Teen Mom 2 | Season 8 Episode 6 RECAP | UNFINISHED SENTENCES

Hello faithful readers! We have another exciting episode of our favorite girls, and I know I’m late with this update, so onward!


The twins are playing outside at Corey’s and Addie is playing outside at Leah’s. Leah is talking to her sister about school being too much, since it’s an over an hour each way, which surely she knew that when she enrolled?! She says school is important to her. Hmm…is it Leah?

Leah calls Kailyn to see how Kail is feeling and if she’s excited about the baby. They also talk about school. Leah also lets Kailyn know that she is selling Lipsense if Kailyn is interested. Kail is rather supportive of Leah and school, which is nice. Leah is thinking of switching to online classes. Addie comes in and says “I know you, you’s on Teen Mom!” to Kailyn. Priceless. Addie is also modeling some of her mom’s lipstick.

Leah talks to her counselor about switching to online classes and her current struggle with attending in person. Pretty sure Leah thinks online classes will be easier than going on campus. The counselor points out that it takes a lot of motivation and dedication to complete online classes. Leah starts crying for some reason, even though the counselor is being really nice and supportive.


Jenelle and crew are moving into the house on The Land. They are discussing having the house to pass down to the next ten generations.   Jenelle goes to pick up Kaiser Roll and Maryssa. At least Kaiser is somewhere in the back, not sure where. Kaiser is crying for David and Jenelle calls David back to say she doesn’t know what to do about his crying. Poor Maryssa just looks like she’d rather be anywhere but that car. David then tells Kaiser if he doesn’t stop crying, he’s going to have to put his nose in the corner all the way home. Um what? How does that work in a car exactly?

Kaiser is finally calm and getting a bath. The next day, David takes Maryssa and Kaiser to school while Jenelle unpacks. Baby Ensley chills in the other room and Jenelle tells the producer that she is tired and stressed, but happy. Jenelle makes a bottle for Ensley and talks about how much she’d love to have time to go to the gym.

Jenelle and David are off to pick up Kaiser. Jenelle laments that she didn’t get to go to the gym that day. David said he would have dropped her off earlier and suddenly it’s an argument, which again, Maryssa looks like she wishes she could find a nice boarding school somewhere, or if she could find Brandon and Theresa’s phone number.


Jo and Isaac are working on his homework and Kail gets a call from her babydaddy Chris. Kailyn asks him if she looks cute. She is, of course, not wearing a seatbelt. Kailyn claims Chris is not a “people person” and that is why he is not on the show.

Kailyn has fallen behind and is in danger of not graduating with her degree in Mass Communications. She goes to talk to her advisor who tells her that she has to turn in more work. The counselor then asks her ‘what’s up with the boy’ and Kailyn says she will be able to handle everything on her own.

Kailyn is working on her big project required for graduation. She tells JC the producer that she has her shit together now and should be on track to graduate. Kailyn calls Sterling, sans seatbelt AND driving no-handed, to tell her that she is freaking out about the presentation. She should be freaking out about being in an accident. Her paper is about branding herself. I’d say Kailyn has mastered that, although what the actual branding is, is up for interpretation.


Briana took Nova to get her hair straightened. Devoin shows up to see Nova. Briana has an appointment with the adoption counselor. Luis could not make it, as he had to work. Briana is sure that Luis will not sign the paperwork.

Briana and Brittany go to see the adoption counselor, Natalie. Briana explains her situation to Natalie, stressing that she is raising Nova ‘by herself’. I’m sure that make Brittany and their mom feel great about all the help they’ve given Briana. The caseworker explains the different types of adoption to Briana and what happens if Luis will not sign away his parental rights.

Briana and Luis are meeting once again to eat and discuss the baby’s future. Luis is still not on board with an adoption happening for his child. Luis still wants to parent the baby, even if he and Briana are not together, but he would really like to work things out and be with Briana and the baby. Briana tells him that he is selfish and he is the one who screwed things up.


Chelsea talks to the producer about Adam and his drug use. Aubree is still going to Adam’s parents for visitation. Chelsea says she has known Adam was using for a long time, but he wasn’t using when she was with him.

Taylor is coming to visit Chelsea and talk about the court date she had. Cole is busy taking care of Watson. Awww. Taylor and Chelsea go outside to talk about Adam. Taylor had asked for supervised visitation, no drinking, and drug tests 24 hours prior to his visit with Paislee. Adam then failed those drug tests. Taylor and Chelsea commiserate and discuss Adam’s current girlfriend who feels him failing the drug test was a fluke. Aubree seems happy to get home later that day.

NEXT TIME ON TEEN MOM 2 – Luis swears he will be there for Stella regardless of the situation with Briana, Chelsea has a talk with Aubree about being gentle with their animals, Kailyn calls out Jenelle for leaking her pregnancy announcement, Jenelle then calls out Javi for telling her in the first place, Corey and Leah talk about Ali’s condition which seems to be worsening.

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  1. rosie says:

    Fuck all this girls. Can addie have her own spinoff??

  2. Leah's Lahw-yur says:

    Love your recaps but major typo in this one – you say “Adam is busy taking care of Watson.” Had me worried for a second there, til I saw the picture of Cole holding the baby!

  3. Kail the Merbitch says:

    *Rant warning* I have had shit day at work and I don’t watch the eps anymore just read the recaps and feel like letting all my work frustration out on the recap! If I am reading too much into anything I apolagise.

    Leah – What is with these girls and their schooling. Do they not take into account that having children will make it harder for them to attend class and actually complete their courses before they sign up. Plus does she not realize that whilst it is a struggle there are plenty of mums out there managing to get to class, look after their families and work on top of it all. I feel that she is using the being a parent card when she just needs to suck it up and get shit done.

    Jenelle – How can you treat your son so badly, jamming him in the back of the car with all that crap and then getting annoyed at him when he is crying. What the hell is wrong with you! I feel for Kaiser so much, he is clearly being emotionally neglected. I just hope that Nathan’s family give him the attention he deserves (but I doubt it). And as far as wanting to go to the gym, I feel that is just your way to get some time by yourself. Not saying that parent’s that go to the gym are doing that! I just feel that Jenelle would rather work out then spend any unnecessary time at home with all the children.

    Kail – WTF put on a bloody seat belt!!! If not for you then for your unborn baby. I know she is a self absorbed cow but what on earth makes her think that its okay not to wear one! Also I don’t like to nit pick the girls appearances but god she swells up like balloon when she is pregnant, her face is all cheeks, lips and neck rolls.

    Briana – I think its sweet that she took Nova to get her hair straightened after her issues with her hair last ep however I thought they where trying to get her accept hair/ herself the way she is and understand more about her biracial heritage. I would be interested to know what Devon’s family think of it. I don’t get the point of going to see the adoption agent with out Louis if he is the one that really needs convincing. Plus what a stab in the back to Brittany and her mother carrying on that she is a single mother with Nova! They practically raise her.

    Chelsea – Bleh! She is too normal now. Just leave the show already, congrats on being a normal functioning member of society unlike the rest of these idiots. Now its time to wander off into the big wide world that everyone else has to live in.

    Well I’ve had my rant for the day!

    • JerseyGirl says:

      totally agree with your comments! and as far as seatbelts, I hate to be all “mom” on everyone, but yeesh—model some good behavior already! That picture of Kail is her DRIVING with no hands, no seatbelt—I just don’t get her. Not that David and Jenelle are much better, they are often without seatbelts as well, as is Leah.

      • ColeAteMyCereal says:

        I think these girls are young and dumb about seat belts. My sister has had 2 friends die in accidents (both in their 20’s and in different accidents). One was wearing her seatbelt but had the chest strap behind her and she flew out of the car as it was rolling- car ended up on top of her and you can guess what happened. The other girl wasn’t wearing one and a car hit her car causing her to go into the median and she passed away from injuries.

        I myself was in a rollover and the seatbelt that I was properly wearing saved my life. I just don’t understand why it seems like young women don’t wear them. It’s a simple thing you can do to save your life and ensure you can be there for these kids they claim to love so much and want to do anything for.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Oh. I just assumed she got lip injections lol

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Also. About Nova’s hair. Idk Devoin’s family but they really shouldn’t have an issue as long as she didn’t do anything permanent. Like Brittany talked about how she used a relaxer to straighten her hair and it seems like they kinda get the ramifications of going that far.

      … personally, I wish they hadn’t straightened it but I can see exactly where the poor girl was coming from. My friend has a mixed daughter (5) who wants straight hair (though her hair is gorgeous). And my mom said when I was about 5 I, too, wanted straight hair like my friends. I feel like as long as curly haired people/styles aren’t the norm that’s going to be something that kids with curly hair struggle with sadly

  4. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Where do these girls go to school that they have advisors who are so engaged in their education?

    I paid a pretty ass penny for school and I basically advised myself. My advisor didn’t know my personal affairs. She didn’t know how my classes were going (maybe Bc i was passing?). I almost feel like I was cheated to a certain extent

  5. Nikki says:

    It is so hard to watch these episodes and see how sad and angry and neglected poor little Kaiser is. I just cannot believe that money, and believe me I love to have money, is more important to these producers than Kaiser’s safety. Their is no way they haven’t witnessed enough to call CPS. I have to start fast forwarding thru Jenelle’s segments again. Ali’s segments make me sad too. At least Leah is a loving mother to her kids and doesn’t abuse them. Seeing Ali’s decline in health is so heartbreaking. She is just precious. Chelsea boring. Kailyn is trash any way you slice it. She is begging the father of her kid for compliments. I bet he kicks himself daily that he ever slept with her. Side note – she is milking this baby name crap for all the attention she can possibly get. I can’t stand parents who can’t figure out a name for their baby. You have 9 months (in her case) to figure it out so stop being an attention whore. I used to work with a doctor that left his kid nameless for a month because he hated the name Rocco and that is what his wife wanted to name him. So they called him BABY BOY for a month and then guess what….they named him Rocco! Attention whores :0

  6. Grace says:

    In Leah’s defence, having a special needs child is extremely hard physically and emotionally. Not everyone can thrive in a school setting in general, but add on a couple kids and another one with a disability, and it’s no wonder she keeps dropping out. I have a severely autistic son, and there are some days I just want to crawl into bed at the end of the night. It’s hard. I would never add more stress and go back to school. I feel like Leah keeps enrolling because she feels like she has to by being on tv. Her job right now is to give Ali the best life she can. Post secondary school is not for everyone.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I agree with you regarding how hard it must be to have a special needs kiddo – I was very lucky to have two typical kids and that was hard enough some days. I do think online classes are going to be too much for her at this point as well. And you may be right that she feels pressured to “do something” because she’s on TV. It does break my heart to see Ali’s decline and know the eventual outcome.

  7. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    Jenelle-nothing new about Jenelle abusing her kids on TV. And as far as the gym thing goes, David literally said he’d drop you off and watch the kids for the day if you wanted to go that badly.

    Kail-she’s gross inside and out. She needs to stop with the lip injections as well. She looks like a fish.

    Chelsea-normality is good in contrast with her costars.

    Briana-I feel like this whole “I’m raising them by myself!!!!!!!11!1!1” thing isn’t one sided. I really wonder if Devoin and Luis tried and the Dejesus women in their manhating glory just pushed them out. No side is without fault though.

    Leah-I know everyone is getting on her for not finishing school but Grace pointed out that Leah also has a child with a disability. One that is obviously getting worse (which we will see on the next episode) on top of have two other kids. Before she always had the support of a husband and her family and their family to take all of it on with. Now she doesn’t. Part of the reason as to why Cory wanted custody was so Leah wouldn’t have so much on her plate.
    When it comes to how far Leah has to drive, she probably thought she could handle it and then realized she bit off more than she could chew. Maybe online classes will benefit her. Maybe school in general isn’t for her. There could be more going on with Ali than what we see and it’s really eating away at her leaving her unable to focus. I do agree that right now the best thing Leah could do is be there for her girls and maybe take one or two classes at a time to at least make a little headway. But I feel like regardless of what she does when it comes to school people will complain.

  8. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    I just saw TM2 and I have to rant. Don’t know which ep I saw but it is the one where Jenelle moves. Anyway; here I go.

    Kail: Coldhearted bitch. Sorry but she fricking is. Javi talks about being deployed again and she had nothing tp say. Nothing like I don’t know.. ‘That sucks’ or “The kids will miss you’ .

    Nope. Miss Egotistical doesn’t have one nice word to say to her ex-husband. Why would she though? By the time that scene was filmed she was preggo by babydaddy 3. I almost cried when Javi was consoled by Isaac. I don’t understand how that sweet and lovely boy is somehow related to terminator Kail.

    Brianna: It is NOT COOL how your dumbass life decisions influence the lives of your sister and mom. Roxanne… She is not looking well at all. And Brittany… She has the opportunity to go live in Seattle with friends but sticks around for Briana’s sake.. That sister of hers is one dumb gurl. Please don’t sacrifice your happiness for her.

    Jenelle: Crying in the parking lot saying she has no one and no friends. Well Jenelle.. Could that possibly have anything to do with the fact that you argue with everyone and generally a shitty person.I still remember that nice friend, Amber, that took her in and Jenelle fought with her as well.

    Leah: I felt sorry for Addie asking for rdaddie at the dropoff. Must suck for Addie to see that her sisters get picked up regularly by their father and Germy works offshore somewhere.

    Chelsea: Lovely scenes with her little family but FOR.THE.LOVE.OF.GOD…Go easy on the powder..

  9. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    Agreed. She seemed so excited to go and actually learn and do something with her day.

  10. Amy says:

    The seatbelt issue is just awful. I also think her plastic surgery made her look worse. Kailyn seems to be so proud of her educational achievements. I actually thought that along with her well-behaved kids that was her other redeemjng quality. Instead of getting pregnant again she should have focused on school and I’m not sure what kind of schools these girls go to but my 4th year university classes were way more demanding. These seem like high school courses. Would have never been able submit late assignment or do make-up work. You don’t show up or you don’t turn something in and you fail at my university. I fear for the US education system in general after watching some of these programs. I do know people who have to work exceedingly hard and go to very challenging colleges/universities but there seems to be an equal amount schools with questionable standards.

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      I think Kail will be a shit mother to Baby NoName. She is over it and she’s only got patience for those two beautiful boys because she gets a break every other day when Jo or Javi game them. I would be an awesome parent too if someone was taking my kids off my hands half the time. She won’t have that luxury with this third baby……

  11. Kesha is my Idol says:

    I am legit crying over this sentence “Maryssa looks like she wishes she could find a nice boarding school somewhere, or if she could find Brandon and Theresa’s phone number.” Literally I feel so bad for this clan of children they have.

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