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Hello again faithful readers of mine. I know some of you have asked for posts about Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2. I understand wanting to know more up-to-date info about our fave girls, and even our not-fave girls, but for right now, I am only doing the recaps of the episodes. I am not sure what is gossip, or legit, and I’m too old to Snapchat, Instagram or Tweet. Okay, maybe not too old, but I just don’t. I hope you guys will all continue to read the recaps though and I know for we have a new writer doing the American Horror Story show, which is awesome.


It’s the big court date. Jenelle tells the producers via text “Jace doesn’t need me, Barbara won, I’m not his mom anymore.” Way to bring the drama, Jenelle. Barbara says they did come to an agreement, with Barbara having permanent custody. Jenelle will get visitation, every other weekend, and some time in the summer/school holidays. Babs says Jace’s therapist played a large part and told the court that Jace is very scared of David. They did not actually have a trial; they were able to settle on custody without it.

Jenelle is not happy about the court results. Jenelle doesn’t want to film anything about the court, but then opens up. She now has set visitation, some holiday time, access to medical and school records and can take Jace wherever she wants if she provides Barbara with his whereabouts. Her friend points out that she has more now than she had before. They have also set up a meeting place for pick up and drop off. She is still hoping to prove that Babs is unfit. Jenelle says that nothing she did prior to court will matter in the future. David blathers on about how much he hates Barbara. Jenelle says she will make sure that her wedding falls on her weekend and that her mom is definitely not invited. Jenelle says Barbara has ruined their relationship.

Jenelle talks to David about court and that she fully expected to “get Jace back”. No kidding Jenelle, you don’t say?! Jenelle is sure she can fix all of Jace’s issues now that she’ll see him more. Her and David make plans to take Jace and Maryssa to St. Thomas, leaving Kaiser and Ensley with whomever. Way to make it about family, Jenelle. Barbara tells Jace the court outcome and gives him an Oreo cupcake to celebrate. Jace says “yay” to staying at Barbara’s. He looks pensive about the visitation schedule. Probably because he’s a kid with adult problems on his shoulders.


Chelsea is picking up Aubree from Papa Randy. Randy and Chelsea discuss Aubree having to go see her “real father” for Father’s Day. Chelsea then talks to Aubree about her time with Adam. I know she is trying to keep an open dialogue with Aubree about her feelings surrounding her dad, and that is great, but at the same time, you can tell it makes Aubree uncomfortable.

Chelsea and the kids are making a Father’s Day gift for Cole. It may not have turned out exactly how Chelsea envisioned, but it was super cute regardless. Aubree heads out with her grandma (Adam’s mom). Cole is sad that Aubree had to leave.

Aubree is back from her weekend and the grilling begins. Aubree shows Chelsea an “All About My Dad” paper that she made at church for Cole. Rather than just being happy that Cole and Aubree have a strong relationship, Chelsea has to ask her “Did you make two of these or just one?” What difference does that make? Cole is very touched by the gift.


Briana goes over to Luis’ apartment, and tells him that he was wrong to be upset that her ex-boyfriend was at the shower. She tells him everything, basically, that is wrong is all his fault. Luis then tells her that he is going to truck driving school and then he will be on the road training for ten months. Briana tells him that she is fine with him pursuing his truck driving dream. He starts school the end of June, and her due date is July 12. You can tell Briana is hurt but she just says she has nothing to say to him except that she is very stressed.

Briana and family are getting ready for Nova to graduate pre-school and of course the She Woman Man Hater Club feels the need to bash Devoin while Nova is literally standing right there. Briana then fills her family in about Luis leaving to be a truck driver. They stop bashing Devoin long enough to bash Luis instead.

The next day Briana and Brittany talk about who will be at her preschool graduation and Nova claims that she doesn’t want him to be there. However, when Briana FaceTimes Devoin and gives the tablet to Nova, Nova is clearly excited to talk to him. It appears that Roxanne is chilling in just a button up shirt??

Nova’s graduation arrives, and so does Devoin. Roxanne tells Devoin how happy Nova will be that he is there. Nova is crying walking down the aisle. Poor kid. I’m sure she feels overwhelmed by cameras and her family. Later, Nova is all smiles, which is good to see.


Jo talks to the producer about his request to Kailyn about sharing custody of Isaac. She refuses to consider Jo’s request and tells him to go through the courts. Jo has retained a lawyer but is hoping that they can reach an agreement before it goes to court. Of course Kailyn feels that Jo is doing this to hurt her and take Isaac away from her, rather than seeing that Jo is simply being there for his son.

Kailyn has received Jo’s papers asking for 50/50 custody. She discusses it with her friend and is still angry that Jo would want written paperwork. She is irritated that Jo filed with the courts, but she refused to discuss it with him so what did she really expect. She admits that she doesn’t want to give him 50/50 custody. She’s so ridiculous.

It’s soccer day. Kailyn claims that Jo has never been to one of Isaac’s games, but he does show up for this one. Kailyn says hi back to him, and Lincoln interacts with Jo. Isaac is very happy to see his dad there. Kailyn feels seeing Jo at the game was stressful. Later, Kailyn is decorating her graduation cap. She points out to Isaac that that was the first game his dad saw him play. You can tell Isaac, like Aubree, feels uncomfortable being put into this position. I feel like in a few years, Jace, Nova, Isaac, and Aubree will all be in a group chat saying the same things to each other.


Leah is jumping back into the dating world. She is going to give online dating a try. She is letting Gracie help her decide yes or no on potential matches, which would seem weird, except it is all light-hearted. She talks to a friend later about it while the girls are busy eating and playing. Leah mentions that she hasn’t been on a date or involved with anyone for two years.

Leah has a date set up and dishes with the producer. She met him on a dating app called “Bumble”. She seems giddy and excited but nervous. She has her sister watching Addie, who wants her mom to go get a boyfriend. Leah arrives for her date looking casual but very pretty.   Her date, Josh, does not seem put off by the cameras. Leah and Josh make small talk about work and hobbies. They seem to be having a good time and hug goodbye, but Leah then tells the producer that she wasn’t feeling any chemistry with Josh and won’t see him again. Aw, he seemed pretty sweet. Josh then pulls up and asks her if he gets a second date and she giggles and says she’ll text him.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Kailyn is excited to finally be done with school, Chelsea bashes Adam, Briana is sure Luis is not going to step up for Stella, Jenelle is upset that she has to give Jace back to Babs and Addie wants her daddy. Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    The photos with this recap were better than the recap. Love it 😂

  2. Grace says:

    Kail is seriously intolerable. Javi can have 50/50 custody of Lincoln, but Jo can’t have 50/50 of Isaac?!?! She is doing that out of pure spite. It makes absolutely zero sense to allow one child split custody, and not the other, when BOTH fathers are exactly the same. Jo is even better than Javi, since he doesn’t fight with Kail 24/7. It’s also not Jo’s problem that hulk is knocked up again. I can’t stand her anymore

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      But you know why she’s upset. If all 3 of her kids ultimately have 50/50 custody with their dad’s, when will she have time to have all 3 of them at the same time and be a warped little family?

      She’s delusional and doesn’t understand that she brought this upon herself

    • LittleBelle says:

      Could someone with a better memory help me with this, but didn’t Jo and Kail have 50/50 back before the Air Force transferred Javi to Delware? I just remember the early years being court, court, court mediation….so on and so forth about every detail of custody.

      Why is Kail surprised that Jo wants something written down and legalized if they spent years doing this before? She should be happy they had a few years without legal fees but nope that’s not how Kail sees the world anymore. Everything is all about her and how people are messing up her world view on things.

      • JerseyGirl says:

        I could be mis-remembering, but I think Jo’s parents advocated for him to get a legal, binding custody agreement, but he balked. Back then, it was speculated that it was because he didn’t want to pay child support (no clue if that’s true) Kailyn did have to present her case to a mediator or judge before she was allowed to move with Isaac to Delaware, though, so maybe they did have something and I’m way off base here? Hmm, now that I’m writing all this, I remember her and Javi agreeing to drive Isaac both ways from Delaware to NJ – I think. Maybe I should let someone with a better memory step in!

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        Jenelle-what do you mean “now”? He’s ALWAYS had your mom. You were NEVER his mother and you NEVER “had him”.

        Chelsea-I really hope she can help Aubree discuss her feelings without her (Aubree) becoming uncomfortable.

        Kail-so you’re pissed off that the father of your first child is involved in his life and wants a set schedule so he doesn’t get fucked out of seeing the son he literally moved States in order to see. Shocker 🙄

        Leah-it’s nice to see her healthy again. Hopefully in time, she’ll find someone who loves her just for her.

        • JerseyGirl says:

          I truly think Chelsea is trying to be the bigger person as far as Adam. She definitely doesn’t bash him or anything in front of Aubree. It’s a hard line, I know, to keep the communication open without making the kid feel like they’re “choosing”.

          • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

            I agree. I know how hard it must be for her to feel the way she does and have to talk about it. I mean, I definitely do NOT think she should keep it bottled up but at the same time, I know what she’s going through and feel for her.

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      What I can not stand about Kailyn is that she files left right and center but flips out when Javi and Jo file. It is about time she gets a taste of her own medicine.

      I hope Jo gets 50/50. I feel a bit sorry for Vee..She has left her hometown and her family for a boyfriend that didn’t stand up to his babymama out of fear he won’t be able to see his son. FINALLY Jo is taking action.

      I do understand why he didn’t stand up to Kailyn before but at one point he has to..If he doesn’t Kailyn will remain have major influence on their lives up to the point Isaac is an adult.

      And that sucks because they have a kid of their own to think about as well.

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        Agreed, Kail needs to be taken down a notch. She’s so disrespectful and selfish. I’m surprised her fake ass fits on that high horse. Unpopular opinion, but I don’t consider her a good mother. I have no doubt that she loves her kids but it’s obvious she’s all about herself and couldn’t care less about how her decisions impacts them.

  3. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    The fact that Jenelle tried to frame it as she somehow was vindicated by the court is mind-blowingly delusional.

    The legal system is super hesitant to fully take someone’s kids away–SUPER hesitant–or a lot of reasons (some very good ones, some not so good ones). She basically settled on getting a tiny amount rather than going to actual court over it (probably because she would have gotten even less).

    • Grace says:

      I totally called it. I knew she would act like she won the case. I knew she would spin it to make herself look good and like that was the outcome she wanted.

  4. chan says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you were one of the added Teen Mom writers? Did the other(s) quit then? This site just feels incomplete now without those stories, lately I’m even checking out Teenmomjunkies again 😮 Even though I left that site for this one. Does anyone have a good website with (legit) up to date Teen mom news?

    • Ladywatson says:

      Do you have a Facebook? Teen mom fix unscripted was recommended a few articles back and it’s soooo funny! They are usually pretty quick to update, like snaps and instrgram. And the snark is real!!! I love it..

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I was one of the added ones to recap Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2. I did most of Teen Mum, and I started Counting On, but just couldn’t keep up.

      • chan says:

        But same question, did the other Teen Mom writer(s) quit then? And isn’t it a better idea then to focus on a few shows then as a team and have it up to date, instead of adding new shows to it with the result of not being able to keep up?

        Not trying to be critical :-$ but I just miss it and thought that was one of the strengths of this site before. Not just placing gossip like many sites do, but legit news/stories. And I also think that was one of the reasons this site got so many followers so soon.
        Well, I will stop mentioning this, just wanted to let you guys know (and hope you guys take it as a compliment)

  5. AMBIan says:

    Is El finished writing?

  6. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    Kylie Jenner announces she’s pregnant, Jenelle calls off her wedding THE NIGHT BEFORE! WHERE IS MY POPCORN!?

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      She got married anyway. I wonder if calling off the wedding was done for drama purposes (scripted) or it is just Jenelle being her usual argumentative self .

      MTV was filming everything so I wouldn’t be suprised if it was what with the 4th wall being broken and all.


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