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Hey Wonderful Readers! Here we are with another update on our Teen Mom 2 girls. I do want to thank everyone who takes time to read these updates and support the wonderful El who runs this site. She’s awesome!


Briana and Brittany are outside with Nova discussing how Luis can lose his parental rights if he doesn’t step up as far as the baby is concerned. Brittany, of course, has nothing positive to say. I know I’m in the minority, but that girl bugs me. Briana says she is mentally preparing to keep the baby because she feels that Luis is not going to sign the paperwork. Briana and her family go to her ultrasound, and Luis is going to meet them there.

Roxanne says she feels mostly detached to the new baby and is mostly scared for Briana and how hard it will be for Nova. Roxanne states that Briana has not lived her life. Of course, Nova is right there in the car, hearing this very adult conversation. That whole man-hating group drives me crazy. Luis does show up for the ultrasound.

Roxanne and Luis have a conversation while Briana tries to get the baby to change position by running laps on the sidewalk. Roxanne tells Luis it is a “horrible” situation after he says it doesn’t have to be bad. Way to be positive there, Roxanne. Roxanne tries to pressure Luis to consider the adoption, as she doesn’t feel he will be much of a father or able to co-parent. Roxanne brings up Luis’ other daughter and says Luis is not there for that child. Luis stays calm even as Roxanne starts swearing and tells him that he is a loser, overall and that the baby is not going to have a good life.

Briana, her mom, sister and Nova go to lunch where Roxanne continues to bash Luis and with Nova right there. Briana seems very annoyed and Roxanne seems determined to let everyone know how disappointed and bitter she is about the whole situation. Briana says that adoption is pretty much off the table so she’ll be having the f***ing baby in the f***house. Wow. Just wow. In other news, why oh why is Brittany wearing a baseball hat that says “daddy”?


Kailyn is livid that Jenelle leaked her pregnancy news before she could sell, err, tell everyone first. Kail does not believe that Jenelle actually heard it from the crew either.

Javi and Lincoln are hanging out. I am starting to think there just needs to be a spin off show with the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 kids. Less drama, but a lot of cuteness! Kailyn calls in to the Aftershow because news has broken about the pregnancy. Kailyn says she is not ready to talk about the babydaddy. She calls out Jenelle about leaking the news but admits that she isn’t positive it was malicious. Jenelle then tweets Kailyn that it was Javi who announced it.

Kailyn is very angry that Javi outted her about the pregnancy and wants to get back at him. She threatens to show videos of Javi doing things he shouldn’t be doing. Javi claims that he didn’t leak the news at all.


Jenelle still wants to go to the gym but they have also purchased “gym stuff” to work out outside on The Land. David is working on clearing The Land. Jenelle and Company head out to pick up Jace. Kaiser is not too happy in the car, and David once again tells him stop screaming or he will have to put his nose in the corner. It’s been a long time since I had little kids, but again, not sure how that will work in the car, and kids don’t really get it if you punish them hours after the infraction. David turns around while he’s driving to keep threatening Kaiser. Maryssa is probably looking harder for that boarding school in Switzerland.

David gets out of the van to greet Jace and says he’s dressed like a hillbilly. Way to make the kid feel welcome and good about himself, David. Babs is explaining the medication Jace is currently taking and of course Jenelle talks over her and ignores her overall. They all walk away while Babs is still talking.

Jace is outside with Kaiser and David’s nephew and tries to dump Kaiser off the four wheeler. Jenelle is inside with Ensley and David is inside as well. Jace comes in and Jenelle tells him that they will have the boat fixed soon and can go to the beach or the river next week.

Jenelle talks to her friend on phone about the Twitter war with Javi/Kailyn. Jenelle says she found out about the pregnancy from a mutual friend who talks to Javi. She claims she thought the news was already out there and didn’t mean to upset Kailyn. Jenelle proclaims her innocence in the whole matter. Babs picks up Jace who tells her that his visit at Jenelle’s was horrible and that baby Ensley is ‘boring’. Jace is also not too thrilled about his mother and David getting married. Jace says he doesn’t want to go back to Jenelle’s for the weekend. He also looks like he hopes the boarding school Maryssa finds is co-ed from the look on his face as Barbara grills him.


Chelsea and Aubree have pet ducks and chickens, which we saw on the last episode. Aubree is very enamored of them, but isn’t the most gentle with them. Chelsea has a talk with Aubree about being more careful with the ducks and chickens. Chelsea tells her not to hold them anymore, which overall is probably pretty good advice for any ducks and chickens.

Cole gets home from work and Chelsea tells him that Watson was very good. He asks Aubree if she was good and she says yes, and the producer then pipes up about the importance of gently handling things. Chelsea snaps that she is not going into that “for everybody”, even though we already heard her earlier? Cole looks confused, which is understandable. Cole then takes Aubree outside to play with the animals.


Leah has withdrawn from classes and cannot start her online classes until the following semester.   Leah takes the girls the playground since now she has more time to spend with them. Leah heard from Ali’s teacher that she is struggling at school and is tired a lot. Leah watches Ali try and maneuver the playground equipment and looks very sad. The school will provide Ali with an aide if needed.

Ali tells Leah that she is having trouble opening some of the things in her lunch. (By the way, Addie is wearing a shirt that says “I’m totes famous online”. I am dying here!) Ali says she can’t eat fast enough at lunchtime and everyone is done before she is.

Leah and Corey discuss Ali getting an aide for school and her physical limitations. They also discuss Ali needing help at lunchtime. Corey admits he still has a hard time accepting Ali’s limitations and the eventual outcome of her disease. Us too, Corey, us too. Corey calls Leah later and says Ali is having a hard time catching her breath and they are taking her to the emergency room. The producer asks if breathing issues are a symptom of muscular dystrophy and Leah acts very weird and doesn’t want to answer him. It seemed like an honest question coming from concern, so not sure what that was about. I get it that it’s upsetting any time your child is going to the emergency room, but I don’t get her reluctance to speak about what is and isn’t a symptom of muscular dystrophy?

NEXT WEEK ON TEEN MOM 2 – Javi and Kailyn are sitting together at a soccer game but Kail doesn’t seem like she wants to talk to him, Chelsea says they have “baby fever”, Leah talks to Ali about her breathing difficulties, Briana and Luis discuss what to do about baby Stella, and Jenelle accuses Babs of drinking and driving with kids in the car.   Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. Mo says:

    I honestly think Chelsea shouldn’t be on the show anymore. All they have to film is some crap about farm animals? She’s just a normal boring stay at home mom now. (No shade because I am too. I just know I don’t need an mtv show about me lol)

    I think Leah didn’t want to talk about breathing with the producer because maybe its a sign of disease progression? I’m sure its really hard for her to talk about that. Plus she was trying to get out the door and drop off Addie so she could go to the hospital.

    • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

      Yeah, that was my thought too. Like dude, now is not the time for a teaching moment. Her child is going to the ER. Maybe she will address it another time.

  2. Nikki says:

    Briana makes me crazy! I’m so sick of her passive aggressively “suggesting” adoption 😒 Roxanne needs to shut up. Stop talking to Luis like he’s your dude. And they never stop talking about grown folks issues in front of Nova. Whichever commenter said that the Dejesus women are man haters is correct. They are soooooo bitter.
    Jenelle is such a terrible mother. I feel bad for Kaiser and Jace the most. I agree with Jace , Jenelle’s house is BORING for kids. No other kids anywhere near the house, no grass no play set. Considering how much money does girls make each season I’m appalled that she didn’t put in a nice big swing set for them in the backyard as soon as she got into the house she can afford it 12 times over.
    Chelsea boring as hell.

    Leah’s situation makes me sad. Poor Ali, it makes me cry when I see her struggling. She is such a sweet beautiful child!♡♡

    • Mo says:

      I agree with you about Briana. It seems like she isn’t really even considering adoption. She’s just doing it for drama. Which is messed up!

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Briana and Company definitely seem to have issues with men, that’s for sure. I feel for Nova and Stella growing up in that toxic environment. And yes, why didn’t Jenelle put in a nice swing set/playset for the kids?

  3. Z says:

    My son NEEDS that paw patrol helmet. It’s badass!!! Kai is so cute.

  4. chan says:

    It’s apparently not a popular opinion, but I like Chelsea’s segments and think it’s a good thing she is still on the show for the contrast it shows.

    And what was that about Kail saying that she had pictures of Javi having sex with another woman while he was abroad for work? Wondering if that’s true or if Kail is just trying to take revenge and make him look bad, wouldn’t be the first time..

    • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

      I think it’s important to have Chelsea to show what good parenting is like. I mean Leah is certainly doing so much better but it’s kinda nice to have at least one person without any type of scandal.
      Kail is a such a hypocrite. Whenever someone brings up her sleeping around during Javi’s deployment she says it’s okay because they weren’t together but then she tried to throw him under the bus by trying to act like he was cheating while away. Like I know you’re incredibly selfish and indecisive but come the fuck on!

  5. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    Are they ever nice to Kaiser? I mean besides when Jenelle literally looked into the camera and then feigned affection for her son?

    If my mother ever got into my business like Roxanne, I’d lose my shit. Maybe this is my own bad experiences with families like the DeJesuses but I feel like families that enact this “Look at us! We’re so close! We get into all of each other’s business because we’re soooo close” are always full of incredibly immature people. Let everyone make their own choices and don’t insert yourself.

  6. -A says:

    Brianna – I know some people like her but I wish they would have left her off the show and maybe just done a catch up special with her and the rest of the TM3 girls. Like the Being….. specials.

    Kailyn – So your “third” pregnancy got leaked, get over it and name the baby already. I don’t like that she tried to throw Javi under the bus with saying she had videos of him with other women while he was deployed.

    Jenelle – Why is it always David that gets out of the care for drop off and pick ups? Those are your kids get your butt out of the care and act like a mother. Also I think she has some really cute and sweet boys I just wish she would give them some positive attention.

    Chelsea – I like the no drama mama, she’s finally in a good place with a good man in her life. I don’t mind that she didn’t want to talk about the Aubree thing again. By that time it was already talked about and handled.

    Leah – If I had gotten a phone call like that about one of my kids I wouldn’t just be sitting there like she was. I would have been telling Addie we’ve got to go NOW! And I don’t blame her for not wanting to answer the producers question at that moment but it did seem to come from place of concern and not being nosy. He’s likely to have been around since the diagnosis of her MD.

  7. Nikki says:

    I think maybe Leah was just breaking down on the inside seeing and hearing Ali’s decline lately. I think maybe she didn’t want to answer the producers question because maybe she would have started crying?? 🙁 I did just watching it.
    Kailyn sooooo petty. She always tries to insinuate she takes the “high road” but she let’s out information to take the focus off her anytime it suits her.

  8. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    I guess I have a different opinion on the duck/chicken handling scene. For me, the concern Chelsea showed while watching Aubree roughly handle the birds tells me she still cares about her pets just as much as she did before having Watson. I’ve seen a lot of people around the internets wondering if she got rid of her pets (specifically Pete) because we haven’t seen them much this season. I know children often don’t understand that they are upsetting animals when they hold them the wrong way, or too much, or are just pestering them (and disclaimer: I am childfree). Aubree has been very good with the larger more domesticated pets she has been around (and I am betting the animals themselves have been good with her). But these are farm animals and I don’t see the harm in nipping that behavior in the bud. Sure, she could have been less abrupt with it. However, if she had been maybe Aubree wouldn’t have gotten the message that this is no joke. Chelsea has always been pretty lax with Aubree in the past, being the “friend mom.” And then the discussion would be “Chelsea is a terrible pet owner, send in animal control!”

    Also, you know I love all the writers and respect that you have jobs and lives. But the last recap was so late. Can you maybe just give us a quick heads up next time things will be delayed? I’d toss my hat in the ring to help out, but I don’t know if people would care for the level of snark in my tone.

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      I really like the writers too but I do agree on the recaps being a bit late. Personally for me I thought that the MLM article was really informative but as I stated before . Where is the one about Ambah’s new man?

      I am curious to see what you guys think of Amber’s new beau.

      I do appreciate the writers work though and still like posting here!

      • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

        I’m going to hold my opinion until we see him on the show, well… maybe I’ll just say this. The jiggling is weird.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Sorry, like I said before I was under the weather for a few days and work was crazy. The earliest I can get the segment is Tuesday after I get home from work. I do try and have the updates posted Tuesday or wednesday at the latest.

      • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

        After I made this comment, I did see that you responded to a comment in the mlm post about the delay.I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well and I hope you are feeling better. I really hope I didn’t upset you with my comment, but it seems like I might have based on the receipts post.

        As I said before, I love all the writers here and that definitely includes you. I get that things come up and you have lives. I love this site, so I try to come here first for my recaps. I’m just wondering if the next time there is some delay, maybe someone from the team could post an update in the most recent article or even a heads up on the twitter or something, just to make it easier to see. But maybe that is just my opinion. I personally get a little nervous if I haven’t seen anything new in a bit after the fall of other teen mom forums I’ve enjoyed. I guess my life is a little boring that I’m like OMG where’s my recap?

        And regarding my Chelsea commented, I kind of worded that poorly. That comment wasn’t directed at you. It was more towards other comments I had read other places. I’ll try to be clearer next time.

        No hard feelings? Sending love.

        • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

          Yikes, errors abound in my post. So much for my proof reading skills.

        • JerseyGirl says:

          Never any hard feelings 🙂 Sorry if I came off defensive; I really do try and be timely here.

          I’m also really glad you come here first for updates – that is awesome. and trust me, pretty sure my life is far more boring lol.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I didn’t think Chelsea was wrong to correct Aubree on how she was handling the animals – just don’t snap about not discussing it on camera when you’ve already discussed it on camera – what’s the point of that?

  9. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    Chelsea snapping…Aah yes the sleep deprived crankiness due to having a new ‘bebe” (I just totally wrote and read that in Chelsea’s voice).

    I think it’s already hard enough to have a new born without having a camera crew there.

    That being said.. People said or suspected she would quit the show but she won’t especially since she stated that she wanted to be a SAHM. 250.000 per season is nice cash for doing nothing (MTV) and being able to be a SAHM at the same time.

    But again.. I understand why she would be cranky. I wouldn’t want people filming me with a new baby. Yikes!

    P.s. after thought..I do think Chelsea, while she is a great mom, pretends to be a bit nicer than she really is..

    • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

      You can tell that she is very conscious of her image now.

      • Baby Daddy #3 says:

        It’s nice to see one of them care about their image and actually adjust to make sure it’s presented well

        Versus Jenelle who “cares” but blames everyone else for how she’s negatively perceived

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        It’s kinda shitty because in my opinion she has a legit reason to be acting cranky and be tired. She’s actually caring for her newborn and her house and her other child while her husband is at work all day but if she doesn’t watch herself she’ll be chewed out for it 🙄

  10. Rosie says:

    My daugther spent two weeks in intensive care last year due to a pmeumonia. She nearly died ome day due to a septic shock. So i understood a lot of leahs attitude. People judge until they stand in a similar place. Believe me you feel like your brain and heart are spining like crazy, i pretty much understood how she was verry worried itwas the worst timing to explain something. I used to dislike leah a lot (specially during the therapy not rehab season) but now i gained a lot of respect for her, believe me guys dealing with a sick kid is NO joke. Als my grandpa had some kind of MD too, he walked down the aisle on a wheelchair, eventually his lungs and heart stoped working when my mom wAs 16, so Ali is sadly like a time bomb, both their parents know everything will be starting to shut down, and she is such a sweet girl, sorry for this rant, but this scene brougth me back such painfull memories, a sick child is something i dont wish on anyone

    • Lazuli says:

      MD runs in my family. It is hard to watch my father’s health decline. If he gets sick, he struggles to get bile up and it could end up being fatal. He can’t catch himself if he falls and taking a step up or down on a curb is difficult. It has come to a point he has to ride in a scooter. My uncle had MD too and he was confined to a wheelchair. I remember how awkward and stiff his movements were. He wasn’t supposed to survive passed his teens and he lived until his 40s. They had different types and they aren’t the same as Ali’s.

      Jerry Lewis (who just passed) was a chairman and spokesman for the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association). He did this for over 60 years before they cut ties with him. He raised a lot of money for research.

  11. JerseyGirl says:

    For those of you who are complaining about the recaps being so late – I did go back and check, as I was pretty sure except for the week I was sick, that they are up within 2 days of the show airing –
    July 17 show – recap posted July 19
    July 24 show – recap posted July 25
    July 31 show – recap posted Aug 1
    July 31 show – recap posted Aug 2
    Aug 7 show – recap posted Aug 8
    Aug 14 show – recap posted Aug 21
    Aug 21 show – recap posted Aug 22

    As I stated above, the soonest I can access the show is Tuesday afternoon after I get home from work; sometimes I do spend time with my kid, or have other things to do, so it is not up until late that night or the following day. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and comment, but please understand that I, along with any other contributors on this site sometimes have things that come up.

  12. Lazuli says:

    Jenelle changed her story about the leak three times. Originally, she told Kail she heard it through a crew member. Then, she said Javi DM’d Star Glam with the news. Then, it was a mutual friend of Javi’s. So, which one is it Jenelle? No matter how many times you change the story, you were still the one who publicly congratulated Kail and revealed her pregnancy. You can’t blame someone else for your mistake.

  13. adotham says:

    This is the first episode I have watched this season, and the girls look so much worse than they used to (except for Leah, oddly enough.) They all live like they’re in their mid 30s, not mid 20s, which is kind of sad. They’re aging so quickly.

    Anyway, I have been in the exact same situation with Aubree and her picking up the ducks. I have a son and two ferrets and we’ve had pretty much the exact conversation. “Were you being gentle?” “No…” “Why not? You need to be gentle because they are small animals and can get hurt easily.” “I don’t know…” (looks guilty).


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