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Hello readers! Whew, two episodes in one night! I am not sure why they do that but here we go.


Jeremy calls Leah and has Addie whine something to Leah, who whines back to her. I think maybe Addie didn’t want to go home? Leah and Addie get home where Addie is perusing a gossip magazine. Leah’s friend comes over and Leah laments Addie growing up and her upcoming birthday party.

Jeremy is having a party for Addie, who is demanding two dollars. Jeremy is still with Brooke at this point, and they are all en route to Addie’s party. It looks like a cute pool party. Jeremy and Brooke talk about how much Addie loves Brooke and never wants to go home. They speculate about why that would be. Poor Addie.


Leah has a party for Addie, who really doesn’t want to leave her Daddy. Ali tells Addie happy birthday while Gracie ignores her sister and the request for a “happy birthday”. The family heads to Billy Bob’s Wonderland. How have I managed to miss this gem?? It appears to be the country version of Chuck E. Cheese. Or something.


Jo brings Isaac home. Kailyn wants to talk to him about filming about being pregnant. Kail says she doesn’t really want to talk about it but knows that she has to, since, you know, she’s on a TV show. Jo is mostly “whatever”. Kail says she has not told Javi as she is afraid that Javi will try and sell it, to which Jo says “sell the baby?!” Lordy, Jo, please never change. That was priceless. Jo asks if Kail is gong to have the new baby daddy in her other children’s lives and pretty much tells her that she rushed into having another kid without thinking things through. Let me be clear here, I do not have any judgment about people having kids with multiple partners. It happens. However, Kail actually sits there and says that she was told she could not have any more kids – then why did you say elsewhere that you purposely tried to get pregnant with this baby? The producer asks her if she used any birth control and she says, “No, this was a choice”.   Kail then says, “He’s a big boy, he knows how to pull out”. Glad that whole itsyoursexlife.com website is working. Kail then becomes very coy about her actual due date. Kail wants Jo to help her talk to Isaac about the baby. He pretty much tells her he’ll help her however he can and that she isn’t a bad mom.

Jo and Vee talk about Kailyn having a baby and Vee admits that she doesn’t get why Kailyn rushed into having another baby when the boys were still pretty confused about why Javi was no longer there. Have to admit, I’m with Vee here. Vee points out that Kailyn’s actions affect everyone. Jo stays pretty neutral and says he’ll try and be as supportive as he can be.

Kailyn and the boys arrive to have dinner with Jo. Jo does interact with Lincoln as well as Isaac. Isaac, by the way, got high honor roll. Way to go, kiddo. Kailyn asks Isaac how he’s feeling. Kail isn’t sure whether or not to bring up the baby with Isaac since he doesn’t seem too concerned. Isaac says he wishes everyone could all live together so he could see everyone. Kail and Jo do try hard to reassure Isaac that he is loved and he has free access to everyone. Lincoln comes over to give his brother a hug. Awww…sweetness. Kailyn may be an idiot at times, but she has two really sweet kids.


Briana and Brittany discuss their meeting with Luis. Briana says she was overwhelmed by the whole meeting and discussion and is still seriously considering adoption for the new baby. Briana calls an agency to get more information on adoption. The agency asks if Briana and Luis are on the same page and Briana says they are not. Briana looks pensive, although I really do think this is just being played up by her to “get back” at Luis for cheating.

Briana is playing outside with Nova. They do seem super close, which is nice to see. Later, Briana and Shirley go shopping. Shirley asks how things are with Luis. Briana says she is still thinking about adoption, but Luis is not on board. Shirley asks what Briana thinks Nova’s reaction will be if Briana chooses adoption.

Luis texts Briana and says he misses Briana, Nova and the baby. Brittany adds in her snarky comments, even though Nova is right there. Then Briana asks Nova if she wants to be a big sister and what if they give the baby to someone else. What the hell is wrong with Briana?? That is not a conversation you have with your FIVE year old. Nova says no, she would not understand why her mom would do that and does not want her mom to give up her sister. Briana tells Nova that she (Nova) needs to think about if she (Nova) is ready to share her mom, grandma and aunt. What?! Nova is not the one who needs to be doing the thinking here.


Jenelle managed to have her mom over for Christmas and it went fairly well. Jenelle calls Babs to see if Barbara wants to go to her baby shower dinner. Barbara does want to go to the shower and thanks Jenelle for inviting her and for having her over for Christmas. They actually laugh together, which is nice.

Jenelle has her baby shower dinner and gets some cute stuff for baby Ensley. She basically ignores Kaiser Roll, of course. Jenelle says she is going on vacation a couple of months after having the baby and Babs asks her who is going to watch all her children. This of course, makes things tense.

Jenelle and David are holding down the couch. Jenelle is supposed to get Jace later, after she picks up Kaiser from daycare. Usually I would be wondering why he had to go to daycare, since obviously the adults in the home weren’t at work, but in this case, I’m pretty sure daycare is treating Kaiser far better than Jenelle and David do. Barbara calls Jenelle to make sure she is picking Jace up. Jenelle offers to meet Barbara at one place and David chimes in that they can just meet as Costco. David, shut up. I hate when I am talking to one person and someone in the background has to add their two cents. David suddenly decides Jenelle doesn’t need to talk to her mother, that he will be the mediator.   It seems like he’s joking, but not.

Jenelle and David are running late to get Jace. David says he shouldn’t have to go “all the way across the world” to meet Babs. Jenelle calls and asks Barbara to meet her closer while David puts his huge ham hand all over her stomach. I know that should be sweet, but it just creeps me out. Jenelle asks if they can meet at Piggly Wiggly. Jenelle then starts screaming at her mom about how far she has to go to pick up Kaiser and Jace and Maryssa. Since it’s not like they were rushing home from work, couldn’t they have just left earlier? I know that’s a wild thought and all.


Aubree is afraid that there are ghosts in her room, so she is sleeping with Chelsea and Cole. Chelsea and Cole decide to help Aubree get over her fear by making ghost spray. Cole helps Aubs make the spray, which is really sweet. You can just tell those two have a great relationship. Aubree anoints the rooms and seems reassured. Nice job, parenting, guys!

Chelsea talks to her mom about Aubree misbehaving lately and sleeping with her and Cole. Chelsea seems put out that Aubree may be feeling some sort of way. Gee, Chelsea, not to point out the obvious here, but you know, Aubs was your one and only for many, many years and was super close with you. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that she is feeling jealous and insecure right now. It won’t last forever. Chelsea is worried that Aubree being jealous of baby Watson is taking away from Cole’s experience. Um, he’s a big boy and honestly, I’m pretty surprised by Chelsea’s negative attitude towards Aubree. Watson won’t remember these days, but Aubree will.

Chelsea and the kids head out and Chelsea talks to Aubree about her attitude. Aubree says maybe she is just tired. “I think things changed after Watson was born,” says Captain Obvious Chelsea. Aubree tries to articulate what she’s feeling, when she has to go to bed and Chelsea and Cole are up having fun with Watson, and Chelsea basically tells her too bad, you’re the kid, suck it up. I’m not saying you can let the older kid become a brat, but I’d venture a guess that a little more attention thrown Aubree’s way would clear up a lot of her attitude issues.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Briana and Luis talk about co-parenting, Jenelle and David talk about getting married, Leah discusses Jeremy’s break up with Brooke with her friend, Chelsea doesn’t know if Adam is going to show for the Father/Daughter dance and Javi says he is well aware that Kail is pregnant. Until the next time, Jersey out!

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  1. Kail's ticking time bomb uterus says:

    1) I love that Jo called Kail out on moving at damn near light speed conceiving another child before the kids could even get used to no longer having Javi around. He is one of the few people on this show that has matured.

    2) Jenelle bitching about picking up the kids was frustrating even though we know how she is. Most REAL parents would drive to the ends of the Earth so see their kids and she’s bitching about driving to opposite sides of a city to pick up her litter of children. Maybe she should’ve thought of that before popping out a child with every guy that will sleep with her.

    3) I think that Chelsea should’ve really researched ways to help Aubree cope with no longer being the center of attention/only child while she was pregnant. It’s going to be an adjustment for everyone and she could try different ways to help diffuse situations when Aubree behaves negatively.

    • williejonesjr says:

      I think #3 is a great comment.
      The hospital here has a “sibling tour”. I’m sure hers does , too. (That would have been a good 2 minutes of storyline for Chelsea, instead of that stupid doll last season.)

      I kinda think Watson / Cole is Chelsea’s “do- over”. Not that she doesn’t love Aubree, but Watson is her golden child w her golden man, like her fairytale. Like how she would have preferred her life to have been 8 yrs ago. Idk.

      • Baby Daddy #3 says:

        This is definitely Chelsea’s fairytale ending. It gets even better Bc obviously with adam’s issues, he’s evidently slowly being pushed out of the picture. She can pretend Cole is Aubree’s dad and be happy

        I just hope Cole & Chelsea workout. Unlike Isaac, Aubree doesn’t have much of a dad already. So if she loses Cole, it would be a deep cutting loss with no one to fill the void.

    • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

      It really is “same shit, different day” with Jenelle’s pick ups and drop offs of her kids-usually Jace.
      Step 1- Jenelle is supposed to get her child (that she is so desperate to spend time with), but she lays around doing other shit instead of getting ready.
      Step 2- Barb calls to confirm where and when to transfer custody and make sure it is still happening.
      Step 3- By the time she’s already late, she calls and demands to change the location and time of meet up (usually at the suggestion of Mr. Right Now). The other person gets upset, because they’ve been waiting with a child, who’s probably not to happy about sitting around.
      Step 4- Jenelle screams, hangs up, then complains about how hard it is to get her child. And how far she has to drive when SHE CHOSE TO MOVE AWAY FROM HER CHILD.

      Even Leah has figured out how to get her ass out of bed to get the kids to school.

  2. Grace says:

    I can’t stand Briana. Why the hell are you talking about adoption with your FIVE year old?!? If that wasn’t bad enough, she then tells that same 5 year old, that she needs to think about sharing, basically telling her 5 year old to make the decision. It is so wildly inappropriate! This is not something a child needs to be involved in, unless you are damn sure it’s happening. Considering Briana pulled this stunt to get back at cheating Luis and was never going to choose adoption, dragging your 5 year old into is almost emotional abuse. I could never imagine telling my 5 year old that he needed to choose between sharing his family or giving his sister away to someone else. I just can’t with Briana.

    Rant over lol

    • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

      Also, I know you shouldn’t let a 5 year dictate your life or anything, but getting a kid all excited that they’re going to have a sibling and then taking that away from them is not cool. She already had to break the news that they wouldn’t be moving in with Luis. You already picked out a name. You can’t tell me she never considered the possibility that she would have to raise the child alone. She’s not that dumb.

  3. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    Leah- if this was a season or two ago, I’d be concerned as to why Addie doesn’t want to go home. But it’s probably because Jeremy is gone for so long and she misses him.

    Jenelle- if you don’t want to have to drive all over then stop fucking having kids! No one fucking told you to have a full litter. This is what happens when you breed with any guy who will breathe in your direction.

    Chelsea- I like Chelsea but I don’t like the comment she made. The way Aubree is acting is completely normal for an older sibling especially when there were so many changes so fast. It used to be her and Chelsea. Then her, Chelsea and Cole then like 5 minutes later it’s her, Chelsea, Cole and a baby. Aubree finally had the father that she’s been wanting and all of a sudden here’s another person to take the attention away that she’s finally getting and rightfully deserves. An older sibling being jealous of their new younger sibling is part of the “dad experience” first time or not.

    Kail-🖕🏻A big middle finger before I start.
    No Kail, you aren’t a good mother. A good mother wouldn’t have purposely gotten pregnant (twice nonetheless) with some random guy. A good mother would give a shit if their child’s father might be getting deployed because that’s a huge fucking deal to anyone let alone a 3 and 7 year old. A good mother wouldn’t have paraded a random guy around her children and then have a fight about it in her driveway THEN CALL HIS FATHER UP CRYING AND SHIP HIM OFF SO YOU CAN BUMP UGLIES IN PEACE. A good mother would help her kids understand why mom and dad aren’t together anymore ESPECIALLY before having another baby. So tell me Kail, were the divorce papers still warm from the printer when you coneived? Or were they not even drawn up yet? Pathetic.

    Brianna- I skip her parts so 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I’m with you regarding Chelsea, and I do like her and think overall she is a very good parent, as is Cole. I think maybe she feels like she has to portray the “perfect family” instead of realizing that adding a newborn is going to be an adjustment for everyone, esp a former only child. Plus, I will also say, Chelsea is probably tired from caring for a newborn, so I’m sure that factors in as well (understandably).

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        Very true. There’s nothing wrong with being overwhelmed especially when it’s a decent sized gap in between your children. She’s the youngest out of all her sisters right? She never had to deal with adjusting to a younger sibling so she may not understand from Aubree’s point of view.

        • Baby Daddy #3 says:

          If she can’t empathize, then she’s not trying. I’m the youngest and I would have been jealous if my mom had a kid younger than me (at the time). As I got older, my dad remarried and I got a younger brother and I love it/him. However! I can still understand it even if I never had to experience it.

    • Nikki says:

      LOVE this entire comment! I agree totally ! Kailyn is a terrible selfish mother for all the reasons you listed. And I almost died laughing when she said the typical teen mom tv show response “I was told I couldn’t get pregnant” her selfish immaturity shows thru as all after she said “he knows how to pull out”

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        It honestly blows my mind that she said that! I really have no idea what to say about it other than “what the fuck”

  4. Nikki says:

    Kailyn is such a pig. I hate watching her segments but yet I haven’t fast forwarded lol. She is such a bitter bitch. The difference between when they film at her house and she’s always on her cell phone or sitting on her fat ass on the couch and that nice scene with Isaac playing basketball with his dad and Vee, you can tell what a good time he has at their house. My favorite part of the episode was watching Javi tell all her business to those three girls including Peach her former friend hahaha

  5. Nikki says:

    Sorry guys I was so excited to get my two cents in, I commented first and them read the article 😕 my original comment should be on the next post of the part two show. Oops!

  6. Mo says:

    Leah – I think Addy just misses Jeremy since he’s gone so much.

    Jenelle – Listening to the bs about the drop offs/pick ups is crazy. Maybe don’t have all these kids with random people.

    Chelsea – Aubree isn’t even being that bad. Its just normal jealousy. She was an only child for so long. I don’t think it was right for her to basically say Aubree was ruining it for Cole.

    Kail – Why did I feel worse about Isaac’s crying than she apparently did?

    Briana – Don’t care. No comment.


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