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Hello faithful readers.  Today we wrap up Season 8 of Teen Mom 2.  I read an article elsewhere that the show may possibly not continue.  Not sure how I feel about that.  It’s sort of like Dance Moms for me.  Yeah, the girls are getting older, but I was still sort of sad when it stopped.  Same with the Teen Mom franchise.  I started watching this back in 2009 with my then 14-year-old.  We already had a good dialogue in our household about taking responsibility for your own actions, etc. but I still thought there were some decent messages in there.  Plus, I like seeing the kids grow up.  Frankly they could make an Addie, Isaac, Aubree, Jace spin off and I’d be perfectly happy.  Well, mostly happy.


Naturally, Jenelle and David have “worked things out” and the wedding is back on.  Jenelle says she was just angry because things weren’t getting done and David’s friends had not shown up to help.  Jenelle reiterates that she did not invite Barbara to the wedding and says she wishes she could have “a” mom there, but not Babs.

It’s Jenelle’s big day! David’s mom is there to help him get ready.  The kids all look super cute dressed up and Jenelle’s dress is very pretty.  Barbara is still very upset at not being at the wedding and talks to her friend again about her feelings.

It’s time for the big moment! Jace looks so grown up walking Jenelle down the aisle. Kaiser is also a very cute ring bearer and Maryssa looks so beautiful as well.  It’s official and there is a random dog roaming among the seated guests. No reception footage though.


Kailyn is waiting to have the baby anytime.  She was right and went into labor that night.  This time she elected to not give birth on camera. Can’t say I blame her there. Welcome baby Lo.  Javi tells Lincoln that he has a new brother.  Javi talks to his sister about the baby and says he and Kail are in a good spot now. Javi seems sad that the new baby is not his, but accepting.

Isaac is anxious to see his new brother. Lincoln gets there first and is very excited about baby Lux. He does ask Kail if she has another baby in her tummy and she tells him she’s just still fat.  Frankly, I think she looks pretty good for only a few days postpartum. Lincoln suggests they name the baby “Climber” since he still didn’t have a name at that point. Kailyn shares her birth story with Javi who looks sad.

Isaac, Vivi, Jo and Vee show up to see the new baby with gifts in hand.  They also brought enough food for everyone. Kail tells everyone how great Chris was when she was in labor.  Javi continues to look sad.


The twins are doing well in separate classes and Addie is ready to start pre-school. Leah has picked up some preschool workbooks.  Since Addie is starting the next day, it might be a little late to start those books.  Addie seems excited though. Leah calls Jeremy to see if he will be there for Addie’s first day. He says he will try his best to be there.

Jeremy’s mom shows up at the bus stop and tells Addie “I wish daddy could have been here.”  Way to make Addie sad, grandma! Addie heads out on the bus with Gracie.  Later, Leah picks the girls up from the bus stop. Ali arrives first and seems very annoyed that Leah keeps asking her if the aide is helping her.  I don’t really blame the kid. It seems that Addie had a good first day of preschool. Addie does let her mom know that Gracie said a bad word on the bus. Leah tells Addie not to be a tattletale. Addie tells her mom what Gracie said and Leah admonishes Addie not to say that.


Chelsea discusses the upcoming wedding reception with Aubree who seems very excited. Later Chelsea and Cole talk about the reception and how happy they both are.

Chelsea and her bridesmaids are ready for hair and make-up.  They have a good time hanging out, including Aubree who looks so big now. Chelsea and Cole arrive at the reception and look so happy and so cute together. Aubree has a voiceover that plays during the first dance that I cried like a baby throughout.


Nova is starting school.  Devoin can’t be there because he has to work.  Briana has told him that she filed for child support, but said he didn’t seem to care. The She Woman Man Haters Club walks Nova into her classroom. Nova looks unhappy, but I think she sometimes has a hard time with all the cameras around and three hovering women. Brittany tells Nova that since Nova is on TV, everyone will want to be her friend.  Devoin shows up for pickup and of course the DeJesus Women are grilling him as soon as he walks up. So Briana is not happy that he isn’t there, but isn’t happy when he is there.  Gotcha! Nova looks much happier after school, which is good to see.

Nova and family plus Devoin go to get lunch after her first day. Roxanne takes that opportunity to grill Devoin some more on his working situation.  Briana talks about Devoin like he isn’t sitting right at the same table with her and says he should be helping her with Nova. Devoin counters that there is no reason Nova can’t come to his house. Of course, Nova is right there, taking it all in. Briana’s reasoning is Nova can’t go to Devoin’s house because Nova doesn’t know Devoin’s family, since, you know, she never goes to her house and I doubt very much they want to pack into the House of Man Hate.  Briana then states that she is “putting him on child support”.  Frankly, I hate when she uses that phrase, it just makes her sound more ignorant than usual. Devoin points out that if he is paying, he will have visitation.  Briana doesn’t like that at all. Briana, as usual, when things get heated, looks away like she didn’t cause most of this huge mess. Devoin takes issue with Briana’s original statement that Nova’s babydaddy “sucks ass” on national television.  He tells her maybe it’s her. Briana is of course offended and once again starts the “I take care of both kids by myself” song. Roxanne then climbs up ON the booth and threatens Devoin.  Briana continues to act like she didn’t help escalate that situation.

Roxanne boo hoos outside that she really doesn’t want Nova to see all that.  Roxanne needs some type of anger management. Briana claims it as all her fault. Briana states that she was fine until Devoin said he has two jobs. Devoin talks to the producer and tells her that he is tired of being made out to be the worse person ever. He claims he doesn’t mind paying child support as long as he also gets some visitation time.

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  1. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Pleaseeeeee let this show die. The moms who have grown up (Chelsea and oddly enough, Leah) deserve to move on. The ones who didn’t (Jenelle and briana) deserve to lose their easy income

    I’m torn on Kailyn. She loves her kids but she’s terrible at relationships. So I guess she’s grown but she’s a terrible partner

  2. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Lincoln is my new favourite “is there another baby in there?” 😂

  3. Sir Nibs says:

    It’s been awhile, here is my take. Chelsea bod was pumping my nads. I can’t ever look at Jenelle without thinking whats hiding in those squirrel covers. That pack of women at Briana’s house all need to go, mother of god. The fact that Kailyn actually finds men to bang her still blows my mind. Could not get hard on anywhere near her, gross. Leah, still not mom of the year, would get a load from Nibs. I’m gone

  4. chelseas annoying bany voice says:

    Ok.. I wanted to ignore this but it kinda irks me too much not to share but..

    Didn’t Chelsea specifically say numerous times that MTV wasn’t allowed to tape the wedding a year ago? Yet… MTV did film her wedding reception.

    I don’t want to get into semantics and stuff about whether or not she had a wedding or JUST a reception but seems to me.. IF you’re in a wedding dress and you’re having a party: that’s a wedding in my book.

    I knew she was going to let MTV film her and I said this a couple of months ago that she would come around..

    I wish her lots of happiness and as I said in another post she looked absolutely beautiful in her dress..

    It is just that and this is what irks me about the Houskas is that they sometimes feel ‘too good for MTV but willing to cash in too’.

    I am sorry but I suspect that Randy thinks Chelsea is better than the rest of the girls sometimes. As Jenelle said ‘ Everyone got knocked up at 16’..

    Jenelle might be a trainwreck but at least she isn’t fake about her money making endeavours whereas Chelsea likes to pretend to not need MTV at all but likes to benefit from them too.

    Sorry for the long rant…

    • JC says:

      Yeah, except that Chelsea IS better than the other girls (and hotter too), specifically Jenelle. Yes, they all got knocked up at 16, but then a whole lot of them made a crap ton of stupid choices and life decisions after that. Obviously she’s not perfect and has done plenty of stupid things, but nowhere near as stupid as the rest of them. Is part of that because she had a better support system? Absolutely! But so what? I know plenty of people that had good support from their parents and they still continued to make stupid ass life decisions.

      I mean, I’ve read your comment a few times now, and basically what I think you’re saying is that even though Jenelle has been a compete jackass her entire life, constantly puts herself first, was/is a heroin addict, keeps dating/marrying losers and abusers, involves her kids with her loser/abuser boyfriends/husbands, smoked while she was pregnant, etc., etc…..hey, at least she doesn’t act too good for MTV?? I mean, after everything that we’ve seen on this show, that’s the measure you are using to judge? Seems just a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?

      • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

        I wasnt making a comparison about who is the better mother or who the biggest trainwreck is.

        I don’t like Jenelle at all but yes at least she doesn’t pretend to be ‘too good’ for the show now and that is the vibe I am getting from Chelsea.

        About the wedding ; suree Chelsea is allowed to change her mind about the wedding but I do think it was a bit… hypocritical of her whereas Jenelle is like ‘ HEY MTV here’s the bill for my wedding’ . Maybe Chelsea played her cards right and got a bonus or negotiated better terms which is; I’ll admit , a really smart thing to do.

        But I digress.. I think Jenelle is pretty ‘real’ on the show and off the show and Chelsea… just isn’t in my opinion.. She looked bored and annoyed at the reunion as if she didn’t want to be there at all.

        I know Jenelle walked off stage and causes drama everywhere she goes but at least she doesn’t hide it or carefully tries to protect her image 24/7.

        However just because I think Jenelle is honest about why she on MTv it has to mean I somehow favor her over the rest of the girls.. Or that I think she’s the best out of the bunch.

        While I think Kail makes shit decisions in her love life I actually respect her the most because unlike Jenelle, Chelsea, Maci, Leah etc she basically didn’t have any parents to help her out. Thankfully she did have 2 babydaddies to help out but I do think it must have been hell to be that young and pregnant without your parents guiding and helping you.

        Sorry for the long post..I am off to bed now 😂.

        • ZKelz says:

          I must disagree: Jenelle definitely DOES hide and carefully protect her image 24/7!!! And she is not real when she can hide it!! What do you think all the propaganda pics are her social media are posted these for?

          • Grace says:

            Jenelle is not real about anything. That girl lies about everything. She did try to hide the fact her daughter was born high on drugs… she tries to threaten mtv with leaving the show if they portray her better. She can’t tell the truth at all when it comes to Jace and court. She’s constantly lying and trying to portray a happy family on social media. She’s awful

  5. chelseas annoying bany voice says:

    I am sorry but I was legit cringing reading about how Kailyn boasts about Chris being a good dad and showing Lux to Javi; her former husband and baby daddy 2.

    What an awkward situation… Yikes!

  6. rosie says:

    Yes please cancel this whole abuse enabling. Dont worry, between farrah jenelle kail and amber you will still have your daily dose of drama


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