Teen Mom OG | More Excerpts Leaked from Matt Baier’s Book

UPDATE: Matt Baier claims this leak is “fake.” We’ll let you decide. Read on the for the original story.https://twitter.com/mattbEPT/status/844648752824627200

You may remember last week we got a sneak peek preview of the opening of Matt Baier’s book You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life. It looks like even more pages from Chapter 1 were leaked. These screenshots are available on Twitter courtesy of the parody account Amber L. Porkwood, who you may remember as the Twitter user who discovered Matt and Amber Portwood’s eviction back in January.

You can see all of the screenshots here on the Porkwood account. I’m going to do my best to pick and pull the best parts, since it’s kind of long. I’ll warn you of this: there is nothing about baby mommas or any direct addressing of “rumors and lies” about him, as we’ve been promised. This entire leaked chapter is blame-shifting, so brace yourselves.

Matt opens by talking about how nervous he was to start filming with MTV despite being a former radio DJ. He quickly launches into attacks on Farrah  Abraham  and her whatever-he-is Simon Saran. As you undoubtedly recall, Simon said on Snapchat that Matt looked like a pedophile, which was the instigation for the infamous Teen Mom OG reunion brawl.

Matt lists a bunch of people affiliated with the show with whom Farrah has had “feuds.” He says that “Farrah is the problem here–not the victim.” He goes on to criticize her for her fake-boyfriend stunt on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy and her sex tape porn situation. He then says the MTV producers told him to “do his research,” so he looked into Simon’s criminal history which included a case involving assault brought by his ex-girlfriend. Matt retells everything he learned using the word “allegedly.” He also brings up stories of Michael Abraham “allegedly” assaulting Farrah’s teenaged boyfriends. (I’m already dying here, guys. Matt spent the whole intro to the book saying people were saying horrible things about him just to make money, so this is all really annoyingly hypocritical.) There’s even a jab against Simon for allegedly going on a homophobic texting rant about Matt Richards, the co-author of this book.

matt richards teen mom

This is Matt Richards’ head on the left. The one who appeared on the show when Amber ditched her weekend with Leah to go to NYC.


Matt (Baier) says Matt (Richards) tried to get another tabloid to post Simon’s texts, but nobody would touch it. Meanwhile, he complains, they ran with every negative story about him they could. (Methinks this co-author is inserting himself a bit too much, no?)

Next up, we’re still ranting about the reunion incident. Matt complains that Simon didn’t punch him at the reunion and calls him a coward, saying “I’ll defend Amber to the death.” He even has the gall to ask why Farrah’s parents put up with her. To Michael, who got involved with the brawl, he says, “[He] learned very fast that it’s a lot easier to intimidate Farrah’s boyfriends than it is to try to scare a grown man willing to defend himself and his fiancee at any cost. Lesson learned. And if it wasn’t learned? Try again.”

Then Matt gives his own version of events, which includes blaming the crew for inciting the altercation. He says he came out to protect Amber and to keep her from doing anything she’d regret. When he got on stage, he says Michael was literally one inch from Amber’s face yelling at her, but this evidence wasn’t in the “final cut of the show.” After the brawl, he says the security crew kept telling him to calm down but he “could not have been more calm.”

The look of a man who could not be more calm

In closing, Matt says he and Amber will be fine without the show because they have “businesses that we do not talk about.” Farrah, he says, will be a “sad, wretched excuse for a former television personality.” Why all this unleashing of pent up fury? “It’s about time someone told the truth about who they really are.”

Like we care, Matt goes on to list each Teen Mom on the show and give his opinions of them. He likes Catelynn and Maci and is okay with Chelsea and Leah. He even claims one of his sons was in prison with Adam Lind, who was “the nicest guy in the world.” Matt thinks the tabloids have been unfair to poor Adam, too.

That’s the gist of it for the leak of Chapter 1. If you want to read the full screenshots, you can start with this tweet:

And this one, in which Simon fires back:

That’s it for now guys!





  1. Ruthie says:

    What a jackass. I hope not one person buys this trash and that, in the event someone would, all proceeds go toward his child support.

  2. Ash says:

    I am not even sure who Matt’s target audience is… I am a fan of Teen mom ( why I feed into these D-list “Celebs” and still watch this crap is beyond me lol) and I would never read this crap or support this pathological liar. I really cannot stand him, he is a predator and he is trying to play the victim. I hope this book completely flops.

  3. nobabydaddies says:

    Is this book about Matt or Farrah? He sure is giving her a lot of free publicity.

    • Williejonesjr says:

      It’s not about Farrah. Farrah is a terrible person & awful human. Her family is awful & terrible too. This book is not about Farrah. Although I wish her luck, Farrah is a terrible and awful person. Her family is awful and terrible, too, but this is not about Farrah. 😉

  4. Katertot says:

    Is Amber Porkwood *actually* Matt??

    He was wary of being on MTV… So wary he waited 2 whole days to shack up with Ambie.

  5. This paper towel's got more than you says:

    So he had no idea that TM was filming when he met Amber? Sure. He’d contacted some of the others but didn’t know the show was still on? Sorry, that’s right, it was his “friend” that wrote those tweets. I’m laughing at the part that says Adam Lind is the “nicest guy in the world”, as told by his son who was in prison with him.

  6. Lucien says:

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