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Hello again readers.  It seems like just yesterday, oh wait, it was just yesterday.  I don’t know how I missed this episode.  Well, yes I do, it always throws me off when they show two in one night.  Sorry about that!  It does explain why it seemed like I had missed a few things.


Jenelle arrives to pick up Jace for her first visitation following their court date.  He is barely in the car before she tells him that she had been trying to see him, but Babs wasn’t letting her.  Why Jenelle?  Why do you put him in the middle constantly?  She also tells him the details of the agreement.  Again, why.  She does tell Jace that they are going on vacation to St. Thomas.  She asks him about ten times if he’s excited.  She then asks Jace if he likes David.  I’m sure Jace feels completely comfortable sharing his honest feelings, since Jenelle always acts so rationally.

Jenelle and Jace are hanging out riding motorcycles and four wheelers on The Land. Jenelle and David discuss their upcoming vacation while the kids play outside.  Jenelle also gloats that she can now take Jace “anywhere” without Barbara’s permission.  David and Jenelle talk about how happy Jace is on The Land with them.  Jenelle then spends some time grilling Jace about whether or not he loves her and wants to be there.  For the love of everything that is holy, can she never find anything else to talk about with him?

Jenelle takes Jace back to Barbara’s.  They discuss Marco Polo in the car.  I don’t think Jenelle had much more insight into Marco Polo than Jace, to be honest.  Babs is waiting, watching the time, in case Jenelle is late and therefore in contempt of court.  Jenelle makes it in time.  Barbara and Jenelle then have a disagreement about when Jenelle next gets Jace.  Jace, meanwhile, is probably hoping someone rescues him from the craziness.  Barbara starts to grill Jace about his time with Jenelle but Jace sort of shuts her down.


Leah and her sister discuss Leah’s date. Leah does want to find someone to settle down with, but feels that her date was not the “one”. She tells her sister that it has been some time since Jeremy has spent time with Addie.  Later, Leah does the kid exchange with Corey.  Addie looks visibly upset that her sisters are going with their dad.  Poor Addie.  Her poor sad face breaks my heart.

Jeremy calls Leah and Leah lets him know that Addie is really missing him. Jeremy lets her know that his mom will be taking Addie to Myrtle Beach and he plans to surprise her there. Leah has a good point when she says that it shouldn’t always be a surprise, but should be a consistent thing in Addie’s life.  Jeremy is in Pittsburgh working and hangs out with his friend. He is defending having to work out of town and out of state.

Jeremy’s mom picks up Addie to take her on vacation. Jeremy surprises Addie on the beach.  She is so excited to see him, and he to see her.


Briana is on maternity leave soon.  She has received child support paperwork from Devoin, which she discusses in front of Nova with Roxanne.  Devoin shows up later that day to see Nova and he and Briana talk about the child support paperwork.  Devoin actually doesn’t seem too fazed by any of this.  Not that I think Devoin is very fazed by much.

Briana talks to Brittany about Devoin signing the child support paperwork.  Briana talks about money getting tight with the new baby coming, Nova’s private school, etc.  Briana is expecting Luis to step up as far as money goes, but isn’t sure if he will come through.

Briana has a doctor’s appointment which Luis shows up for.  Briana is giving Luis some attitude because she isn’t sure how she’s going to juggle two kids and pay for daycare when she goes back to work.  Does anyone know what she does for a job? No criticism, just curious.  At least she has an actual job.  Briana states it will be $230 a week for the baby’s daycare.  Her and Shirley discuss the situation and Luis paying for things like he isn’t even right there. Luis looks like he wants to clobber Shirley.  While Briana is in the restroom, Shirley makes sure to let Luis know he has to step up. Briana has her appointment, and obviously her doctor is awesome, as she sports a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt.  Go Cavs!  The baby is no longer breech, which is a good thing.  Briana leaves with Shirley and they talk about how Luis is not really doing much as far as being supportive.  Shirley, another one that doesn’t wear a seatbelt.  Argh!  Briana feels Luis is another Devoin.


Kail is hanging out with the boys.  Jo FaceTimes his dad for some advice about filing the custody paperwork.  Eddie agrees that Jo needed to file.  Jo is hoping that things are settled before an actual hearing.

Kailyn and the boys are headed to her last class.  She is always the model of great behavior as she drives along with no seatbelt on.  She states that she always brings the boys to her Wednesday class.  I’m sure her fellow classmates really enjoy that.  Isaac does tell Kailyn he is “so proud” of her, which is very sweet.  Again, modeling great behavior, no seat belt and FaceTiming while driving.


Chelsea, Watson and Aubree are hanging out outside.  Chelsea quizzes Aubree about her time spent with Adam for Father’s Day.  Aubree doesn’t really seem like she wants to discuss any of it though.  Chelsea then talks to the producer about Adam’s lack of participation with Aubree. Chelsea feels that Aubree shouldn’t even have to go to Adam’s parents’ house at this point.

Chelsea goes with her friend to Papa Randy’s so Chelsey Grace can get Botox from him.  Chelsea baby talks to Watson while we get a nice shot up Chelsey Grace’s nose.  Chelsea then says she didn’t see Teen Mom OG, but had read several reports of Ryan nodding out on the way to his wedding.  The three of them act like they have very little clue who Maci and Ryan even are.  Very weird.  Chelsea points out that she is basically going through the same thing. They watch the clip together.  Chelsea is very worried about Aubree being around Adam while he’s using.

Cole watched the Teen Mom OG clip with Ryan and is very upset that Aubree is going to Adam’s parent’s house.  Cole isn’t upset about Aubree seeing her grandparents, he is just upset that Aubree may be exposed to things she shouldn’t be, and is afraid that he will take Aubree somewhere alone. They agree that they need to get everything in writing about who has to be there when Aubree is there.

I won’t do a “Next Time” since I already did the next time.  Jersey out!

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  1. Katie says:

    Dang I don’t know how I missed this one either! I’ll catch up tomorrow 😀

  2. shannon says:

    Nova is in Private School? im from england so im not sure if this is a big thing in USA as it is here but Private School here is very expensive… how is she affording that already? most people with children in Private School have pretty secure money wise…

    • Tyler's Great American Novel says:

      I went to a private Montessori school for a couple years in Chicago in the early 90s and the tuition there was about 10k. It wasn’t a downtown big name school. Just a little neighborhood one. My parents then put me in a private Catholic school because of the tuition and even there was 5k.
      I know Chicago is more expensive than wherever-the-fuck, Flordia but these were tuition prices nearly 30 years ago so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were comparable.

  3. Nikki says:

    Ummm does Briana have a tattoo on her arm in that picture that says “Roxanne” ???? Why not just mom or mother??? That’s odd…..

  4. -A says:

    Jenelle – quit grilling Jace all the time about do you love me are you happy etc. I didn’t mind that he knows what the visitation schedule is he should now I’m sure most kids his age know that kind of stuff.

    Leah – good for her on not jumping into another relationship feet first.

    Brianna – I just can’t with her.

    Kailyn – put on your damn seatbelt and quit facetiming while driving especially with your boys in the car with you.

    Chelsea – I didn’t get the impression that Chelsea, Chelsey Grace, and Papa Randy were acting like they didn’t know who Ryan and Maci were I got the impression that they didn’t know what video she was talking about.

  5. Nikki says:

    Nova’s sad face in the car made me cry. 🙁 that poor sweet innocent girl stuck in all that negativity and trash talk. I just wanted to reach thru the tv and hug her. When Roxanne said “put your tit in her mouth and breastfeed her, pull that shit out” it made me sick. And I’m no prude I just think the way she speaks is disgusting especially in front of Nova.


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