Teen Mom 2 | Season 8 Episode 16 RECAP | Emotional Rollercoaster

Welcome back readers!  It’s another week of Teen Mom 2 recapping.


Briana and Stella are headed home from the ER.  Stella had several tests run at the ER and the news is that Stella has three holes in her heart.  Stella will go back in two months unless she has more pronounced symptoms before that.  Briana and Roxanne relay all this while Brianna is hooked up to her electric pump.  It doesn’t appear that baby Stella will need heart surgery at this time, but will need monitored.  Brittany takes this opportunity to hope that Luis has contracted an STD.  Because that’s totally a great thing to wish on someone, especially with Nova sitting right there.  Brittany also wants to know when God is going to give them a break.  I almost hurt myself rolling my eyes at that point.

Stella seems to be doing okay.  Luis has not been over because he has finally started trucking school.  Brianna talks to Shirley about Stella’s issues. I honestly can’t tell if she is saying she has two or three holes in her heart.  Luis still hasn’t been there to see Stella since the night he left.  He has a day off from school, so he shows up with some diapers and wipes.  Roxanne should be happy. Luis and Briana talk about Stella’s heart condition and truck driving school.  Briana tells Luis that he needs to be there more often because the baby is a lot of work.  However, when Luis starts to burp Stella, Briana immediately takes the baby from him. Briana then berates him for not being there, not asking about Stella enough and tells him he hasn’t done anything for the baby.  Luis just says he has no explanation.

Briana and Luis are hanging out, being uncomfortable with each other. Roxanne comes in and starts grilling Luis about where he’s been and what he’s been doing.  She asks him why he left in the middle of the night that time.  Roxanne really wants to pick a fight with Luis but Luis says nothing for the most part.  Roxanne says she isn’t going to speak to Luis anymore, but then continues to berate him.  Luis leaves and Briana watches him go and looks incredibly sad.


Kailyn and the boys are in St. Thomas having a great time.  Kailyn and her friend talk about the hardships of going on the trip because Javi had the child support case in process and Chris didn’t want Kailyn to go since she is 35 weeks along.  Isaac says one of the best parts of the trip is spending time with Kailyn. Awwww.  He’s so sweet.  Kail is swelling and is worried about pre-eclampsia.

Kailyn is more worried than ever and is going to see a doctor while in St. Thomas.  She starts worrying about giving birth there, and then starts thinking of other places she could give birth so the baby would have dual citizenship.  She settles on Cuba so the baby would be “sort of Cuban”.  The doctor gives Kailyn the “look” when Kail tells her that she has had multiple miscarriages and has been taking progesterone shots until the week prior.  The doctor says she needs to go to the St. Thomas ER.  Kailyn does go to the ER and finds that she is okay and the baby is okay.  Kailyn does tell JC that she texted Chris two hours before, but Chris hasn’t answered her because he’s “with his other girlfriend”.


It’s Jace’s eighth birthday.  Jenelle and company FaceTime him and then on the weekend, Jenelle has a party for him.  At the end of the weekend, she is taking Jace back to Barbara’s.  She tells him that the next time he is there, they will be going to New York to pick up her wedding dress.  Jenelle also tells him that he will get to walk her down the aisle, since her father isn’t around.  Jace is then quiet for a minute and blurts out “I don’t want you to get married to David”.  Jenelle looks mad and finally asks “why?”  Jace walks it back and says he was just joking.

Jenelle drops Jace off and tells Barbara that they are going to New York the next time she has Jace.  Barbara tells her that she doesn’t want to discuss the wedding since she’s not invited.  Jenelle then tries to tell Barbara that she knows more about medical things than Barbara does.  Jenelle continues to talk over her mom and then walks away.


Leah took the girls to Florida for a family vacation before summer is over.  Leah insists that Ali put a lifejacket on and tries to sell her on the idea by pointing out that Addie has one on.  I doubt that is a great thing to point out.  Ali is still upset when Leah takes her inside to work things out and explain to her that Gracie can touch the bottom of the pool.

Mama Dawn is sort of mocking Leah’s Lipsense products.  Leah then states that if the twins were the same age (wut??) and Ali didn’t have a disability then it would be much easier.  She knows that Gracie feels left out at times.  Leah explains that she is trying to spend extra time with Gracie.  The group goes to Busch Gardens for a day of fun.  Leah takes Gracie on a ride with just the two of them.  Gracie doesn’t seem too thrilled with the ride choice though and says she is terrified.  After the ride, Gracie wants to ride the ride again.  Leah and the girls have a fun day at the park.


Aubree is starting second grade and Chelsea has an appointment with an attorney to discuss adding “-DeBoer” to Aubree’s name.  Chelsea and Aubree have a little mom-daughter talk on the way to school.  Aubree is happy to see Watson after school.  She seems like she had a great start to her year.  Chelsey Grace comes over to see Chelsea and the kids.  They discuss the upcoming wedding reception.

Chelsea had her meeting with the lawyer and then has lunch with her friend to discuss.  The attorney feels that it will be possible.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Kailyn is thinking Chris may not show up when she needs him, Chelsea picks up her wedding dress, Leah is having issues with Addie, Briana decides whether to pursue child support for Nova, and Jenelle and David have a big pre-wedding blow up.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Chelsea is doing great. Chelsey Grace aka Belinda is a single white female stalker. She wants to be Chelsea so bad. She’s big and creepy.
    Kailyn is so full of herself. She wants nothing to do with Chris she just wants endless attention so she can whine.
    Leah is doing her best from what I can see.
    Jenelle is the biggest waste of space ever. She isn’t anyone’s mother. She is a woman who gave birth 3 times. Poor poor sweet innocent Kaiser 🙁 I hope his Grandma eventually gets custody.

  2. Grace says:

    Waaaait. Is chelsey grace’s real name Belinda or Chelsea?!!

    Kail literally looked bummed out that she didn’t have pre eclampsia… ok Kail. Go find attention some other way 🙄

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Oh..I don’t know about the Belinda part? I have heard TM2 Chelsea call her “Chelsey Grace” though?

    • Nikki says:

      I heard a long time ago that on Teen Mom 2, when it first started and Aubree was a baby, that it always said “Belinda” Chelsea’s friend on the screen. A lot of the Teen Mom Reddit discussions said she was like a single white female stalker and copied everything Chelsea DeBoer did at the time. Nose ring, hair color, way of dressing all though clearly a plus size then, etc..

  3. chelseas annoying voice says:

    Kailyn seems to be an intelligent girl but makes dumbass decisions. Like really stupid ones.

    Who the f… travels at 35 weeks pregnancy overseas AND to a possible Zika area? Why didn’t she on holiday in the US? Like I dunno.. I don’t live in the US but I’m pretty sure you guys have nice beachess over there.

    It is just she does whatever the fuck SHE wants to do; does not give a crap about the consequences. Suppose she had to stay in the hospital; the boys fathers aren’t there to take care of the kids..

    Speaking of dads.
    I think she DEFINETELY likes the fact that she calls all the shots when it comes to the kids. That is why she was suprised by Javi taking Kail to court.

  4. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Poor Luis. It will never matter what or how much he does do. Because the DeJesus coven will always remind him of the things he doesn’t do.
    He’s not a mind reader Briana. And he seems like an ok guy. Tell him exactly what you want. He would probably oblige!!

  5. Nikki says:

    What’s up with El? Is she gone from the site?

    • ColeAteMyCereal says:

      Again- still love the recaps- but with everything happening in addition to the show I just feel like this site has the potential to be more. The reunion had so much drama happen at it, jenelles wedding, etc.

      • Nikki says:

        I agree. It’s missing a lot of information that would be great topics to comment on. And I too, am noticing that when we ask questions about what’s going on they are ignored. I’m starting to miss TeenMomJunkies 🙁

      • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

        I also agree that there is a lot of potential. Posts about Jenelle’s wedding but also about Chelsea’s and about the latest dramastical things happening at the reunion.

        I think the writing is excellent and I appreciate the recaps but I am wanting for more . It would help if WE could post links to news articles ourselves in the comments to discuss things but unfortunately posting a link always requires approval from the mods.

        Yes I know there are other TM blogs. The TM Reddits are a lot of fun to read (hilarious comments and snark 😂) but I won’t make an account because those reddits are addictive .I wouldn’t be doing much other than reading and replying all day. Especially since I am unemployed at the moment .😂

        Also I like reading what YOU guys have to say and I enjoy this ‘small’ setting.

        One time I dared starting a thread about Nova sleeping on her tummy (I thought she was still a baby because she was so small at 1 years old) on IMDB and at least 40 people proceeded to chew my head off. Wasn’t fun lol but I still stand by what I said that Nova shouldn’t have bden sleeping on her tummy because of her size.

        I do really appreciate Jersey for the recaps (thank you) and for basically trying to keep the site alive .

        I just hope it won’t go the same way down as TMJ.

        • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

          Lol at me contradicting myself in wanting more content here and the show to end in the other post.😂 Without the show there would be no content..

          Also me telling Jenelle and Amber to get ‘real jobs’ while I don’t have one myself..😂 A bit rich coming from me.

          Sincerely sorry for the hypocrisy folks.. 😂

          • JerseyGirl says:

            Meh, I’m with you though – while I love the shows/doing the recaps, I agree as the kids are getting older, it is probably time to wrap it up.

        • JerseyGirl says:

          Thank you! I think I can approve articles if you guys want to send them in? I am all about keeping the site going and will do what I can. I just don’t have a lot of time to find them, vet them, etc.

  6. CCxx says:

    Is the site just ignoring that several readers/ commenters have asked or “liked” comments asking a bunch of times what is going on with the site

  7. Bab's biggest fan says:

    I really like this site and appreciate the recaps but I wish the writers would just reply to one of our comments and let us know what happened to El and on future plans for the site (are they going to do news again, etc..)

    • Janel says:

      Hey there, I thought I would step in and hopefully add a little clarity for you guys. I’m Janel I used to write the American Horror Story recaps, however I stopped due to lack of interest. I recently spoke to EL and I am not going to speak for her but I do want to say that for the foreseeable future the only content on this site will be Jersey’s recaps of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG (if she does those). If or when things change I am sure EL will jump back on and make an announcement. I know that wasn’t much but hopefully it was a little something so you guys at least know what to expect going forward.

      • JerseyGirl says:

        Hey Janel

        Sorry I never got to comment on AHS – unfortunately I am a season behind (just finished Roanoke- weird!!!!).

        • Janel says:

          No worries :), yes Roanoke was weird. I was on the fence about this new season a couple of episodes in but it’s starting to get good!

  8. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    I think it’s clear that we’re going to have to go elsewhere for our teen mom gossip, and that’s okay. Recaps only is just fine

  9. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    You guys heard about the latest drama at the reunion or nye party they were filming?

    All of the kids were there and things got pretty heated this time.

    I really hope MTV cancels this shitshow or fires Jenelle but they won’t because she is good for ratings.. And I have heard of TM New Jersey being in the works, smh..

    However I really feel that, especially since the TMOG kids are nearing the age of 10, it is time to wrap things up at least for OG and TM2.

    Time for the girls *cough Jenelle amd Amber especially* to get real jobs.

    • Claire says:

      I’ve been sick reading the stuff thats being going on at the reunion.I’ve followed the show since the beginning and I dont know weather its age or just the fact that I have kids of my own now but I dont think I can watch much more.

      The fact that those kids will have to grow up and realise or read about the fact that they were part of this shitshow is disgusting…….and the fact that it was to line there own parents pockets is deplorable.

      Thats not just Jenelle (but just for the record I would slap the silly little smirk of f her face for the way she treats those kids)but they are all the same and should be tarred with the same brush.

      Chelsea and Randy seem to think they are better than that but if they really were they would have left the show long ago.Just goes to show money does talk but the only real winners here are MTV.They must be loving all the drama this has caused but it comes at the expense of the kids and no one else.


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