Teen Mom OG | Mackenzie’s “Open Letter” to Maci

There are certain Teen Moms who we count on to bring the drama, like Jenelle wanting her pet son “back”, Amber crying invisible tears, and Farrah. They are our punctual trains that wreck day after day.

But on last night’s reunion, we got some serious drama from an unexpected source: Maci Bookout McKinney.

Her opposition? Baby daddy Ryan’s new bride, Mackenzie.

The footage of Ryan’s behind-the-wheel wedding day nap with Mackenzie riding shotgun & punching him back into consciousness has become somewhat infamous since the finale aired, so it’s no surprise that last night’s reunion got Mackenzie and Maci on stage together to talk about it.

Mackenzie had a pre-written letter to Maci that she read on stage, the text of which follows:


You told me to my face, merely days after I had informed you of Ryan seeking help, that you had known about his problem since November. That was 186 days, 4,464 hours, and 267,840 minutes that he could’ve died, and still, you said nothing. You let everyone know that you feared for his life, while concurrently exploiting Ryan and his addiction on the show.

I had only known about it for two days before Ryan was walking into treatment. You preach about hating complacency and enabling. Because you turned your head to the problem, that makes you the enabler, not everyone else that it’s blamed on. This is not reality television; this is actual reality.

Instead of solving the problem, or doing what you could to make an effort to solve it, you decided to humiliate Ryan, humiliate myself and his entire family, but more importantly, you’ve humiliated our children for years to come

Helping Ryan doesn’t mean talking about all of his problems on national television, it means being supportive, not kicking someone when they’re down, and respecting the privacy that we all so graciously deserve.


Rolling eyes

Me for the next week after typing that

After Mackenzie read her letter, you could faintly hear an explosion in the distance as fans everywhere went absolutely bananas.

Maci stated that the drug counselor who she’d been in contact with about Ryan advised her not to bring up his drug addiction to Mackenzie. She also defended herself by insisting that she didn’t exploit Ryan, but he exploited himself, and she got some applause when she stated “[Mackenzie] talks about privacy; don’t sign up for a fucking TV show then.” She also pulled some snark right out of my dad’s book and told Mack “you’re so full of shit, your eyes are brown.” Southerners seriously have the best insults.

Mackenzie brought up the trip to Puerto Rico specifically, when Maci tearfully confided in her TMOG cast mates (and a camera crew, of course) about Ryan’s addiction and her fears for their son, Bentley. Mack said this scene was just Maci “talking shit” & exploiting Ryan’s situation, and when Maci disagreed, Mack stormed off the stage.

It just wouldn’t be a TM reunion without someone attempting to strut off stage in high heels they can’t walk in, am I right?

Maci called Mack’s letter “bullshit” on the air, and it seems like fans on Twitter agree with her overwhelmingly:


The overwhelming-ness of support for Maci cannot be overstated, y’all:

As easy (and gratifying) as it is to pick apart Mackenzie’s letter and criticize it until our vocal cords disintegrate, it’s important to remember that she is only 21 years old. We all did cringeworthy stuff when we were 21, but most of us didn’t do it on camera for a TV show that stars the ex of our significant other.

In the end though, the angry tweets have a very strong point: Mackenzie is blaming someone else for her husband’s addiction. Is that fair? Clearly fans think NAH.


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  1. Stephanie89 says:

    Maci probably sees Ryan an average of 5 minutes a week and she was responsible for informing the people he LIVES WITH of his drug addiction?!
    Thanks for the reminder that Mackenzie is only 21. I often forget that, considering she looks to be pushing 40. Definitely glad I didn’t drag an innocent child along with me through my cringe-worthy 21 moments. Sad situation.

  2. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Mackenzie has zero excuse for not being aware of his addiction. We’ve known for fucking years and all we see is snippets of edited trash. His parents also evidently knew, and I suspect that was the source of daddy Edwards’ anger (and always have).

    Like Mackenzie just quit and admit you’re an idiot for not knowing. And as suspect as Maci is for not maintaining the 4 year secrecy, I doubt she was being malicious. She’s been moderately private imo (not Chelsea post-Adam private, but considerably when you consider how long this has been going on and what we know about the other girls). If her intentions were malicious, i feel like this would have came our way sooner.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Also, let me add that one minute Maci breaks her silence and the next he’s in rehab.

      So MAYBE someone should have quit covering for his ass ages ago.

      • Tyler's Great American Novel says:

        Dude, I’ve been thinking the same thing. He’s looked strung out for YEARS and Maci has stayed quiet. All the sudden it’s June and we were seeing episodes of her finally implying and then talking about his additions the same time news breaks he’s in rehab. Seems like her talking might have been the reason for him to go.

  3. chan says:

    My mouth dropped to the floor hearing all the bullshit that came out of Mackenzie’s mouth! I think Maci stayed very classy, especially after the accusations Mackenzie made. I would have called her out on letting Ryan drive in that state of mind while he has a son (and so does she) and she apparently doesn’t care about her or his safety or their children that could have easily lost one of their parents. Just like I would said that marrying someone who is obviously high as fuck is just wrong. Instead, Maci bit her tong and let it be and also didn’t want to defend herself, which I really respect because she didn’t need to answer herself to that nonsense. And nobody will buy Mackenzie’s bullshit that she didn’t know, she’s probably only saying that to justify the poor decisions SHE made, not Maci.

    • Tyler's Great American Novel says:

      The way Mack hit him it very much seemed like this wasn’t the first time she was waking his ass up. If my fiance was nodding off and I had never seen this behavior before I would have been freaking out trying to figure out what was wrong, not hitting him while rolling my eyes.

  4. TeenMomJunkie says:

    So Mackenzie blames Maci, the world blames Mackenzie… Who’s going to blame Ryan. You know the douche bag who started doing drugs in the first place?!

  5. Bacon Slap that Ho says:

    Mackenzie is an idiot. If she works in healthcare, she should be somewhat aware of the signs of addiction. She definitely should be aware of what injection sites look like. Girl is trying to play dumb and setting herself up for her stepson to hate her in the future.

  6. chan says:

    I was thinking.. Mackenzie is probably not just playing dumb to not be blamed for amongst others letting him drive like that, but also because of its possible consequences. Like her ex maybe taking her to court for full custody of their son after seeing the episode? Or Ryan’s chances of getting more time with Bentley will decrease otherwise if they see her as an enabler/not being a responsible partner? Just like they are saying that Ryan is all good after just a month of rehab. I think that’s not even possible if he was addicted for years. It seems to me that it’s all just for show and to protect themselves for the legal consequences. Too bad she’s trying to make Maci look bad while doing so..

    • rosie says:

      Despite being a very impressive episode. Footage cannot be used in court. Because they sign a contract staying that mtv may edit footage any way they want. This happened with leah

  7. This paper towel's got more than you says:

    So Mack had been living with Ryan and had no idea that something was off with him? Even after he was nodding off in the car and high as a kite at their “wedding”. Such bullshit. Even just from us watching the show, he’s seemed lethargic and out of it for quite some time, and that’s from a few minutes of footage a week. I don’t like Maci as a person, but I’m definitely on her side here.

  8. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    This article is everything I have been thinking. Shout out to southern dad insults and sayings!

  9. Stasia's Stankface says:

    Mack is so young emotionally. She can’t blame Ryan because she loves him (god knows why), and she can’t blame Jen and Larry because they’re her in-laws. But she has all these feelings and they can’t just be feelings, they have to be SOMEONE’s fault. She has the least to lose by picking Maci.

    • -A says:

      True. But by picking Maci she can hurt all those people’s relationship with her if there still is one and Bentley.

  10. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    This story was so snarky. Loved it.
    Mack should climb down off her high horse and take a look at the footage of her boyf/fiancé/husband high as fuck while she belts him in the chest so they don’t both die. Then she might see how dumb she looks trying to pretend she didn’t know he was an addict 🙄

  11. Jamie Elmhirst says:

    I love you Maci, that letter had doo doo dripping off it….LOL.
    21, has a lot of GROWING up to do.


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