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Hi Teen Mom OG fans!! Sorry I’ve been out of touch here lately, some personal issues, but I am back and ready to review our “favorite” couch-bum Matt.

Matt is quick to let viewers know that he is happy with his life with Amber in Indiana. He is also mending fences with some of his children and ushering them into his life, now that they are pretty much grown ups. Matt is getting ready for two of his offspring to show up. He is also cooking eggs for Amber. He does say that he is close to the children, Brooklyn and Andrew, that are coming to visit and that he raised them.

Matt Baier

Being Matt isn’t always easy

Matt is also cleaning the garage, because I know when I visit my parents, I am interested in seeing how tidy the garage is. Matt does say Brooklyn is a “19 year old college student”. Earlier, he stated he was with her from the time of her birth until she was 17’ish. Hasn’t he been with Amber longer than two years? Perhaps not, maybe it just seems like he’s been around forever, like a long, cold, dreary, Ohio winter. Matt was very worried about Andrew, who was born blind in one eye. Matt says Christopher will also be there, who is their half-brother. Andrew and Christopher have never met, although according to Matt, Andrew idolizes Christopher.

Matt then heads to the local Sam Ash music store, where Leah and Amber have been taking lessons. Amber is now a drummer and Leah plays bass guitar. The producer points out they can now have a family band. Matt states that he personally has no musical talent. I don’t think he was being modest.

Matt Baier

Christopher is living with his girlfriend, also in Indiana, but doesn’t appear to come by regularly. The license plate, by the way, on Matt’s car reads “MAMBER”. I am officially looking for that when I am in Indiana. Matt does say that he typically only hears from Christopher when he wants money.

Amber Portwood, Matt Baier

Back at Casa Mamber, the dogs appear to be running the show. Matt and Amber discuss Matt’s kids being in town. Amber is open to everyone being around and Leah meeting everyone. Matt is still concerned about Christopher. The producer asks about the rumors going around. Amber interrupts her to state that Matt only has five kids! Matt says that they protect the privacy of his kids, since they are adults and want nothing to do with the show or the craziness that goes with it. Amber point blank says that at one time Matt was a piece of crap, but now he’s a good man. Gee, thank you honey! Amber is definitely still Team Matt. Or Team Mamber. I am mesmerized by Amber’s Ariel-type hair.

Amber Portwood

Matt wants to let his daughter drive the Corvette, but Amber is not having that. She then asks Matt if she’s in a bad mood. Usually that’s something you, yourself, would know? Matt is still trying to reach Christopher. Matt leaves a voicemail asking Christopher to join them for a family celebration. Christopher then calls Amber back. Matt tells his son he will give him $200 for his phone bill. Amber is not pleased about that. She also calls him out on sounding so “happy”. Amber lets Matt know that she is not buying any of Christopher’s bullshit. Go Amber! She points out that offering Christopher money to be part of the family is not cool, and that nothing is really wrong with his phone. Matt justifies buying his son’s love, while Amber just looks tired and fed up.

Matt and Amber head out to pick up his kids at the airport. On the way, they talk to Amber’s grandma. Amber invites her grandparents to join them for dinner. Amber then calls Christopher, per Matt’s request, but there is no answer. The kids seem a little awkward with Matt. Brooklyn right away asks to drive, and is very interested in driving the Corvette. Matt and Amber argue over who is the owner of the Corvette while the kids look incredibly uncomfortable in the backseat. Andrew then gives a shout-out to the cameras in his face. Brooklyn also tells her dad that she would rather go home Monday than Tuesday. The kids are hungry, and Matt offers them anything from the drive-thru. The kids seem interested in seeing Leah and Christopher. I am again confused. Brooklyn seems like she knows Christopher, as does Andrew, but earlier Matt stated that Andrew and Christopher had never met. Andrew looks to be about 15-16?

Matt, Brooklyn and Andrew head over to pick up Leah. Oh, here’s the explanation, Brooklyn has not seen Chris since she was about four. Leah is waiting to be picked up. Matt introduces everyone and Leah leaves with the group. Amber and the producer get in the Corvette and Amber again states that is her car. They head to the music store and meet Matt and Leah there. Leah and Amber have their music lessons. Matt points out that Brooklyn and Andrew gave up on their music lessons.

Leah Shirley

Back at the ranch, Matt is whipping up a shake that has helped him lose a lot of weight. Matt calls Chris again to try and get him to come to dinner.   Andrew looks pensive as his dad tries so hard to reach Chris. Chris won’t take Matt’s calls but does pick up from another phone. Matt seems resigned to not seeing Christopher. The producer asks Andrew if there is anything he wants to say to his father. Andrew says he has forgiven Matt for the past. He seems very mature actually, but also very sad.

Matt, Amber, Brooklyn, Andrew and Leah head out to go snow tubing. There is a distinct lack of snow, so part of it is more like mud tubing. Everyone does seem to be having a good time though. I do question Amber’s choice of a very white jacket for this activity. Brooklyn asks Leah if the cameras weird her out and she says no. Leah says she likes filming the reality show. Leah seems very into having a sister and brother. The older kids are very sweet to Leah as well. The family heads to dinner, where Christopher is a no-show. The rest of the group has a good time, though and the blended family seems to get along. Leah snuggles in Brooklyn’s lap.

Amber and Brooklyn hang out and Amber gives Brooklyn a makeover. Brooklyn asks Amber some getting-to-know you questions about things like music. Amber does point out that they are only seven years apart in age. Matt, Andrew, cousin Michael and a friend go play some virtual golf. Matt’s cousin Michael asks what the deal is with Chris. Matt seems sad about his lack of relationship with Christopher. Andrew points out that basically Christopher is selfish. Matt tells everyone that is just how addicts act. Matt tells his cousin that everyone assumes that they are rolling in money. The producer cuts in and asks Matt if he sees the correlation between the son he was close to being an addict and his own past. Matt gets angry and refuses to acknowledge that he might have been part of the issue. Matt does realize that Brooklyn and Andrew are amazing kids, who do not have addiction issues. He slowly comes around to realizing that perhaps he was part of the issue with Christopher’s problems.

Matt takes the older kids to a car lot to check out cars. They test drive a Jetta that she isn’t in love with, but it is better than what she has. Matt tells her he will buy the Jetta for her. Matt, Amber, Brooklyn and Andrew talk for a little bit before the kids have to fly back to Boston. Amber again lets everyone know that Matt is not a deadbeat dad and he is a good man. Amber points out that the kids Matt raised are amazing. Matt seems reluctant to make a blanket statement about what the past could have been. The kids head back to Boston and the Being Matt special is over. For now, Jersey out.

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  1. Butch mullet says:

    I really like ambers hair

    That’s all I like about her

    Oh, and Leah seems so sweet

    • JerseyGirl says:

      oh by mesmerized I mean I love it too! I actually was contemplating if I could pull off that color!

      For all the turmoil in her life, like Isaac, Leah seems like a very sweet kid.

  2. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children says:

    Wow that was boring as shit, glad I didnt watch it

  3. Tell them about the baby in your tummy! says:

    Sounds like Matt had to bribe the kids to be a part of the show by promising cars and money. I didn’t actually watch, but just from reading this, it seems like it was an awkward trip for everyone. Matt is just trying to throw money at the kids, and I really just wish Amber would stop giving him money until he makes some of his own or contributes in some way. It’s not like he is really going to make money off of his book. I can’t even stand to look at him. When I see his picture pop up on these Teen Mom sites, I actually get sick to my stomach. Ugh.

    On a side note, Leah is my favorite kid on this whole series. She is so funny and full of love! Gary and Kristina are doing such a great job of being real parents!!

  4. -A says:

    Thank you for watching and recapping this mess so I didn’t have to. I deleted it from the DVR before it even recorded.

  5. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    “Matt tells his cousin that everyone assumes that they are rolling in money.”
    Well fuck, you just gave your drug addict son $200 for his “phone bill”, you’re driving around in a Corvette, you have a Range Rover (?) and some other expensive piece of crap sitting in your driveway, and you just promised your daughter that you’d buy her a car. I can only wonder why people think this 🙄

  6. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    1. Did forums die? I keep trying to go to them and I can’t
    2. Why tf does Kailyn let her kids play on Snapchat on her phone and scribble? What is the purpose?

    • El-ahrairah says:

      Yes, the forums died for now. 🙁 We were having mega issues with the commenting again, and uninstalling the forum plugins seemed to fix it. If there’s enough interest still I might pay a professional to code it rather than trying to do it with the plug-ins on my own.

      • Baby Daddy #3 says:

        😔 Rest In Peace.

        I didn’t want to be annoying by posting off topic on the articles. But here I am lol

        • El-ahrairah says:

          Go ahead and post off topic! Please do 🙂 I just thought the forums would be easier for everyone, but there’s no rule against off topic posting 🙂

  7. Kesha is my Idol says:

    Anyone else see the picture Tyler posted on IG of Nova and Carly? I don’t understand how he cannot comprehend B&T’s simple instruction of “do not post photos of our daughter on social media!”

    Whatever happened with them not having a visit in the 6th year (as per the original adoption agreement). Was there ever any follow up to that? Or was this photo some sort of late retaliation attempt?

  8. chan says:

    I regret watching this episode, this recap would have been enough. His kids seem very polite and normal though, probably because he wasn’t in their lives for a big amount of time 😉

  9. Peyton says:

    How can Matt be paying for phones and buying cars when he has no job? Does Amber have any clue that he’s spending her money like water?

  10. Shavon says:

    I just could not depart your website prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is going to be back often to check up on new posts

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