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Another week, another glimpse into the life of those crazy Teen Moms!

Do you guys like the five-girl format? From a recap standpoint, it’s fine, but honestly I feel like we don’t get much content on any of them now.



Briana DeJesus

Briana and the “other woman” talk on the phone, but not on camera. She confirms that she has been sleeping with Luis, Briana’s baby-daddy. She tells her mom and sister who don’t want to believe it. Brittany insists that Briana break up with him immediately. Briana’s mom flips out and says this will kill her. Way to be supportive there, mom. Briana is not sure what she is going to do.

Brittany DeJesus

Luis knows that Briana knows about the cheating. He wants them to talk it out and is coming over. Briana asks her mom and sister to take Nova somewhere while Luis is there. Luis shows up and admits that he messed up and regrets it. He claims he still wants to be with Briana and continue with their plans to move in together. Briana tells him that probably isn’t happening now. She can’t trust him and will raise the baby on her own. Briana says she can’t live with the uncertainty and really doesn’t want to co-parent either. Briana asks him how he feels about adoption. Luis is not for that at all, and will not give up his parental rights to the baby. Briana doesn’t want to be “stuck” with another kid.

Briana is still hoping Luis will chose adoption, and her family still wants to talk to him. They are openly hostile to him when he is there and talk about him like he isn’t in the room. Of course, this all takes place in front of Nova. Briana’s mom asks what the plans are, moving forward. Briana shuts down and won’t answer her mom. She leaves the room, and goes outside to cry.

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle meets David at the rental house, which David managed to get the keys to after all. Jenelle has managed to calm down for the moment. David does apologize, and Jenelle points out that he had an attitude and wasn’t supportive. She does not, of course, apologize for her behavior. They do kiss and make up, though. Well, sort of.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason

Jenelle is still not making up with Babs. Also, Nathan has not seen Kaiser for over a month as Jenelle does not trust him. Jenelle is taking him back to court to further limit his visitation. She wants him to only have supervised visits and only every other weekend instead of three weekends a month.

Nathan Griffin
Jenelle and Nathan have their day in court. Of course, David is with her. Nathan does not want to talk to the paparazzi out front. Nathan does agree to the new terms for visitation. He calls Jenelle a “brat” to the producer and says of course she got what she wanted. He tells the producer that he will never sign over his rights, that he was just frustrated and drunk when he sent the text saying he would give up Kaiser. He rants about Jenelle to the producer and says he still has joint custody. Jenelle gives David the run down in the car and they bash Nathan for awhile.

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn talks to Javi when he comes over, but does not want to hug him. Javi goes upstairs to see the boys, then comes back down to talk to Kailyn after going through her refrigerator. That is ….weird. Javi wants to discuss the possible deployment. Kail is very unhappy that Javi told the kids that he might deploy again. Even when he apologizes, Kailyn continues to rant at him and then dismisses his concern and him.

Kailyn Lowry

Kail calls her “Soul Sister” Kristen, and tells her that she has broken up with her baby-daddy. Kail is glad that she held him at arms length and he wasn’t involved with her kids at all. Kailyn says she is not looking to be in a relationship at all at this point. Kristen suggests that Kail try girls, which Kail says she has already been there, done that, and it’s too much drama.

Kailyn Lowry
Isaac is going to Javi’s because he asked to spend the night. Kail does not seem too heartbroken by that. It is a very good thing that Javi has continued to have a relationship with Isaac, but I just feel like Kail uses him (and Jo) whenever it’s conventient for her. Isaac is trying to tell Kailyn about his day and she is focused more on her life and issues. Kail talks to Sterling after dropping Isaac off and tells Sterling how overwhelmed she is. Sterling says “dude, you’re so pregnant”, and Kail tells her “I’m filming!” through gritted teeth. Whoops. Maybe don’t FaceTime friends while you’re driving/filming? She had already had Kristen ask her “how’s momma Kail” earlier on the FaceTime call though and talked about breaking up with her baby-daddy?

Kailyn Lowry

Leah Messer

Leah is back in class, for the second day, even though she’s exhausted. She FaceTimes her friend Liz after class and tells her how happy she is to be back in school. She also discusses how sad Addie was about missing Jeremy.

Leah Messer

Corey is playing with the girls and teasing them about when they are allowed to date. Leah is discussing her day with Addie, who wants to call her daddy. Leah does let her call, on speakerphone, of course. Jeremy makes plans to see Addie the next day.

Leah has picked up all three girls and wants them to ask about her day at school as well. Gracie is really disrespectful to Leah and puts her hands over her ears and says “blah blah blah”. While Leah should not depend on the girls to be her “friends”, they still need to respect their mom. Leah does call her out on her poor behavior. Addie is happy to be able to see her daddy, but falls asleep waiting for him to show up. The kid transfer goes fine. Addie asks her dad to take her to Wal-mart. He agrees to take her.

Chelsea DeBoer

Chelsea welcomes the crew into her house and lets them meet baby Watson. Awww. Cole definitely looks in love with his baby. Chelsea discusses her labor and delivery, which was very fast. Chelsea states that she needed a baby so bad, which seems to make Aubree a little jealous.

Chelsea DeBoer

Watson has a rash and Chelsea is worried. Randy arrives to see Watson and take Aubree for some Papa time. Chelsea asks Randy if her kids are Randy’s favorites. Cole does say that having the baby is worth it, even if he is losing sleep. Chelsea picks up Aubree from Papa Randy’s and Cole is headed out with some coworkers. Aubree wants to go out with Cole and his friends. Cole teases her and she has a meltdown. Poor kid, she’s probably just tired. Chelsea snaps at her, which doesn’t help. Chelsea then admonishes Cole for fueling the fire. Sounds like everyone could use a nap.

Randy Houska

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Jeremy says Addie never wants to go home when she’s with him, Chelsea is upset with Aubree’s attitude, Jenelle screams at her mom, Briana is still considering adoption and discusses it with Nova, and Kailyn tells Jo she is going to be filming her pregnancy. Until next week, Jersey out!

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  1. Grace says:

    I wouldn’t say Chelsea snapped at Aubree. When my daughter turns 7 and acts disrespectful like that to me, I would also take away the iPad. Yes she’s a child, but they also need to know they can’t be brats. Then they grow up to be assholes lol.

    I just can’t with Briana. You got pregnant by a guy you only knew A MONTH, and now you’re upset that you have to be a single mom again?!! Here’s a thought, be in a stable relationship before bringing another child in this world 🤦🏻‍♀️ I mean really? Why is that such a hard concept for these mothers?

    • Nikki says:

      Agree about Briana! She is only saying this adoption shit to get attention in her typical passive aggressive form. Ugh I feel so sorry for Nova!

      • Baby Daddy #3 says:

        I suspect she might have originally considered adoption (privately) & overruled that decision. THEN used it for drama on the show. Like she was literally just stirring the pot to see what he’d say, but she wasn’t even considering it by that point.

        I’m super annoyed she brought Nova into it tho. QUIT ASKING YOUR KIDS ABOUT ADULT SHIT

    • Butch mullet says:

      So true! I’m pregnant by my boyfriend of three years and it seems like we’re still learning things about eachother at this point (parenting styles and the like)

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Okay, but her method of handling it was all shitty. It was like she was using the counting method, but she didn’t allow enough time between numbers AND she kept making the same threat.

      Of course, she just had a baby & was probably tired and stressed and didn’t want to punish Aubree when she just got back – if that were the case she just should have ignored her ass.

      This isn’t intended to be nitpicky bc Aubree seems to be a decent kid & I know filming messes with the kids’ behavior. I’m only pointing it out bc this used to be a HUGE area of concern in the past. Also, bc her handling of the behaviors was clearly fueled by frustration. It made sense why she didn’t tolerate the behaviors, but she probably would have done it “better” in a better mood/state

      • JerseyGirl says:

        yes exactly. I am not faulting Chelsea for not allowing Aubree’s attitude, but if you’re out of control, your kid does pick up on that. Seriously, I’m sure everyone was probably just overtired, and you know, being filmed, which has to be stressful all by itself.

        • Baby Daddy #3 says:

          Exactlyyyy. Chelsea also seems pretty level headed that she figured this out. Or maybe I’m just putting her on a pedastal lol

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      I can’t with her either.
      She is a irresponsible twat. I had some sympathy for her when she was 16 but now she is what 24 and making thr same mistakes all over again.

      Feel sorry for Brittany because it is once again ‘The Briana show ‘ and Brittany is only an extra…. It is all about Briana and her dumbass life decisions.

      I hope this baby wasn’t conceived for financial reasons as in cashing for MTV but lets face it… Probably Briana just screwed up again.

  2. Grace says:

    One more thing, Briana and her family include Nova in conversations she should be nowhere near!

  3. Nikki says:

    Wow I feel as sorry for Nova as I do for Jace! Brittany was so inappropriate in front of Nova, the conversation when they found out Luis was cheating and then when he came over to talk to all or them and poor sweet innocent Nova had to see and hear it all. Made me want to cry.
    Jenelle and David are vomit inducing. Leah is boring and pretty much the same. Most distracted driver on teen mom since Ryan.
    Kailyn pure psycho. She is so rude to Javi and hates all men so why she dates them is beyond me. How can anyone stand her?! She can’t even show her kids that she can be civil to their fathers.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Understand, but slightly disagree. They were SUPER inappropriate around Nova, but I still think Nova has it better than Jace times 10

      That’s more Bc I feel Jace has it so bad

  4. Cate says:

    Addy looked so cute after Jeremy said he may take her to Walmart.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Yes she really did! you can tell she has Jeremy wrapped around her finger (not in a bad way, in a cute way)

  5. Kdot says:

    I love seeing the kids actually getting disciplined and seeing the moms actually parenting. Jenelle does nothing to discipline her kids, Farrah does nothing, and leah could do better the Ali. She has an attitude. I thought Chelsea did good with Aubrey in the car. You can tell Chelsea and Cole definitely put on for the cameras. When they got outside of the car he was saying “I’m not going to talk about this right now” it’s ok Cole. People argue lol

  6. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    Brianna-So let me get this straight. You went to a club, met the DJ, hooked up with him for about two weeks, maybe? And got pregnant and you’re absolutely STUNNED by the fact that you guys are having problems? 👏🏻

    Jenelle-“You were snapping at me all day.” Maybe it’s because you were letting Kaiser run around the house while David and his friends were trying to move heavy furniture? Because you were bitching about having to take care of YOUR CHILD from your 4 billionth soulmate? Because you were making David stop every ten minutes to tend to your needs? Like you were literally told to go get the key so everyone could go to the rental and so the furniture could be moved quickly. But no, just bitch like you usually do 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Leah-It’s really nice to see her doing well for herself. She looks so healthy and happy. Addie is so funny! “Can you take me to Walmart?” 😂

    Chelsea-She could have handled it better but she could have handled it a lot worse in my opinion. I did enjoy seeing her and Cole have a disagreement on camera. It’s normal for couples to do and it’s a good change from them being all lovey dovey.

    Kail-She’s honestly so fucking miserable. I don’t really see a problem with Javi getting himself a drink. You know Kail would have gone Hulk if he asked for one. As far as the possible deployment goes, he shouldn’t have told the boys but I do think him and Kail need to discuss it when things like that come up. “Okay I don’t care” bitch you need to start because he fathers your youngest son and your oldest loves him as much as he loves his own. Do you not understand how absolutely devastated BOTH of them will be if/when Javi has to go on another tour? What happens if he (God forbid) doesn’t get to come home? Are you gonna care then? Or is it all gonna be about you like it usually is, you miserable sack of llama shit? Can’t believe she’s bringing another fucking kid into her mess of a life. Like congrats she graduated school but she needs another baby like Jenelle needs another baby.

  7. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Kail is one of the girls I liked the most at the beginning of this shit. Now she’s the most entitled, passive aggressive selfish bitch. She’s up there with farrah. She is rude, fake, and stupid. Then again maybe the girl isn’t stupid, she will NEVER have all three of her kids together on the one weekend. Let’s be real, all three baby-daddy schedules aren’t going to align with hers! I just am dumbstruck at the situation she’s got herself in.
    Jenelle is always just same same different season lately.
    Leah looks OLD. Yes girlfriend looks healthier, but the cigarettes are aging her.
    Briana is pathetic. I wonder WHY mtv chose to add her to the mix??

    • Grace says:

      Can you imagine Kail when it comes time for holidays. You know she’s going to demand having all 3 of her kids at the same time. Here’s a though, don’t have a different baby daddy for every child you have. Then you don’t have to be upset when the outcome isn’t what you wanted..

    • LittleBelle says:

      I wonder if Briana was invited to join because Chelsea is finally leaving the show. I’m miss her but she’s in a great place now. Both her and Leah should go and just film yearly update shows. They are finally living like most normal adults with kids. Congrats to them both for reaching the goal of teen mom to normal adult but I don’t need to watch it on tv. I can go to my sister’s house and watch my two nephews who are 8 and 4 if I wanted to watch adult life with young kids, and that’s free.

      Most of these teen mom’s have grown up and are just like the rest of us. I love seeing the kids growing up but not for the salary MTV is paying the mom’s to live normal lives. Just leave the drama queens of both shows and make it one big Teen Mom Jerry Springer type show with Farrah, Amber, Jelly, and Kail (maybe Briana too-it’s too early to tell yet). Drama seems to be the reason MTV won’t cancel the show sooooo make it a totally crazy full hour of non stop drama.

      • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

        She recently stated that she wants to be a stay at home mom and has quit working (or so I read).

        500.000 a year would sure come in handy when you have quit your job..
        She has been a ditz in the past but she is no fool.

        Sorry I don’t really buy her ‘I want my privacy; done with the show’ remarks.
        Not when you’re using your TM fame to flog shit on insta.

        She would have left ages ago if her privacy mattered that much.

        I think she is a great mom but she, just like the rest of the girls, wants that sweet MTV money and everything that comes with it.

        But hey I’ll gladly take back my words if she is done filming.. 🙂

      • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

        Hmmm I dunno if Leah had been on the straight and narrow long enough to be classed as “all better” yet. The pillses will be down her neck quicker than she can open a lunchable if MTV bailed I reckon.

        • LittleBelle says:

          Very true and I guess she’s heading towards normal but could be just on the edge of re-joining the other two is she sniffs too close to the pillses again. I think Leah’s smart enough to realize she’d actually have to work or finish school if the MTV money dries up (well I hope she is).

          I think I put Leah in the same “normal” category as Chelsea because compared to Kail and Jelly, her storylines are normal and boring these days. All I remember from last season was that backpack drama. Wait was that last season? It’s amazing that with all of the previous drama over Jeremy and the divorce that it’s drama free in WV right now.

  8. A little bit dramastic says:

    Will there be an article about Jordan Cashmyer now working as an escort? Very sad to see.

  9. -A says:

    Brianna – if you are wanting to give the baby up for adoption and Luis doesn’t you can sign your rights over, don’t sit there and say a dad can walk away and a mom can’t. (I know she’s already had the baby and has kept it.)

    Chelsea – it was good to see her follow through with Aubree’s punishment. And while I agree Cole laughing wasn’t helping the situation I don’t think that he was laughing at her I think he was trying to get her in a better mood, but you could so tell that she was beyond tired.

    Kail – if you don’t want people to say stuff and know stuff get off of TV or don’t answer your phone while filming.

    Leah – good to see her back in school and that she is enjoying it, loved Corey teasing the twins about dating b/c my husband and I so do that with our daughter. It was good to see Addie get to see Jeremy her face says it all.

    Jenelle – I don’t believe for a second that, that was their rent house; if it was how were they able to get the keys so quickly and get EVERYTHING set up?

    • Ambien says:

      The recap did not convey Kails nasty tone or plane rudeness to javi. Yes, maybe he is crossing a line going into her kitchen and raiding her fridge, but this is also a home the man had helped to buy and make with her. He still goes above and beyond as a step parent, and I will forever be team Javi. Each time I see kail I lose more respect for her.

      Is it true Leah has already dropped out of college again? I thought it amusing the first day of class she was right up front but now in the back. I wish they would show more Corey. Is miranda finished with the show?

      Pbjenelley said the home was furnished. Is she down somewhere near myrtle beach or something? It looked to me like she was blowing her cash on a vacation rental until her dream home is complete.

      Chelseys segments really leave little room to snark on. Did she really ask if her kids where her dad’s favorite while they were filming a tv show? That’s all I’ve got for her really 😂


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