Teen Mom 2 | Season 8 Episode 4 RECAP | Surprise!

Hey there favorite people of mine! This week’s episode is titled “Surprise” but is anything really a surprise any more in Teen Mom world?


Jenelle and David are preparing for Ensley’s arrival. Jenelle is not feeling well, however. She is having bad anxiety, and doesn’t know what she will use for birth control. David seems shocked that Jenelle won’t want to pop out another kid with him right away. Of course he is. He claims he won’t marry her unless they have two babies together. Um, okay. I’m sure he was joking. Or I hope he was.

Jenelle is in labor! Welcome to the world little Ensley, sorry you did not win the parent lottery at all. The happy couple take her home, well, to the rental house. Kaiser Roll is happy to see his sister. Ensley is a really pretty baby. The producer talks to David as he’s taking out the trash (no, no, not THAT trash) and he tells her that he has a surprise for Jenelle and wants the producers to meet him at a special place.

Jenelle and David are on their way to the “special place”. They have left the brood with David’s mom. They walk out on a trail and David gets down on one knee to propose to Jenelle. She seems really happy and accepts his proposal. Jenelle says she was completely surprised.


Cole is getting ready for the Father Daughter Dance at Aubree’s school. Honestly, he is just so cute with Aubree. He brings Aubree flowers before the dance. Papa Randy is there as well to take Aubree’s cousin to the dance. Chelsea does show off some dance moves and it seems like a lot of the earlier tension is gone.

Cole sends Chelsea some cute pics from the Father Daughter Dance. Chelsea says she sent the information to Adam about the dance and never heard anything back from him. When they return from the dance, Chelsea asks if anyone else was there and Randy says, “Aubree only had one dad there”. I am glad Cole is such a great dad to Aubree, but saying those types of things never helps anyone, especially Aubree.

Chelsea says breastfeeding is going well. They re-hash the dance and how much fun they had. Chelsea says she is surprised that Adam never even replied about the dance.  Really?? Pretty sure no one else is surprised.


Leah has the girls and a lot of homework to get done. She puts the girls to bed and tries to concentrate on her schoolwork. Leah gets a text from Jeremy saying he wants to talk to her. Leah and Addie FaceTime Jeremy. Jeremy tells Leah that he and Brooke broke up.   Jeremy tells her part of the problem was Brooke found out he had talked to Leah for thirty-one minutes one day about Addie’s kindergarten. Oh and of course, they are having this conversation while Addie is sitting right there. I swear everyone on this show needs to take a class called “What to Not Discuss in Front of Children”. Leah tells Jeremy that he should just be single for a while.

Leah meets with Victoria, her sister to discuss Jeremy and his breakup. Leah says she never wants to go through that type of crazy relationship stuff again. She is worried that Addie will be affected by the breakup and having someone in and out of her life. Um, Leah, kind of like you did to the twins with Jeremy in their lives and then gone? Careful about living in that glass house.


Devoin is coming by to watch Nova so that Briana can meet with Luis about possibly keeping the baby. Brittany is so negative. I realize it is not an ideal situation, but calling Nova’s dad a bitch in front of Nova is not productive. Nor is her ongoing nastiness regarding Luis. Devoin is late, and Briana and Brittany take that opportunity to trash him, of course with Nova right there. Briana actually says Devoin needs to get his s$&t together – hello, Pot, meet Kettle. Briana then has Nova try and call Devoin and text him. Way to put the adult stuff on the little kid.

Briana and Luis meet and she wants to talk about adoption for the baby. He is still not going to allow his child to be adopted. Briana tells him that she has spoken to an agency. Luis is like, welp, good for you, and I’ll go talk to the person at the agency but I’m not agreeing to adoption. Luis still wants to co-parent if he and Briana cannot work things out. Briana tells him that she cannot trust him. Brittany then calls and says Devoin has not shown up yet. Briana calls him but he doesn’t answer. She uses this as an opportunity to point out to Luis what a struggle it all is.

Brittany is still watching Nova. Nova asks her where her daddy is. He is now six hours late. He does finally show up and Brittany couldn’t look more disgusted if she tried. She completely ignores him. He brings Nova a stuffed animal and she seems really happy to see him.

Briana gets back home while Devoin is still there with Nova and Miss Personality Brittany. Brittany said she had anxiety all day wondering if Devoin was going to show up. It seems rather crowded in that apartment with three adults, Nova and the production crew and then Roxanne gets home. She does at least speak to Devoin, who leaves shortly after Roxanne’s arrival. Right away, Brittany picks up on the complaining. Roxanne does point out that Nova is right there. Roxanne points out how unreliable Devoin is.


Kail and the boys are having dinner out and Lincoln asks if the baby is in Kail’s tummy. Lincoln thinks the baby is a boy and Isaac thinks it’s a girl. Lincoln also states again he’s a genius. I love that kid. Later, Kail tells her friend Ursula that her and Chris are getting along. Chris wants to work things out, but Kailyn isn’t sure they can be more than friends.

Javi lets the producers know that a friend told him about Kailyn’s pregnancy. He points out that she was only separated from him for a month before she started dating Chris. Javi claims he doesn’t care about her having a baby, but is worried about the effect on the boys.

Jo, Vee, Vivi, and Isaac are playing outside together. They look like they are having a really good time. Kailyn is waiting for Javi to bring Lincoln home and is worried that Javi is losing it because he’s been texting her all day. Kailyn is not sure how Javi found out about her pregnancy before she told him. She has a PFA order against Javi. Kail claims she feels unsafe. Javi does bring Lincoln home but stays outside and doesn’t really talk to Kail at all. She doesn’t talk to him either.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Jenelle and Company are showing off the new house on The Land, Briana has a talk with Devoin about being more involved with Nova, Leah finds out Ali doesn’t want to participate in tumbling because it’s too hard, Chelsea talks about Adam’s visitation restrictions with Papa Randy and Kailyn and Javi are headed to court. Until next week, Jersey out!

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  1. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    Can someone who follows Briana on social media give spoilers on whether Luis is still around?

    Also, Kail the mermaid better watch out. Sure, it seems like Ursula is a friend, but before she knows it, three days will have passed and she’ll be voiceless watching the sunset.

    I’ll show myself out.

  2. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Literally nothing happens in these episodes with so little air time. They need to axe Chelsea and just keep 4 girls

    But also keep Chelsea because I want to see where this filming with Adam goes. Which, did they quit even trying to film him? Did he actually quit the show this time? What’s going on here? I know he’s on drugs, but they still filmed Jenelle when she was HIGH HIGH HIGH

    • Grace says:

      I like how they get so little airtime now. It’s the next best thing to cancelling the show(which mtv won’t do). At least now they get less screen time.

      I think Adam got away with actually quiting the show. He’s not a main cast member like Jenelle is. I would like to think MTV is getting Adam help, but let’s be real… they aren’t and they don’t care at all

  3. Kail's ticking time bomb uterus says:

    Kail is vile. She is the reason, real victims aren’t taken seriously. She’s the pettiest person to set foot on this planet. YOU HIT JAVI MULTIPLE TIMES but you’re scared of him?! Give me a god damn break you selfish, selfish cow. I really hate her. Her children are going to see this one day and resent the hell out of her.

    • Katie says:

      Thank-you. She didn’t even have a valid reason for the PFA for the cameras. Her newly ex-husband comes by to yell at her for getting pregnant with some new random who he now knows for sure she was sleeping with when they were married but she doesn’t want to deal with what she did wrong and files for a PFA instead. I just can’t believe how stupid I was at the beginning of this show when I was on her side with everything going on with Jo (when she filed one against him). She is such a selfish person who cannot deal with the choices that she makes.

      • LittleBelle says:

        Perfect comment!!! I totally agree with y’all both. Kail was the one I rooted for at the beginning but that ended really quick. She’s beyond delusional and it’s going to come back around and bite her hard.

      • Grace says:

        The pfa Kail took out on Jo was a joke. It’s a control thing with her. I commend Jo for never giving up on Isaac, while Kail did almost everything she could to push Jo away. When she broke up with javi, she focused all her negative attitude on him, and she will do it again to Chris after she has this new baby. It’s a cycle with her.

    • chelseas annoying bab says:

      Well said madame, well said.

  4. Cate says:

    I really liked seeing Janelle speaking nicely to Kaiser after they brought Ensley home.

    Aaaannnddd… Victoria looks like she’s lost weight.

    That’s it.

  5. chelseas annoying bab says:

    ‘Jenelle says she was completely surprised.’

    Sure, Jan.
    Totally not scripted at all.

  6. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    Brittany just needs to move out. I thought she did at one point and went to school or something..

    I don’t think it is healthy for her to stay there getting sucked into the mess of a life that is Briana’s .

    She needs to set some boundaries for her sake and Nova’s..

  7. Nikki says:

    As far as the Briana situation, I feel bad for her daughters. They are surrounded by man hating negative complaining women all day. I am prob in the minority but I don’t like Brittany. I think she likes camera time to be the “tough girl” and she is so inappropriate in front of poor Nova. They should have left the apartment or encouraged him to take her down to the park Briana had her at.last episode.
    Way over listening to the contrived conversations about Adam. Just don’t mention him at all, it’s so old.
    Kailyn is truly awful. I put her right up there with Jenelle, for different reasons. She abused the system twice now with restraining orders. I give Jo so much credit for just staying calm and never getting sucked into her crap. He looks so happy with Vee ♡


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