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Hello faithful readers! Another episode of Teen Mom 2 is in the books! Just a heads up, I am heading to Florida on Thursday to visit my mom for her birthday (it’s a surprise, shhhh) so next week MIGHT be slightly late. I’m sure Kailyn will still not have named “Baby Lo” by the time I return though. I don’t even get that. Without further ado, here’s this week’s recap:


Ali is having some trouble breathing, but was released from the hospital. She has an appointment in Columbus, Ohio with her doctor later that week. Leah and the girls have a good time playing with their dog. Corey and Miranda discuss Ali’s upcoming doctor’s appointment and her trip to the ER. Corey looks so sad as he explains that breathing issues are often part of dealing with muscular dystrophy.

Leah is painting the girls’ nails. She asks Ali how she’s feeling, and Ali says it still feels hard to breathe. Leah talks to her about her upcoming doctor’s appointment. My heart breaks for Ali, who is both a little girl and old beyond her years.

Addie is staying with Jeremy’s mom while Leah takes Ali to Columbus. Addie seems very worried about Ali and gives her some flowers. Leah goes to pick up Ali’s wheelchair before leaving for Columbus and is dismayed that the dog has gotten into the trash. She does manage to run over her own toe with the wheelchair. She gets it loaded, thanks to some help from the crew. Her and Ali then head out and Leah talks to Ali about using her wheelchair more.


Briana and Brittany are hanging out talking about how she’s doing and how Luis is. Briana says that Luis is looking for an apartment close by and is going to her doctor’s appointment the following day. Brittany is still as abrasive as ever. Luis does show up for Briana’s appointment where he basically sits in the corner and is ignored by Briana and the doctor. Briana asks him if he is still looking for an apartment. She is unhappy that the apartments he can afford are about thirty minutes from her. He says he will keep his word and help with the baby. Briana breaks down with the producer in the parking lot and says she doesn’t want to do it all by herself. I’m sure her mom and Brittany love seeing these episodes.

Briana calls her friend after her doctor’s appointment to complain about Luis’ apartment hunting. She is already certain that Luis will not be able to co-parent living thirty minutes away. Briana wants to talk to Luis, who agrees to come over. Briana goes out to Luis’ car to talk to him. She asks about his apartment hunting and says she feels that he should live right by her. She points out that he will pay more in gas and tolls if he lives far away from her and Stella. She compares Luis with Devoin and feels it will be the same situation. She comes back around to thinking adoption would be best for Stella.


Kailyn is still angry with Javi, but realizes that having a PFA in place will make Lincoln’s soccer games impossible for both of them to attend. She calls Javi and tells him that she dropped the PFA. Javi is happy about that.

Kail is taking the boys to soccer. Lincoln asks “mommy, where’s Javi”. Then he states, “Mom, you’re so mad at my dad”. That’s just sad that he is even aware of that. Not surprising, but sad. Lincoln is not really into playing soccer, but Javi keeps encouraging him. Javi does stay to watch Isaac’s game. Kailyn is worried that Javi is moving his chair closer to her. Javi asks when her due date is, but she refuses to disclose that information. Javi is trying to talk to Kailyn but she says he is making things “weird”. I’m pretty sure Javi is just trying to make things awkward at one point. Success, Javi, success!


Kaiser is doing his brotherly duty by smoothing Ensley’s head, covering her up and giving her a toy. Hey, it’s way nicer than my brother was to me. David says he wishes that Jace was with them more, and Jenelle wishes that her mom would move to Florida. Jenelle is hopeful that she will have custody, or at least regular visitation after their upcoming court date. David is positive Jenelle will get full custody. Jenelle is worried that Jace being with Babs will give him a f**ked up childhood. Seriously Jenelle?!

Babs and the producer are hanging out, talking about the upcoming court date. Barbara does have Jace in therapy and says Jace begs her to stay home, and not go to Jenelle’s. According to Babs, Jace says Maryssa and David are very mean to him. Barbara is hoping that she retains full custody of Jace after court.

Jenelle and David wanted to have Jace, but Barbara refused. They then tracked her down at a restaurant where she was enjoying some wine. The MTV cameras were not there, but David records the blow up. Barbara claims she was not drinking. She loses control towards David while Jenelle claims she “just wanted to say hi to Jace”. Of course, Jace is standing right there. David continues to antagonize the situation.

Jenelle discusses the situation with Barbara with the producer. She explains that she tracked down Barbara and David took pictures of Barbara drinking with her dinner. They then went to Barbara’s house and looked in the windows of the garage when Babs wouldn’t answer the door. Can’t say I really blame Barbara at this point. Jenelle then calls the police because she’s “worried” about her mom. The police knock; Barbara answers and tells them that Jenelle is not to be on her property. Jenelle feels Barbara is probably really scared about going to court. David is confident that Barbara will lose Jace.


Chelsea, Cole and the kids are hanging out. Watson is now four months old (on the show). They ask Aubree if she wants more brothers and sisters, and she says she wants more brothers. Aubree and Cole are having a cute moment, which seems to slightly annoy Chelsea. I know it’s not the popular opinion, but I feel like Chelsea wants to portray this picture perfect family, where no one ever whines or is jealous. It’s okay, Chelsea, we know you guys are human, no need to fret over the small stuff. Watson, as usual, is adorable. They all seem to want more babies, which is cute.

Chelsea’s friend Britnee comes to visit. Watson is especially smiley. Chelsea laments how fast Watson is growing, and says her and Cole both have baby fever. She would like to have kids close together. Cole and Chelsea are discussing their upcoming wedding reception. They are thinking of moving it closer to home. They also discuss putting off having another baby until after the wedding reception, which is about four months away.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Ali has her doctor’s appointment, Javi serves Kail with papers asking for child support, Chelsea discusses her wedding reception plans, Roxanne is bitter and angry, and Jenelle fights with Barbara.


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  1. Nikki says:

    Kaiser was so cute with Ensley ♡ Ali breaks my ♡ too 🙁 she is so precious. Janelle is a delusional psycho. Kailyn is a passive aggressive attention who’re. Chelsea I don’t even notice. And I am loving Leah this season, she is very loving to her girls.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      agree totally with you Nikki! Esp about Leah, she really does seem to be pulling it together as a parent.

      • Grace says:

        I’m so happy for Leah this season. I’ve always had a soft spot for her because I have a special needs child as well. It makes me so happy for her girls that she cleaned up her act, and that she is now present in their lives. Especially when Ali needs her so much. Leah is so lucky that Corey was on her side and just wanted her to get help. He could of easily kept full custody of the twins, but once Leah got sober he split time again. That’s amazing for the girls.

  2. Lazuli says:

    So, by Jenelle logic, harassing your mother before a court date is perfectly acceptable and doesn’t make her seem volatile and hostile. Like, it wasn’t a desperate attempt to villainize her mother and make her seem unfit to raise Jace. Wonder who was really scared, Jenelle.

    Don’t get me wrong. Barb isn’t a saint by any means, but Jenelle was trying anything to make the judge sway in her favor and just made herself look more unstable.

    • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

      I also find it very telling that there is only a grainy photo of Barbara’s wine glass and they did not record her supposed binge drinking.

  3. Kail the Merbitch says:

    Leah – The whole Ali situation breaks my heart! I am actually starting to admire Leah more, she seems more in control this season. Can we also discuss how stunning she looked at the VMA’s the other day!

    Brianna – I tried reading her recap but honestly couldn’t bring myself to read the whole thing! The whole situation is just ridiculous! How on earth does someone who had a teen pregnancy not be completely on top of her birth control situation?!?!?!

    Kail – That photo!!! Poor Lincoln, that has to be one of the saddest parts ever! Also I dont watch the eps but does he regularly call Javi by his first name? I find that slightly odd.

    Jenelle – Kaiser is just the cutest! I worry so much about him, Ensly and Jase are carbon copies of Jenelle looks wise! I love how deluded Jenelle and David are, do they really think that the portray a stable family life! I honestly feel like Jase needs the special attention he gets from Barb with his issues and he will never receive that living with them.

    Chelsea – I think you are right that she does try to portray the perfect family or at least a family better than any of the other girls (not like thats hard) I’m just over her segments there is nothing too them.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I have never heard Lincoln call Javi by his first name before that episode, I think its just something some kids go through at times. He did call him dad later at the soccer field.

      • Kayekaye says:

        My almost 2 year old calls my husband by his first name a lot. She hears my son from a previous relationship, and me call him that so to her it’s just normal. She knows he’s dad but still uses his first name quite a bit lol.

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      Leah looked FLAWLESS at the VMA’s.. Makeup on point, hair on point, the dress was gorgeous and can we talk about that figure of hers..


  4. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    I know briana has a lot from Brittany & her mom, but it’s not the same. I don’t take her words as unappreciative of their support, but it’d be wonderful if she could raise the baby with the same person who created her.

    At the same time, beggars can’t exactly be choosers when you pick some random man at the club….

    • Grace says:

      I just can’t with Briana. I did not like her on teen mom 3, I found she was very lazy and couldn’t do one thing by herself. Then her disgusting twitter account…. don’t sit there and talk about how you’ll get pregnant by anyone and you don’t care, then be shocked that some asshole knocked you up…

      • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

        I have zero sympathy for her honestly and as I have said before.. I feel sorry for Brittany and her mom for having to put up with her shit.

  5. KDot says:

    I have a question…if Brianna wanted to give the baby up for adoption…why couldn’t Louis just adopt the child? Maybe someone has asked already, but I hadn’t seen it. If she wanted to do the adoption process as much as she says she did and he didn’t want to as much as he says he didn’t…why not just let the father adopt the child?!

    This season is dragging and kinda boring to me. The growth from Leah is great to see!

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Luis wouldn’t have needed to adopt his own child; Briana COULD have just given him full custody, but she would be liable for child support and entitled to visitation. In most states, you cannot simply relinquish your parental rights (because lets face it, we’d have a lot of people who would chose to not support their children and sign away their rights), you have to have someone who is willing to step into that role and adopt your child. I’m guessing Briana would not have been down for paying Luis.

      • Barbara's Home for Abandoned children says:

        No you don’t. Anyone can sign rigjt away, most people are just too stupid to know it.

        You don’t “need” someine to step in the role, that is the stupidedt shut I have heard. There would be no single parents uf that was the case.

        God google stuff sometimes, SMH.

        • JerseyGirl says:

          Actually, you cannot just sign away rights. You can give up visitation but you are still financially responsible for the child. If the father is known, both parents have to give up their parental rights to allow a child to be adopted.

          Do you honestly think (obviously not) more deadbeat parents wouldn’t simply give up their rights if it were that easy to get out of being financially responsible?

          • Lazuli says:

            You can terminate your rights as a parent and avoid financial responsibility. I had a friend who did this with her son. The father wanted nothing to do with the child and she had him fill out paperwork to end his rights. She took on all responsibilities. There might have been more because I know she was trying to get him to stay involved.

            Lindsey Harrison from season 4 terminated the right of her daughter’s father. Now, he had no relationship or contact with her for over a year. She had more motivation because her husband adopted her daughter.

            It might be more of process to get the rights terminated and a lot of hoops to jump through. And it could vary from state to state. I’m guessing it has to be a mutual agreement and someone needs to take responsibility of the child.

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        Didn’t Andrew (Jace’s dad) sign his rights away? Like I know he was never involved after his birth but didn’t he do it legally like a few seasons ago?

        • Lazuli says:

          I’m not sure. I think Andrew still pays child support. Or, at least, he is supposed to be. And, I am sure his rights need to be terminated for David to adopt Jace like Jenelle wants.

          I think it has to be in the best interest of the child and isn’t just a quick, simple process. Or, as JerseyGirl said, more people would probably do it. I doubt the court system would make it that easy to avoid responsibility, but it can be done.

          • ColeAteMyCereal says:

            I think it depends on the state you live in too. I know for my friend, the birth father was into drugs and in jail. His rights are terminated and he can’t get them back- he pays nothing.

            If janelle wants David to adopt Jace, she would need to have full custody of him first because Babs would never agree to it. It will never happen.

  6. -A says:

    Leah – I’m glad she has open communication with Ali about her health and everything that is going on.

    Briana – I get what she was saying about wishing Luis would be closer to her and the baby to help out but if an apartment is cheaper somewhere else that might be more logical even with gas and tolls. What if that apartment is closer to his job? Then he still would be paying more for gas and tolls, it was nice that he just sat there and listened and didn’t try to argue. And you could tell her producer didn’t care on bit about what was going on when she was talking to her after the appointment.

    Kailyn – I’m glad she dropped the PFA. She probably realized how stupid it looked. Also so much better for the boys to see that her and Javi can have somewhat of a amicable relationship around them.

    Jenelle – Go back and watch where you signed over your rights and listen to what he is telling you about them and what you agreed to. I don’t think Barbara would ever put any of those kids in danger by drinking and driving and she was just trying to stir the pot with having David tag along. If she truly wanted to just tell Jace hi why not call him or actually acknowledge that he was standing right there. And where were all the other kids during this mess?

    Chelsea – nice to see one mom without drama going on.

  7. JerseyGirl says:

    Looks like Chelsea does not like MTV’s editing:

    I do believe that there is creative editing, for everyone on any reality show (My brother had his own show for two seasons, trust me, there is a lot of….stretching going on). and I do think Chelsea is hyper-aware of how she can possibly be portrayed and is overall a really good parent. As I said in the recap, it’s okay to not be perfect-lots of us have had seven year olds or been around seven year olds.

    • chan says:

      I can understand where she is coming from! Even though she behaves like a normal 7 year old, it seems like MTV especially wants to display those moments of behavior.

      By the way, I like that you post this! I miss the random articles on the site with all kinds of “news” about the Teen moms.

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      Lol even Chelsea acknowledges that her segments need a storyline.

      As for Randy.. Sure Randy, it is because of the contract that Chelsea can’t quit. I can not stand Jenelle but I do find it PATHETIC that a what 50 year old makes shady comments like a teenager.

  8. Kayekaye says:

    Man I was really similar to Jenelle, and it pains me to say that. I was an opiate addict, and had a child. I’m not proud of that fact but I had a lot of mental stuff going on and being a young mom I couldn’t handle it and fell off the deep end. I never fully lost or signed over custody but my son’s father had him a lot of the time.

    So while it isn’t exactly the same, it’s not that effing hard to clean up your act and do something about getting your kid back. I worked my ass off to get sober, go to court and get an equal custody agreement. Even with my past, they couldn’t hold it against me because I did what I was supposed to do. Her constant victim complex, and blaming everyone else is for the birds. Seriously, she needs to grow the hell up.

    She isn’t concerned about getting Jace back, she’s concerned about her “image”. “Look I can be a mom, look I can keep a man, look at meeeeee!” Meanwhile her kids are suffering. I know it’s been said before but she needs to suffer. She needs to hit a bottom, and not a bottom like being portrayed badly on MTV, they need to stop paying her and make her realize what it’s like to struggle to provide food for her kids, to not know how you’re going to pay the rent. She isn’t going to learn until she realizes what the real world looks like. She’s enabled, everyone around her enables this behavior and she doesn’t deserve these sweet kids.

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      Oh wow your post is dead on about Jenelle especially the part where it says she cares more about her image than being a mom.

      • Kayekaye says:

        It just explains the constant cycle she’s in since she had Jace.

        Everyone bashed her for giving up custody of Jace, and I know it’s been reported that CPS was going to step in if she didn’t, but at least at that point she admitted she wasn’t capable of being a good mom at that time. Cue the internet haters and constant bashing her for doing that, and it’s like ever since then she just needs to prove to everyone else that she can and will do it. Here we are now. A marriage, 2 engagements, and 2 more kids.

        Had MTV not been around to film, I genuinely think that Jace would have stayed with Babs, Jenelle would have gone on with her life (and it probably would not have been pretty) and she would have not had more kids, because she would know that that wasn’t what she wanted out of life. It’s so obviously she is not wired for motherhood, and that’s okay, not everyone is. But without the world tweeting at her and commenting on her IG constantly about how she can’t/shouldn’t be a mom, I think she would have realized it on her own and been more careful.

        • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

          I agree, although I think as long as she continued to attach herself to soulmates that are (at least briefly) interested in having children she wouldn’t be careful. But I do wonder how many men would be on board with impregnating her with MTV and the money.

    • Tyler's Great American Novel says:

      I’m really glad you got yourself together!! You should be extremely proud and I’m sure your kids will be proud of you too

  9. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    ‘According to Babs, Jace says Maryssa and David are very mean to him. ‘

    Andddd they wonder why Jace has agressive tendencies.

  10. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it!

    Everyone has already said most of what I have been thinking, but I will add:
    It really clicked for me this episode, between him calling his dad Javi and his bluntness/sassiness in saying things like “NO!” that Lincoln has his mother’s personality.

    Dr. Tsa at every appointment: “She should use power wheelchair more.”
    Leah: “Hey, Ali do you think you should use your wheelchair more?”

  11. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children says:

    This pisses me off. Ali is having breathing issues and dumbass Leah paints her nails in a small room!!!

    Hello stupid!! She even tell her mom it still hurys to breath while she is huffing in the nail polish fumes!!

    Leah is such a fucking idiot!!

  12. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    OK. I know this isn’t about the episode in question but can anyone please tell me why KAIL is a raging bitch to Javi? I have tp rant.

    It is the episode where Javi comes to see the kids or drops Lincoln off and talks about his deployment.

    First off I am gonna state it like it is. Kail and Javi DO have chemistry together but is it is not the love kind it is the angry sex gonna wreck you in the bed type chemistry. Sparks were flying when Javi tries to hug her.

    Anyway.. Kail yells at Javi to not take a drink out of her fridge and reminds him it is not his house.

    First of all… Have you ever heard of manners, Kail? Let him get the damn drink. Second: Kail damn nearly bites his head off for the deployment issue.

    I’ watched the scene and I thought to myself.. Jesus Christ what a arrogant bitch.

    She ia sitting there; knocked up by sone other dude while her husband was away and STILL has the guts to act like a total bitchass bitch towards him. Yeah she’s preggs and moody but no excuse to act like a even more horrible person tham you already are.

    She has no common decency whatsoever. I do not know what’s worse: the fact that she is UNBELIEVABLY selfish and only uses people for her own benefit or that she is basically rude AF in general to people.

    Sorry for the lang rant and excessive use of the word but ooooh Kail got on my nerves that episode.

  13. saber más says:

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