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Hello again readers.  Sorry for the slight delay, I am closing in on my birthday and did a little traveling to do so.  Many thanks for all the support and thank YOU, each and every one of you for reading.


Kailyn is back from St. Thomas and getting things ready for the arrival of baby Lux.  Chris has not been in much communication with Kailyn.  She doesn’t seem too upset by that.  She seems to realize Chris is not going to step up. She wishes she could be like Briana was with Luis and just dismiss him.

Jo and Isaac have a little father-son time in the pool. They talk about Isaac’s new sibling coming soon and Isaac hopes it’s another sister. It’s sweet to see how close Isaac is with Jo.

Kailyn is getting nervous about the upcoming birth. Kail isn’t sure Chris will show up for the ultrasound or the birth. She calls her friend Sterling from the car and tells her she is freaking out.  Hello, Kailyn, I’m a little freaked out that you’re not wearing a seatbelt, or driving with your hands actually on the steering wheel. Kail is upset because she is realizing that Chris is not going to step up for her or the baby. She’s shocked to see him at her appointment.


Jace, Maryssa, Jenelle and David are in New York for wedding apparel for the girls.  Maryssa is trying on dresses and David is busy having a conversation with Jace that is entirely not appropriate about why Babs was not invited to the wedding.  Four DAYS before the wedding, Jenelle asks one of the MTV crew to be the officiant at the wedding.  I’m no wedding expert, but I really think you should have that nailed down more than four days prior.  He agrees, probably because he is worried about David burying him somewhere on The Land.

Jenelle shows the crew what needs done before the wedding.  Babs has lunch with a friend and talks to her about all the stress she is feeling about not being invited to the wedding.  Babs is sure it is all David’s doing.  She later says it’s both of them.  Her friend tells Barbara that maybe David is not so bad.  The friend suggests Barbara make nice with David to get invited to the wedding.  Barbara is not interested in doing that.

Jenelle is stressing out about the sod not being laid before the wedding. David is flying around The Land looking crazy as always. Jenelle laments that she has no friends there to help her. Jenelle and David get in a fight. Jenelle claims that she isn’t filming anymore because David acts like she doesn’t exist. She goes in her little shed and cries that she’s doing it all herself.  David heads in to see what’s eating his psycho bride. David and Jenelle then tell the crew to go away. Jenelle goes off on the producer.


Chelsea is gearing up for her wedding reception and takes Aubree for her dress fitting.  Aubree looks so cute and grown up.  Chelsea and Cole talk about how fast a year has gone by, and that they should go on a vacation by themselves before they start popping out more kids.

Chelsea is headed to Minneapolis to get her wedding dress and Cole will be on kid-duty. He seems completely relaxed in his dad role. And completely happy. Chelsea and Chelsey Grace arrive to pick up the wedding dress.  Chelsea looks beautiful and still loves her dress.


Baby Stella is doing okay, but Luis is MIA. Briana does jostle Stella slightly and ask “are you breathing?”  Nova informs her mom that she (her mom) is gross because she “Itches her butt”.  Briana laughs and claims it’s a wedgie. Later, Briana and Shirley go out for bacon-covered warm donuts and discuss Stella’s current health condition and Luis’ lack of participation.  Briana has decided that Luis is another Devoin.  Briana still hasn’t turned in the child support paperwork for Devoin to start being required to pay for Nova.

Devoin shows up to visit Nova.  Devoin and Briana talk about how she’s doing with Stella. Devoin asks Briana if she is going to move out and she says not any time soon. Briana tells Devoin that her situation with Luis is not great and she’s handling everything on her own.  She points out to Devoin that he needs to be there for Nova physically and financially.  Devoin offers to pay for Nova’s school.

Briana shows up for Nova’s school orientation. Briana lets Devoin know that she needs $185 plus $25 for registration to sign her up for before and after school care. It’s cash only and Briana seems mad that Devoin didn’t have the cash on him, even though she literally told him minutes before. Not that I’m sticking up for Devoin, but most people don’t walk around with that kind of cash if they don’t know that they need it.

Later, Briana talks to Brittany about why she was mad at Devoin. Briana states “Nova’s expensive”.  Way to make the kid feel bad because of course she’s right there hearing that.  Yes, kids are expensive, but Nova didn’t ask to be born. Brittany asks her if she’s going to file the child support paperwork and Briana claims she is. She goes out to put the paperwork into the mailbox.


Addie is giving Leah a bit of trouble and Ali declares that Addie won’t be allowed to go to Walmart.  Leah takes away Addie’s allowance and puts her in timeout when Addie calls Leah “stupid”.  Leah goes out with her friend Maddy and they discuss the girls starting school soon.  Leah wants the twins to have their own identities and they will hopefully do better since they will be in separate classes this year.  Leah looks happy and confident; it’s really great to see.

Leah takes the girls on a picnic and tells the twins they will be in different rooms this year. The girls head to the bus stop the next morning. The girls are excited to start school. The girls are at Corey’s for a few days.  He talks to Ali about her aide and about them being in different classrooms.  Later, Leah talks to Corey about their first day and therapy for Gracie.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Jenelle and David get married, Lincoln and Isaac meet Lux, Chelsea and Cole have their reception, Briana and Company go off on Devoin and Leah’s girls struggle with some bad language.

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  1. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    I’m surprised the twins didn’t start in separate classrooms. That’s how they’ve always done it in any Illinois school I’ve attended/worked in

  2. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    I love the end when Jenelle is trying to yell at David and he keeps zooming away. I don’t like the guy and I think he’s a bad person but she is too. I want them to stay together so they don’t ruin anyone else’s lives.

    I am happy the twins are getting split up at school- they should. It’s best for them both.

    Chelseas dress is stunning. Aubrey looks so old now too.

    I feel bad for kail but she kinda does everything to herself. She’s her own worst enemy.

    Brianna drives me nuts. Devon I think wants to try but it’s gotta be so hard with those ladies constantly at him. She should set up child support because then she won’t be fighting with him about money and it will give him the chance to maybe take his daughter to the park without dealing with brianas family.

    • Nikki says:

      I agree about David doing the yard work and zooming away from Jenelle. I was cracking up! They are perfect for each other- a match made in HELL.
      Barbara ‘s friend was a total bitch. I understand she doesn’t have to agree with Barbara but maybe don’t kick her when she’s down. It’s easy for the friend to judge Barbara but she prob doesn’t have to raise her grandkids and get ignored by all 3 of her adult children. She was just so rude!
      Kailyn gets no sympathy from me. Perpetual victim.

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      ColeAteMyCereal -Agree with all of your comment! Except I don’t feel bad for Kail. Not even a little bit. She’s probably the most educated on the show yet making the biggest mistakes. She’s so selfish.

      Nikki, I don’t feel bad for Babs either. While she is the better parent for Jace, she raised these three irresponsible adult children who won’t have anything to do with her. She can’t have been the greatest mother herself. I also sometimes feel like she took Jace as her “do-over child”. Babs also starts arguments with Jenelle at times or is the reason they escalate. I think the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with those two.

  3. Grace says:

    So Kail is shocked and upset that her unplanned baby daddy isn’t going to be there for her?!? Ok…. that’s why you get into a relationship and WAIT until you are stable before getting pregnant.

    These girls are old enough to understand unplanned pregnancies and consequences. I don’t feel sorry for Kail at all…

  4. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    I must say… Chelseas wedding dress is gorgeous. I don’t normally like the ‘lacy’ type of wedding dress but hers is stunning. She looks freaking amazing too; wish I’d look as great.. 😭😭😭

  5. CCxx says:

    Jenelle trying to defend her ” different style” veil on instagram after she posted a pic of her with it on backwards. I can’t with her lol this will make a great story line for her next season crying about all the “hate comments” she received while still insisting her veil was not on backwards!!

  6. -A says:

    Kailyn – you got pregnant on purpose with someone you didn’t want to be around and now you’re upset he’s not there. Also I almost don’t blame him for not answering you phone calls b/c he probably doesn’t want to be b*tched at.

    Jenelle – the sod should have been laid weeks ago, not the day before your wedding. Also its your own fault you don’t have any friends and that your mom isn’t coming to your wedding. I can tell Babs really loves her and if she asked for her to be there and to help her she would. Now go in to your shed and smoke your beloved weed and calm down.

    Chelsea – her dress is gorgeous and Aubree’s was cute, not my style, but you could tell she loved it and was so happy to have a special dress.

    Brianna – the child support should have been filed ages ago, and why are you so surprised that some guy you hooked up with from the club isn’t stepping up and being there. Also he is at trucking school trying to get a job/career to be able to support Stella.

    Leah – I’m glad the twins are going to be in separate classes this year however I know twins that are in the same class or on the same “team” (same teachers but separate classes) all the way until middle school/junior high. I’m glad Ali is getting an aide to help her she should have had one from the beginning. Its really nice to see that Leah seems to have it together and is doing better this season.

  7. Bab's biggest fan says:

    Not this episode per se but the most recent one with Chelsea’s wedding, Aubrey’s voice-over during their first dance was so genuine and amazing


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