Teen Mom 2 | Season 8 Episode 5 RECAP | Lips Don’t Lie

Welcome back Readers. As I’m sure you all know, Kailyn did have her baby boy this past weekend. Congrats to her and I hope the baby is doing well. Now for this week’s recap.


Leah is talking to Ali’s therapist and says this year Ali needs more help than she did last year. Leah feels Ali should probably be using her wheelchair more and preserving her strength. Leah heads to the gym and meets with her friend Liz, who tries to sign Leah up as part of a MLM. She gives Leah the hard sell on how empowering it will be to sell things to your friends that they don’t really need or want. Leah looks unsure, but then gets talked into it. Oh Leah.

Leah is making a video to sell her lipstick. She then talks to Corey later about Ali not wanting to go back to tumbling since she’s too tired. They agree to let her drop out. Leah is definitely not wearing her new lipstick at the coffee shop.  Leah asks Ali about wanting to quit tumbling. Gracie interrupts and says what Ali is feeling is dumb. Leah does tell her, without getting angry, that she needs to chill out and be more accepting of others. While explaining how things are harder for Ali physically, Leah should probably tell Gracie to sit up in her seatbelt. What is up with the lack of car seatbelt safety on this show?


Nova would like her hair straightened but Briana and her mom and sister tell her she doesn’t need to do that. Brittany tries to explain to Nova that she should embrace her curly hair. Briana points out that Nova would have to go to the salon weekly, and Nova is fine with that. Briana basically shuts Nova down and ends the conversation.

Briana and family go out to eat and discuss Nova’s hair concerns. Nova’s mom points out that Nova senses her physical differences due to being bi-racial. They then devolve into trashing Devoin. Again, Nova is sitting right there while they have this discussion.

Briana has texted Devoin to come over and see Nova. She also wants to talk to him about stepping up as a dad. Devoin goes to see his friend and discuss his life. He laments that he does not live close to everyone anymore and lives far from Nova. Devoin says that he feels Briana’s family is nice to allow him to see Nova there, but he would like to have Nova visit his family without Briana around. Devoin would like Nova to know the other side of her heritage.  Devoin shows up to see Nova who is still at school. Briana and Devoin talk about the new baby and Devoin hopes the baby is born on his birthday. I’ll admit it, I snickered. Devoin says he should get his license back this year and will make more of an effort. Briana says she feels bad for Nova because Devoin doesn’t text Briana every day to find out how Nova is doing. Briana tells Devoin that Nova needs to learn more about her African American culture and heritage. Briana wants Devoin’s family to try harder as well. Briana comes in from school and is happy to see her dad. He does compliment Nova’s hair.


Kailyn, Lincoln and Isaac are in the car and Kail is berating Isaac for not coming to get her when Lincoln was coloring on the wall. Newsflash Kailyn, Lincoln is not Isaac’s responsibility. Isaac does suggest that they just get rid of Lincoln. Kail says that is not happening and Isaac says, “well, I want to.” Keep it real there, brother. Kail talks to Jo later about the PFA that she has on Javi. Jo is civil but I am pretty sure he was making the WTF face on his end.

Javi talks to JC the producer. Javi says that he feels that the PFA is bullshit and now Kail is threatening his career in the military. Javi is hopeful that his attorney will get it dismissed. Kailyn and Javi go to court about the PFA. Kailyn claims that she is very afraid of Javi. I’m not saying Javi entering the house without her permission was right, but I highly doubt she is ‘afraid’. This just downplays the plight of actual domestic violence victims. Javi, looking sharp in a purple shirt and tie combo, agreed to Kailyn’s terms and they signed a mutual PFA. Javi tells JC after court that the court did not find any abuse and that he is done with Kailyn except where Lincoln is concerned. Kailyn calls Sterling to let her know the results and is so intent on giving her side that she doesn’t bother to even put on her seatbelt. Great job, Kailyn. She does say that it should not affect Javi’s job.


Jenelle and David discuss their engagement and how perfect it is and how nice it is to get away, including away from their brand new newborn daughter. Jenelle would like a summer wedding with close friends. Jenelle says she never worries about David being loyal. She isn’t sure when she will give Babs the news about the engagement.

Jenelle is waiting for Babs to bring Jace over. Babs has had some concerns about Jace’s behavior becoming violent, and he has even hit her. Jenelle talks to Jace about his behavior and tries to find out what’s going on. She tells him that if he was older and he hit someone he would go to jail. Barbara notices Jenelle’s ring. Jenelle explains how she managed to farm all her kids out in order to get away with David. Barbara is very concerned about Jace’s behavior. Her and Jenelle agree that Jace needs to see a therapist. Gee, you don’t say?!

Nathan finds time to work out with his friend and say he doesn’t care what Jenelle is up to, although he finds the name Ensley to be dumb. While unusual, it’s not the worst I’ve heard. The top two contenders for worst names ever—Maybe and Mashley. Anyway, I digress. Nathan says Jenelle has been engaged too many times to count (I know four is probably hard for you, Nathan). Jenelle takes the family to The Land where their new house has been delivered. Jenelle gives Babs the grand tour and points out all the rooms for all the kids. It looks like poor Maryssa will be sent to live upstairs, although with that crew, she may be glad about that. Jace is getting mean with his brother and cousin. Jenelle calls him out on his behavior. Barbara tells Jenelle she loves the house.


Cole and Aubree are outside playing tag. The next day is Cole’s birthday and Aubree writes him a completely sweet card. I know I say it all the time, but I love the relationship Cole has with Aubree and how much genuine love there is between them.

Chelsea gets an email from her attorney stating that Adam wants to lower his child support. She reaches out to Taylor to see if she got the same notice. Chelsea is telling Papa Randy about her email. Randy is more interested in his BBQ. He does finally sit down and talk to Chelsea about it all. Chelsea says Adam has to take a drug test before he can see Paislee and she would like that stipulation as well, and supervised by the court visits only. Chelsea says Aubree told her that she no longer really even thinks about Adam.

Chelsea picks up Aubree from school and Aubree’s friend Aubrie. What’s up with that?? Chelsea has her friend Chelsey and now Aubree has her friend Aubrie? It would be awesome if Cole had a friend named Cole, but who spelled Cole differently. How, I am not sure. The Aburee/ie’s are happy that first grade is almost over. They lament the lack of playtime and naptime in first grade. Chelsea gets a call from her lawyer that court has been cancelled. Chelsea calls Taylor to discuss Adam. Taylor feels that Adam dropped it knowing that he was going to lose and that he would fail a drug test if he were required to take one. Chelsea and Taylor are going to meet that weekend to discuss the fact that Adam tested positive for meth and amphetamines. Chelsea says that Aubree has come home from many visits with Adam and said that Adam was “sick” in bed all weekend.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Kailyn is struggling in school, Jenelle and David have another argument, in front of the kids, Aubree is still going to Adam’s parents for visitation, Luis and Briana are still talking about giving up the baby for adoption, and Leah is struggling in school.

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  1. Mo says:

    Yeah Jace definitely needs to see a therapist. I know he’s just a little child but the whole not feeling any remorse thing gives me sociopath vibes.

    The editing on this show is so bad. When Briana and Luis were at lunch they kept going from having food to not having food. Wonder what the real conversations are like. And also Chelsea looked way skinnier in this episode compared to the last one so I wonder if certain scenes were filmed way later.

  2. Barbs babies says:

    Cole & Kole or Cole & Coal
    That’s what we are waiting for

    • Stasia's Stankface says:

      Or Kohl

    • Sophia's stripper pole says:

      I think that Chelsea ought to change her name to “Chelsee” to go with Aubree and Paislee.

      Seriously, though, as someone whose parents decided to be creative with the spelling of my name, I strongly advise against it. You are opening up a world of hurt because everyone misspells it. I have had to have legal documents redone because of it. Not to mention that gift shops never have personalized bike license plates or key chains with your name spelled correctly.

      • Nikki says:

        I agree! I have a friend who has a friend, who I have never met, that had 4 girls ages 6-12 and the names are: Ingryd (Ingrid) Hayzell, Olyviya and Vyviyan! Vomit inducing! Dumbest spelling ever. And at my job the other day, I checked in a 44yr old man named Innocent! Soooo embarrassing !

        • JerseyGirl says:

          oh trust me, my job is like a database of what not to name your child! My kid wanted to name Grandkid #2 Ahmeyliah or something like that-I was like stop it. She’s Amelia 🙂

  3. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    Kail- We all saw how violent you got with Javi. We know you’re not afraid of jack shit other than your dirty secrets being exposed. And even if the PFA did affect Javi’s career, you wouldn’t care.

    Jenelle-I’m glad her and Babs agreed that Jace needs therapy. Him not feeling bad about hurting someone else really does remind me of Jenelle and her behavior. Really hoping he turns out okay despite the shit going on around him.

    Leah-it’s nice seeing her workout and take care of herself.

    Chelsea-its sad that Adam has let this little girl down so many times that Aubree doesn’t think twice about him anymore. BUT hopefully that means she’s seeing Cole as her father figure more now and is realizing in her own way that she doesn’t need Adam.

  4. Nikki says:

    This episode was disturbing. Watching the dejesus freaks talk shit about Devoin in front of Nova AGAIN. No wonder that poor innocent girl is confused. And that bit about Jace hitting and having no remorse?? That was sad and scary at the same time. I wish nothing for the best but him in the future but we all know how it’s going to end up he’s going to be in jail or juvenile hall or he’s going to kill someone. He’s had those violent tendencies since he was even younger, I forget what season but when he was probably 4 years old he would fight and wrestle with Gabriel all the time and hurt him and it was never addressed then either.

  5. chan says:

    Briana and her family are continuously talking shit about Devoin in front of Nova, but when Devoin is there she is like “Go ahead, go give your dad a hug”, which probably makes it even more confusing for her.

    And Kail is such a petty person. I don’t buy it one bit that she is scared of Javi, I think it’s just a control thing. I can imagine that he voiced his emotions (multiple times) to Kail about her sleeping with another guy while they were still married and that she got pregnant from him, but that’s not abuse. I think she just wanted to shut him up with that PFA so she wouldn’t have to be confronted anymore with her horrible actions (especially on camera). But if one of them is abusive it’s Kail.

    • Grace says:

      Yup! 100% agree with you. It’s a control thing, and her not wanting to be confronted on camera. That pfa was a joke, just like the one she filed on Jo, and just like the one Chris is inevitably going to get down the line. It’s all about controlling her baby daddy

      • Nikki says:

        Agree with ya Grace! But remember she’s “a Boss” and “confident” yea sure! So confident she cannot handle answering to her own choices! I still can’t believe the county she is in even granted that stupid pfa.

    • Elishajan says:

      Exactly. She wants NOBODY confronting her on her actions. Shut them up right away. She is such trash. I was yelling at the tv.

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      Kail is seriously no better than Jenelle these days. Both have three baby daddies. Both have ridiculous charges filed against their partners. Both are entitled bitches.
      Did I miss anything?

  6. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    So, like many of the moms on my Facebook, Leah is diving right into the world of pyramid schemes.

    I am unsurprised.

  7. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    1. I’m so glad they encouraged Nova to keep her hair curly and told her how pretty it is. That’s such a sad reality for so many children with curly hair.
    2. I didn’t really feel like Kailyn “berated” Isaac. It seemed like a rather playful interaction. No, it wasn’t Isaac’s job to watch Lincoln- but it didn’t feel like she was serious

  8. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    I feel for Babs and Jace- so glad they’re getting him into therapy. He has an ADHD diagnosis right? If that’s true impulsiveness and sometimes lack of outward empathy can be characteristics with children. Either way he’s going to need therapy for a long time.

    Issac- I used to try to get rid of my sister all the time. Nothing worked. Good luck bud!

    I hope for Nova that her dad can be more involved in her life. The women in that family are very strong, which is good, but they really do need to be careful about talking about Novas dad in front of her.

    I love steaks just like Randy.

    I really hope if Ali is already getting tired doing things that she hasn’t peaked with her mobility. She breaks my heart. I hope she has a long and happy life but I don’t know…

  9. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Wait. Who is gonna take one for the team and read Jenelle’s book? Inquiring minds want to know what’s in it, but want to keep our brain cells

    • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

      I actually read it…a Tumblr page posted it and I downloaded it into my iBooks and when I go click on the bookmark I made for it, it takes me to the Facebook Login page. I don’t have Facebook so I have no idea if the link actually goes to the book when you log in 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have the book in iBooks but have no way of sending it to anyone or anything.

      • Baby Daddy #3 says:

        Anything notable to share?

        • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

          •Colin apparently burnt their house down when they were younger.
          •Jenelle claims the reason Babs left their dad was because he fell down the steps with her in his arms when she was a little girl.
          •Jenelle purposely would piss Babs off and constantly sneak out of the house to get a ride out of her. Big shocker there…
          •Claims she doesn’t smoke weed anymore.

          Nothing we don’t already know/already saw on TV/everything we already know she said lied about. Basically her version of how everything happened on the earlier seasons of Teen Mom and whatever bullshit she claims happened before the show.

  10. Uppercutalley says:

    Maybe makes me think of Maybe Bluth haha

  11. KB says:

    Anybody else think Kail’s pattern of “getting rid” of people in her life has something to do with Isaac wanting to get rid of Lincoln? I mean, I know he’s a child who may not fully understand that’s not how shit works, but Kail has pretty consistently shown that she seems to think people are disposable.

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