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This week’s recap is brought to you by someone who has already eaten entirely too much Halloween candy.  Bleh.  How are y’all, my favorite readers?  Hopefully existing with more willpower than I obviously possess.  Onward!


Leah is back from South Carolina and taking the girls to Corey.  The girls have a little backseat scuffle over some beef jerky.  Gracie has an attitude about sharing.  Corey takes the twins fishing.  Gracie catches a fish while Ali chants that she is ready to leave while sitting in her wheelchair. Gracie and Ali have another spat in the car and Corey tries to talk to Gracie about her hurting Ali.  Corey acknowledges to the producer that he knows Gracie is acting out because she wants the attention that Ali gets.

Leah and Corey meet to exchange the girls.  Immediately there are issues in the backseat.  Corey lets Leah know that Gracie’s behavior is escalating.  Corey suggests putting Gracie into therapy and Leah says she will talk to Gracie about going to therapy.  Corey is willing to do whatever is best for Grace.  Leah takes Gracie to the park to talk to her alone.  Gracie points out that Ali gets treated differently from her.  She does agree to go to therapy.  Gracie asks her mom if Ali has muscular dystrophy because she “crammed her up” while inside Leah.  Leah asks her why she thinks that and Gracie says she saw the pictures.  Well.  That’s a lot of guilt for a little kid to carry around inside. Leah explains to her that it wasn’t her fault at all.


Kailyn is going on vacation with the boys because she will be unable to travel soon.  They are headed to St. Thomas.  Too bad she didn’t go with Jenelle!  Kailyn tells her friend that Javi has dropped his request for child support.  Javi talks to Peach on FaceTime and lets her know that he doesn’t necessarily believe that Kail dropped the PFA order.  He has asked her for proof of that and once he has that, he’ll drop the child support request.

Javi brings Lincoln to Kailyn’s.  While Kailyn is welcoming Lincoln home, Javi takes the opportunity to look through her mail for anything of his.  Javi seems put out that Kailyn had not told him that she was planning on taking the boys on vacation.  Kailyn seems put out that Javi wants to sit down.  He brings up the child support court case.  Javi reiterates that he is not dropping the child support case until he sees proof that she has dropped the PFA.  Kail claims that she will go first thing the next day to obtain proof that the PFA was dropped.

Kailyn got the paperwork showing that the PFA was cancelled, but now Javi wants to talk to her before he’ll drop the child support case.  Kailyn is stressed out because she may not be able to go on her planned vacation.  She finally speaks to Javi, who tells her that he is going the next day to drop the case.  Kailyn moves forward with her vacation plans.


David and Jenelle have picked a wedding date and she made it on a weekend that she has Jace.  Jenelle and David are supposed to take “Save the Date” pictures, but Jenelle texts the producer and photographer and says Ensley is sleeping (she’s not the one getting married?) and David is mad.  I’m pretty sure “mad” is David’s default.  Jenelle outlines the verbal abuse that she endures from David.  David then tells the photographer to get off “his” land or he will call the police.

The following day, the producer talks to Jenelle, who says everything is fine, and immediately diverts attention to her new jellyfish lamp.  Jenelle has also decided to take their own pictures instead of using a photographer.  The producer exclaims that she is glad they are getting along and David claims that they weren’t fighting at all the previous day.  Jenelle won’t answer David when he asks her, “were we fighting yesterday?” and then tells the producer that she’s lying.  David claims “everything is great”.  He then talks over Kristen the producer and storms out.  Jenelle has a slight smirk, but I can’t tell if she is amused by the attention, or trying not to cry. She doesn’t look up at all and just continues to feed Ensley.

Jenelle is picking up Jace from her mom and Kaiser from daycare.  Babs calls and asks Jenelle if she has booked Jace’s birthday party.  This sets Jenelle off, who states that she shouldn’t have to worry about planning his party since Barbara wants custody. Barbara then states that she will book a party and Jenelle can do whatever she wants separately.  Barbara tells Jenelle that Jace’s therapist wants Jenelle and only Jenelle to go to some therapy sessions with Jace.  Jenelle needs to put her seatbelt on and make Jace wear his correctly.  I swear the entire cast overall could use a carseat/seatbelt class.

Jenelle picks up Kaiser who definitely should be in a five-point harness carseat still.  Ugh.  What is wrong with her?! They get back to The Land and Kaiser gets out of the car and waves at the MTV crew.  How cute is that?  Of course, they probably treat him 1000 times nicer than his mother does.  Jenelle is setting up the camera so they can take their own save the date pictures.  She cons the producer into helping take the pictures.  Kaiser, being a curious three-year-old, wanders over and immediately Jenelle and David scream at him to get away from the camera.  The poor kid looks terrified.  David then man-handles Kaiser.  I am feeling physically sick at how he treats Kaiser.  They continue to take pictures with David stopping to scream some more at a toddler, who is crying “feed me”.  I thought last week when Jenelle shunned Kai in favor of hugging her dog was the saddest, but NOPE, this beats that.  And Jenelle only cares about getting the perfect shot.


Briana is wondering why Luis left the House of Man-Hatin’.  It’s 4:30 a.m. and the entire clan is up, even Nova.  Roxanne points out that Luis is already “running like a bitch.”.  Someone please get poor Nova and Stella out of that toxic house.  Luis texts Briana back that he left because he doesn’t like being told what to do.  Nova does not look impressed.  Of course she doesn’t, it’s 4:30 in the morning.

Briana and family laugh hysterically when Stella projectile poops without a diaper on.  I think they may be feeling the effects of sleep deprivation.  Luis texts Briana to let her know he is having car issues but will be over.  Briana again brings up the fact that she wanted to place Stella for adoption.  Roxanne gives her a little pep talk but Briana doesn’t look convinced.

Luis did not show up and when Briana woke up, Stella’s hands and feet were blue and her breathing seemed off. The doctor wants Briana to take Stella to the ER.  Briana does text Luis to let him know but he does not respond right away.


Chelsea discusses her upcoming wedding reception with Aubree and tells Aubs that she has nothing ready for it.  They head to a wedding shop to talk to a wedding planner.  Chelsea tells her that she would be happy just putting a tent up somewhere.  Watson does not look impressed.  The wedding planner does secure a venue in a park.  Cole tells Chelsea he enjoys helping her plan things and feels bad when he doesn’t help her.  He is just so supportive, which is super nice to see.

Chelsea goes to try different cake flavors.  Aubree seems pleased to be part of the choosing.  Chelsea then talks to her attorney about the visitation schedule and possibly changing Aubree’s last name.  Chelsea is still worried about drug usage around Aubree at Adam’s parents’ house.  The attorney doesn’t think hyphenating Aubree’s last name to Lind-DeBoer will be a big deal.  Chelsea lets Aubree know about the name change/addition and asks Aubree if she is sure she wants both names for sure.

Chelsea and Cole discuss cake samples.  Chelsea prompts Aubree to tell Cole about possibly hyphenating her name to add “DeBoer”. Cole’s reaction is very sweet.  You can tell he’s genuinely touched.  Chelsea is going to pursue the name change with an attorney.


Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Ali is having a hard time, Jace doesn’t want Jenelle to marry David, Chelsea is hoping to be able to change Aubree’s last name, Kailyn is nearing the end of her pregnancy and Stella has a health crisis. 

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  1. Cate says:

    The fact David doesn’t even admit to arguing and says “everything is fine” is a classic sign it’s not. He is definitely too rough with Kaiser and Janelle not looking up at him at that moment made me think she was scared. He’s an ass.

  2. Nikki says:

    I agree with Cate. Jenelle wasn’t going to look up at David or the producer for anything. I think she was scared of him and also trying not to cry. I don’t feel sorry for her though because she subjects innocent children to these terrible men. David, by far, is the absolute worst. He is so clearly abusive. Kaiser’s sad face and sad life make me depressed. I wish someone would call CPS and they would take them all away permanently.

  3. Grace says:

    Jenelle is nothing more than an egg donor. Any mother in her right mind, would be upset at someone manhandling her child like that. Jenelle did absolutely nothing to help the situation. Seriously, go over and console your child, go over and see what’s wrong, go make a small snack, go put a movie on, do something! All she did was yell at Kaiser and go back to kissing David. She’s a shitty excuse for a mother who doesn’t deserve to have any kids.

    David is at least emotionally abusing Jenelle, if not physically. He’s also probably emotionally abusing Kaiser.

  4. Mo says:

    That scene with David saying “we weren’t fighting?” was so goddamn creepy. And the look on Jenelle’s face was unlike anything I’ve ever seen from her. She seemed scared. David is terrifying.

    The conversation with Leah and Gracie actually made me cry. Like we always talk about how hard Ali’s life is and sometimes forget how tough things must be for her too. I’m glad Leah has really turned her life around and is doing so well with the girls.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I thought Leah handled the conversation with Gracie really well. She has really come so far, and you can just tell how much love she has for the girls, all of them, and tries hard to meet all their needs.

  5. We Love El says:

    El, We miss you! What’s happening to this site??

  6. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    Just came here to post this. The recaps are still great but there’s so much missing from the site that used to be here.


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