Teen Mom 2 | Season 8 Episode 9 RECAP | Playing Family Picnic

Hey Readers! I am back from Florida, just in time to avoid Hurricane Irma. My thoughts are with the people affected by Irma in the coming days and of course, those affected by Harvey. Hopefully Briana and family are not in the pathway of Irma.


It’s Aubree’s last day of school. Chelsea seems excited to have the summer to do things with Aubree. Chelsea brings noisemakers when she picks Aubree up from school to celebrate the end of first grade. I will say Chelsea does seem to try hard to make things like first day/last day fun and special.   Aubree and Chelsea bake a cake together.

Chelsea’s sister is in town from Florida (Stay safe, Chelsea’s sister!) Angie seems very glad to see everyone and Aubree seems happy to have her cousins there to play with. Chelsea lets them know that they are moving the reception closer to her house.


Ali is in Columbus for her doctor’s appointment. Leah does roleplay a little with Ali in the car about how to answer the doctor’s questions about how she’s doing and feeling. That’s really excellent of Leah to think about that, because even adults sometimes get flustered and don’t tell the doctor what’s going on. Ali asks to walk into her appointment and does stumble, but is very assertive in saying she wants to walk. She is definitely fierce.

Leah and Ali meet with the doctor and he says the trouble with Ali’s breathing may be a symptom of her muscular dystrophy. He wants to run some tests to check her heart and lungs. Leah looks concerned, but holds it together really well.

Ali’s breathing tests showed a restricted airway. The nurse shows Ali how to do breathing treatments to help her. The doctor lets her know that the cardiologist report shows no heart issues. The doctor feels that the inhaler will help with the breathing issues. Leah calls Corey to give him the news and he seems very relieved as well.


Jenelle wants to see Jace for Mother’s Day, but has not heard from Barbara. Jenelle is upset, and David is his normal obnoxious self. They are both gloating that they have the video of Barbara drinking. They are confident that they will “get Jace back”.

Babs is talking about school with Jace and about his girlfriend. Jace declares he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Kaiser’s grandma wants to know if she and Nathan are getting Kaiser. Jenelle actually seems to be willing to work with Nathan, but David goes off and basically shuts down anything Jenelle is saying about trying to co-parent. Jenelle asks about putting down sod and David yells at her that he is trying to finish the yard and doesn’t care if she doesn’t want to be there. Jenelle would like to go to the beach or a playground, which seems to really make David angry.

Barbara calls Jenelle and offers to meet her so Jenelle can see Jace for Mother’s Day. Babs says that Jace told her that he would not go if David is going to be there. Jenelle says Jace will just have to get over it, that David is there forever. Way to choose your soulmate over your kid, Jenelle. Jenelle tells her mom that she (Jenelle) knows not to act insane if the camera is on her. Wow. She then proceeds to call Barbara a bitch (to be fair, Barbara called David an asshole first, but, you know….) and of course David is there to video the entire thing while holding Ensley who looks very uncomfortable. She, too, is probably wishing she had Brandon and Theresa’s phone number.


Nova tells Briana about her day at school. Briana then threatens to leave Nova home alone if she doesn’t eat her dinner. Um, that’s not how that works, Briana! Briana tells her mom and sister that adoption is off the table. Roxanne says Luis is doing nothing towards the baby except going to doctor’s appointments.

Briana is getting ready for her baby shower. Briana laments that Luis isn’t doing anything for her baby shower. Not that I am Team Luis, but generally, someone besides the baby’s parents host a shower. Briana texts Luis to let him know that her entire family will be at the shower and no one knows that he cheated and he is to act like everything is fine. Briana says Luis is not an “upgrade” as far as baby daddy’s go.

Briana’s grandma is there for the baby shower and seems like she likes Luis and feels he is an okay guy. Grandma is also happy that baby Stella will have a mom and dad in the picture. Briana looks a little guilty at not letting her extended family know the truth, but says nothing. Brittany and Roxanne seem a little tense pre-shower, as does Briana. Roxanne tells her that Briana needs to appreciate everyone’s efforts. This culminates in Briana crying.


Javi comes over to spend time with the boys while Chelsea paints the baby’s room. Javi helps Isaac learn to ride his bike. It’s very sweet. Kailyn comes out to see Isaac’s accomplishment and actually seems interested in her child for those few minutes.

Javi gets a FaceTime call from Alejandra who seems to make him smile. They talk about the soccer game Javi went to earlier. Javi has decided to ask Kailyn for child support. He says that he is just concerned about Lincoln being taken care of. Because Kailyn makes considerably more money than Javi does, he should be entitled to support for Lincoln. Javi knows this will set Kailyn off.

Kailyn has received the papers from Javi about the child support. She tells the producer that she was pretty surprised to get the papers. Kailyn seems irritated that he didn’t tell her that he was filing. Kail feels Javi only filed to be spiteful.

Next time on Teen Mom 2 – Aubree asks about her dad being around, Jo is thinking about putting his custody agreement in writing, Jenelle is gearing up for court with Babs, Leah is thinking about an aide full-time for Ali, and Briana has her baby shower. Until next time, stay safe and Jersey out!

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    Thank you for the recap!

  2. Nikki says:

    Oooh my gosh this episode! Briana seems so disinterested in the baby, how sweet for Stella Star (barf!) When she is older she will be able to relive her mother’s disdain and disinterest for her and her father over and over!
    Jenelle is just a sick person. David is there forever??? No one cares enough about Jace to keep him safe and get the help he needs. No not even Barbara. just my opinion…
    Kailyn..ughh the first thing I said while watching this episode was when she walked outside to watch Isaac ride the bike was, that is a big ugly sagging balloon ass!!!
    Chelsea nice and boring.
    I love Leah she is doing great. Such genuine love for all her kids. Man or no man she loves those girls! Take notes Jenelle!!!!

    • Grace says:

      Both Nova and Stella are going to get to relieve their mothers distain for them over and over again. Briana did the same thing to Nova on her episode/TM3.

    • Leah's Lahw-yur says:

      Yup, Nova is going to get to see her mother say on national television that she wished she would have aborted her and Stella is going to see that her mother wanted to place her for adoption (but in all fairness, Stella will probably wish that that had actually happened). The DeJesus women do not know how to keep their mouths shut in front of the cameras or in front of the kids.

  3. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    ‘Briana says Luis is not an “upgrade” as far as baby daddy’s go.’

    Well don’t fuck losers then , Briana.

    ‘Kailyn seems irritated that he didn’t tell her that he was filing.’

    Lol. Not so nice when it happens to you huh, Kail.

    Thanks for the recap.

  4. -A says:

    Chelsea – I like that her segments revolved around doing what moms do, I love that she brought noise makers for Aubree and baked a cake with her.

    Leah – I’m so glad that Ali’s appointment went well and that its not something more serious.

    Jenelle – I was so afraid for Jenelle when David was flying off the handle when she was talking about wanting to go do something with the kids, but I do agree that she could have just gone and done something with the kids. So glad the cameras were there but I think we finally got a glimpse of the real David.

    Brianna – So glad I missed the part about her leaving Nova home alone and I had no idea she worked. I felt bad for Nova when she mentioned a program at school and no one was there for her.

    Kailyn – The way she acted about going to watch Isaac ride his bike was so sad. I know she was doing something but she has changed tremendously over the years. I remember when Isaac was her everything and now it seems like she doesn’t want to be bothered with the motherly duties.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I do think Chelsea tries very hard to make sure Aubree is having a great childhood. and YES, I was actually really on edge when David was acting like he was.

  5. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    Anyone hear about Janelle and how ensley tested positive for pot at birth and how cps was involved? That girl has not changed.

    • LittleBelle says:

      I was just reading that story. Why am I not surprised she weaseled out again but she’s going to be melting down on twitter that the story got out. Please someone screenshots the tweets for us since we know she’ll tweet and delete.

      Also the story talked about Kaiser Roll’s grandmother trying to get custody. Fingers crossed for that.

      • Nikki says:

        There are the stories that really piss me off! Why do so many various states’ CPS
        give so many chances over and over?!? They seem to want to wait until someone is maimed or dead to say, yep we were about to remove the child! We all know how bad things have turned out for Jace, and I am sure poor Kaiser is looking at the same fate. Does anyone else notice how when David is ready to go off on Kaiser and prob hit him , he remembers the cameras are there and he quickly slows it down and pretends he’s loving to him??? It’s so hard to watch 🙁

  6. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    So do you guys still do TM news stories or are you doing strictly episode recaps?


  7. I’m thankful for such educational material


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