is straight up drama. That day wasn’t about her – it was about her baby. A shower is to celebrate a new baby- not a chance to hang out with ex boyfriends. She’s gross.

    I really wish this page not only focused on recaps but still did posts about TM news. I’d probably visit the page more than once a week.

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