Teen Mom 2 | Season 8 Episode 13 RECAP | Winter in Summer

Hello my favorite readers. It’s time for another week of those girls we love to shake our heads at.


Kailyn is getting ready for a photo shoot with the boys. Kailyn is thinking about going to grad school if she can’t get a job in her field with her bachelor’s degree. She is not sure how involved Chris will be with baby ‘Lo. She hopes he will be around, but just isn’t sure.

Kail takes pictures with her graduation cap. I have to commend her for following through and actually obtaining her degree. No matter my feelings about how she behaves in her personal life, that is an accomplishment to celebrate. She then takes some pictures with Lincoln and Isaac. At one point Lincoln tells her “mom, you’re wild”. Later, Kail and Javi take the boys to dinner to celebrate her graduation. Javi tells her that he is very proud of her. He then points out that he was the one who helped facilitate her being able to finish school. Isaac rubs her belly and talks to the baby. Awwwww.

Kailyn is getting ready for graduation practice. She is approached by a fan, and is very nice to her, which is good to see.


David and Jenelle take Jace and Maryssa to St. Thomas. Kaiser is with Nathan’s mom and Ensley is with David’s mom. I understand not taking the baby but I’m sure Kaiser would have enjoyed a beach vacation. David climbs a tree to get a coconut. Or because he is a coconut. I’m not really sure on that one. Of course, instead of just letting Jace have a nice time on the beach, Jenelle pulls him aside to ask if he’s “happy” about the new custody arrangement. He is 8. Why does he even have a concern about that at all?!

Jenelle is back home on The Land and Kaiser is turning three. Jenelle has asked her mom to bring Jace to Kaiser’s birthday party and Barbara has agreed to do so. Jenelle is slightly miffed that Nathan got Kaiser a dog for his birthday (that is staying at Nathan’s) and David takes that opportunity to state that he does everything for Kaiser that a dad should do.

Barbara has arrived for Kaiser’s birthday party with Jace. Happy birthday little Kaiser Roll. Barbara asks Jenelle about renting a cabin for a family vacation. Jenelle is not really interested in doing that unless David is on board. Jenelle shoots her down further telling her “I still don’t like you” and of course sings a refrain of the “you have my son” song. Jenelle seems to forget that Barbara gave up her time with Jace to bring him to Kaiser’s party. Not that she shouldn’t have done so, she definitely should, but Jenelle could have also scheduled Kaiser’s party on a weekend she has Jace too. I hate to say it, but Ensley’s head is really cone-shaped. That needs looked at by a doctor.

Jenelle then dishes to her friend about Barbara asking to spend time with her. Jenelle really needs a reality check. Jenelle reiterates that she is not inviting Barbara to her wedding.


Chelsea and family are headed to Florida to an aquarium so she is temporarily shelving the custody talk. Aubree is very excited to see dolphins in Florida. Chelsea and Aubree share a sweet bedtime moment discussing their upcoming trip.

Chelsea has arrived in Florida with her happy family. Papa Randy is with them too. Aubree is so excited to see Winter the Dolphin. They go on a tour of the entire aquarium. It looks like it was a very fun trip for everyone.


Leah has consulted with a life coach to figure out what she should do next. Leah speaks to her on the phone and discusses her LipSense business. Leah has decided to become a motivational speaker. She wants to draw on Ali’s disability, being a teen parent and struggling with anxiety and depression to reach people. She has been offered an opportunity to present her story at an event for LipSense.

Leah is off to her conference to motivate people. She is nervous but excited as well. Leah talks about sisterhood and plays with her hair a lot. She does not seem very well prepared, unfortunately. She realizes that motivational speaking about her personal journey and the lipstick business may not be compatible. I am glad to see her have that self-awareness and that she was able to advocate for herself.


Briana is not feeling well, so Luis comes over to help.   Luis tries to interact with Nova, who hides her face in the couch. Poor kid. I really don’t think she enjoys being filmed at all. Luis goes out to install Stella’s car seat in Briana’s car. He does call Briana to come outside and assist him. Briana tries to get Luis to give her some information about his upcoming truck driving school. He says he will be there for the birth. Briana asks if he will stay the first week after the baby is born and he does say that he will.

Briana had a doctor’s appointment and Luis is giving her a ride home. Briana tells her mom that she will be induced that Monday. The baby is fine, but the doctor feels it will be better to go ahead and induce. Luis asks Briana if he ever has a chance with her and she says she doesn’t know for sure. She asks him why he wants to work it out and he states that he wants to have a family with her. She is waiting for the baby to be born to see how things turn out.

Briana gets home and Nova sweetly rubs her belly and says, “Missed you Stella”. So sweet. Briana lets Nova and Brittany know that Stella will be there in a couple of days. Nova is very excited. The baby doesn’t seem to want to wait, however, as Briana is apparently in labor later that night. She calls Luis to meet her there. Briana does take time out to give her family the 411 regarding Luis wanting to get back together. They all head out to the hospital together. Luis arrives and Briana sort of gives him the brush off. Briana’s water breaks in the hospital parking lot. Part way through, Briana states that she doesn’t want to do this. Roxanne points out that she could have avoided all this pain. While in labor, someone is coaching Briana and saying, “remember, no noise”. I’m glad that person was not there when I gave birth! The big moment arrives! Welcome to the world, Stella Star.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Briana claims Luis has done nothing, Leah continues her motivation speaking journey, Kailyn graduates, Jenelle says again that Barbara will not be at her wedding and Chelsea wants Cole to go to Watson’s check up to get his immunizations. Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. IJR says:

    I was cringing sooooo hard at Leah’s speech. I found it ironic that she was floundering right at the part where she said how you have to be confident in everything you do. Also, her grammar is horrendous. Anyone notice that she said “overcomed” and “lifes” instead of lives? Gahhh.

    As for Jenelle, it was also cringe worthy watching her pretend to be happy for Kaiser. I just feel so sorry for those kids. You can really tell there is an emotional distance between them and Jenelle. Okay Jenelle and the rest of the world, actually.

    Brianna will never be happy with Luis because her she-woman man-hating family has already decided he’s scum. He could lay down and let them literally walk over him and they’d complain he’s not flat enough.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I felt bad for Leah – she really is at least trying to keep her life on track and be positive.

      and you are 100% right about Luis and how Briana’s family is towards him. Not that I am Team Luis, but still.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      But will we ever have the opportunity to see that? I don’t have much faith in Luis ever being a good supportive father.

  2. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    Anyone else notice that David and possibly Jenelle are wearing wedding bands in the credits?


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