Teen Mom 2 | Season 8 Episode 14 RECAP | Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Welcome back again fair readers!  I did see elsewhere that Kailyn has finally named her baby Lux Russell.  While not my cup of tea, it is a lot better than, well, a lot of names out there.


Chelsea, Aubree and Watson are hanging out. Chelsea and Aubree are discussing farting.  Aubree calls Chelsea out on farting and they both have a good laugh together.  Later, they all play with Watson.  Cole says he doesn’t like having a baby, he loves it.  Awww.

Chelsea and kids are headed to Watson’s four-month checkup.  Cole is not sure if he will make it, as he is very busy at work.  Cole does manage to make it.  While he is clearly in love with his baby, he is still very attentive and loving with Aubree as well.  Aubree manages to make Watson smile even post-immunizations.


Jenelle is focusing on the upcoming wedding while David works on The Land.  Kaiser is outside with Jenelle who calls to her dog and gives it a huge hug while Kaiser basically runs up and is ignored.  Jenelle points out that since she isn’t inviting Barbara, she has to have the wedding on a weekend that they have Jace.  She is headed to New York soon to dress shop, and has decided to have Olive Garden cater the wedding reception.  Meanwhile at Barbara’s, Babs discusses Jenelle’s moods with the producer.  She is okay with not being invited if Jenelle is going to be mean to her.

David and Jenelle are in New York.  Jenelle wants a “boho” type dress.  Jenelle does state that she has ‘more time than most people since she works at home’.  Works at home doing what??  She is planning on inviting about 200 plus people to the wedding, but that does not include plus ones.  She is not inviting any of her family.  Jenelle naturally breaks into a chorus of “when she gives me back my son” when describing what would make her have a relationship with Barbara again.

Leah heads to a dress shop and explains that she is the type to “think outside the box”.  She tries on several dresses at two different shops.  Her friends latch onto the “out of the box” concept as well.


It is Kail’s graduation weekend.  She has several friends staying with her to go to the ceremony.  Kailyn is stressed and has spent part of the day crying because she doesn’t know if Jo or Javi are going to show for the ceremony, or Chris.  She hasn’t told Chris that she wants him there, though.  Kailyn has not reached out to her mom to let her know she is graduating either.  While juggling two clementine’s, Kailyn states “I don’t have any feelings anymore.”  That’s pretty sad, actually.

It’s Kailyn’s big day.  She is still thinking about going to grad school if she can’t find a job right away.  She is not optimistic about job prospects in that area.  She is not happy that she will have to start at the bottom at any job.

It’s time for the ceremony.  Congrats on your degree, Kailyn. No matter your personal life, that is still a great accomplishment.  Kailyn is not sure if Chris showed up for her graduation.  The boys tell her “good job mommy” after the ceremony, which is pretty sweet.


Briana is headed home with Stella.  Nova is having a few jealousy issues.  Or maybe Nova is the smart one there and is planning her escape.  Stella is crying on the drive home, so Roxanne advises Briana to breastfeed her.  Briana asks how and Roxanne tells her to just “take out your tit and put it there.”  Way to keep it classy (and safe) Roxanne!  (Making mental note to thank my mom for never giving me that piece of advice.)  Briana takes her shirt most of the way off, leans over Stella and breastfeeds her, sans seatbelt of course.  Nova looks like she is trying hard to figure out how to reach out to Brandon and Theresa.  Luis does meet Briana at the apartment. Roxanne does tell Luis that he can stay the night, and as many nights as he wants in order to help with Stella.  Roxanne wants to know what the breakdown will be as far as Luis’ contribution.

Luis did stay over to help with Stella, who didn’t sleep very much. Briana doesn’t feel that having Luis there is helpful though, and stresses her out.  Briana laments how hard it is to have two children who need her attention.  Briana feels that Nova is warming up to Stella after a few days at home.  Luis shows up and Roxanne pushes him to get a job.  Luis is putting off going to truck driving school for a few months, in order to spend time with Stella.  Roxanne is displeased about that development.  Briana looks completely disinterested.  Luis tells Roxanne he doesn’t answer to her and she retorts “you’re such a loser bro, douchebag.”  Luis tells Briana to do what she has to do. I am guessing he is talking about filing for child support.  Briana points out how little he is doing and how he is not contributing any money towards Stella.

Briana is exhausted and wants Luis to step up so she can get some sleep.  He paces with Stella in the House of Man-Haters and probably really regrets that night he decided to go to the club.  He hands the baby off to Briana so she can feed her and goes to stretch out on the couch.  He leaves shortly after midnight, however.  Briana is surprised that he left.  I mean, why would he, when they’ve been so welcoming.  She goes to tell her mom that Luis left and also wakes Brittany and Nova so they could have an impromptu meeting of the She-Woman Man-Haters Club, Orlando Chapter.


Leah and the girls are visiting a friend in South Carolina.  She takes the girls to the zoo and plans her next motivational speech.  She is very aware that the first one did not go very well.  She still wants to share her journey, however, but will not be doing it in conjunction with selling lipstick.  Leah has put invites on line for her speech in South Carolina and several people did RSVP.  She is nervous, but feels she is better prepared this time.  She is also happy the girls will be there.

Leah starts her speech and falters.  She lets the crowd know that she is terrified to speak in front of people.  I am inwardly cringing on her behalf. Leah does do better when she starts talking about Ali and her hopes and fears when it comes to Ali’s health.  She finishes much stronger than she started.  Leah brings the girls out and wants them to recite the self-affirmations that they repeat daily.  Gracie knows them, but hides behind Leah’s sweater. Leah is pleased overall with how the speech went.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Barbara and Jenelle have a blow up, Corey wants to talk to Leah about Gracie’s behavior, Javi and Kail discuss the child support case, Chelsea is planning her wedding and Briana has to take Stella to the ER for breathing issues.

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  1. Grace says:

    I have a soft spot for Leah, as I am also a mother to a child with a disability. I think people know what kind of speech they are getting when they sign up for a Leah Messer speech. I think she started off way nervous but did better in the end. I think if she sticks to it, she’ll get less nervous each time. It’s heartbreaking to hear her talk about Ali. I know how it feels. I like how she is doing so much better and pulled herself together!

  2. Chan says:

    My heart broke when Kaiser run up to Jenelle full of enthusiasm and she ignored him like that 🙁 (once again..) It’s such a cute little boy but doesn’t seemed loved at all. So sad that he’s probably going to be fucked up by them. I wish they would take him away from them and put in a nice family.

  3. KDot says:

    “Do what you gotta do” means nothing when you don’t have a job to give or be forced to give child support.

    Does anyone know Luis’s social media? I’d like to see him in his own element.

  4. Nikki says:

    Nova’s face breaks my heart I can’t stand it. Briana is useless and a shit mother. Kailyn you’re sooooo hard core saying you don’t have feelings. Wow I almost believe you. NOT. She wants her mom to call her so badly I could feel it thru the tv. And she flirts with that girl Becky NONSTOP. Just admit it and be with her and stop getting pregnant by men th at you hate and are evil to. Leah is sweet. Clearly loves her girls.

  5. Nikki says:

    Nova’s face breaks my heart I can’t stand it. Briana is useless and a shit mother. Kailyn you’re sooooo hard core saying you don’t have feelings. Wow I almost believe you. NOT. She wants her mom to call her so badly I could feel it thru the tv. And she flirts with that girl Becky NONSTOP. Just admit it and be with her and stop getting pregnant by men th at you hate and are evil to.

  6. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    Jenelle-it’s kinda funny that she wanted an “out of the box” style wedding dress when it looked like every other wedding dress in 2017. It was pretty, don’t get me wrong but she should have picked something that fit her a little better and wasn’t see through.

    Leah- she has such a big heart. I’ve said it before, but it’s great seeing her explore things outside of a relationship. You can tell she seems to be really enjoying the single life.

    Kail-Jesus fucking Christ.

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