Teen Mom OG | Season 6 Episode 16 RECAP | A Fresh Start

Hurray, it’s another season of Teen Mom OG. I can’t wait to see what’s up with our Original Girls, can you? Onward!

Maci McKinney

Maci and Taylor are hanging out with Jayde and Bentley. Ryan is still dating Mackenzie. Maci is fed up with Ryan’s lack of participation. Maci is preparing for trick or treating, and has decided this year she is not running to Jen and Larry’s.

Jen, Larry, Ryan and Mackenzie are having dinner and discussing Maci’s wedding and how sweet it was. Ryan shares a dream that he had about Maci’s wedding. Mackenzie and Jen kind of polite laugh probably while thinking “seriously Ryan??” Jen points out how late Ryan was last year for trick or treating and missed the whole thing with Bentley. He asks what Bentley is going to dress up as, and both Jen and Mackenzie answer, “Thing One, we just told you that!” Poor Mackenzie. She has no idea what she has gotten herself into. Or maybe she does, but she seems pretty nice so far. Ryan calls to find out if Bentley already has his costume. Maci says he does not and Ryan offers to get the costume for him. I’m sure that will end well. Although, I’m sure Jen will step in and not let Bentley be costume-less. Larry says basically nothing during the whole exchange, just keeps eating.

Ryan Edwards

Maci is making Bentley’s costume while he looks on. Ryan and Mackenzie make plans to take Bentley trick or treating and be on time. Mackenzie asks him what happened last year and Ryan says getting his face made up took longer than expected and everyone went without him. Mackenzie tells him that she likes to be on time and not miss things. Ryan seems irritated but Mackenzie calls him out on it and points out that it is for Bentley.

Maci and Crew are getting ready for trick or treating. Jen arrives dressed as Thing 5 and Larry is the Cat in the Hat. Jen tells Bentley that Ryan is on his way, but stuck in traffic. Maci states that they are not waiting and Bentley states that Ryan is always late. They do not wait for Ryan to show up. He does appear, finally, and Maci says “hey you look like Ryan from Teen Mom”. Ryan doesn’t appear to find that funny. Ryan does interact with Jayde, which is pretty cute.

Maverick McKinney

I don’t WANT to be Charlie Brown!

Maci and Taylor hang out with Maverick and talk about trick or treating. They are amazed that Ryan managed to show up fairly on time, at least for Ryan. Maci is glad Mackenzie seems to push Ryan to be more active in Bentley’s life.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah is opening her/Sophia’s new business, a kid’s boutique. Farrah is busy talking down to three employees in the opening scene, then leaves to pick up Sophia. She does let us know that her furniture store and frozen yogurt shop are doing well. Her and Simon are still on a “break” and things with Debz OG are still rocky. So, basically, same old same old. Farrah and Sophia get ready for a photo shoot. Farrah is not happy with the curling job that Debz did on Sophia’s hair. Derek’s dad is in town to visit as well.

Sophia is smacking her grandma on the butt with a noodle. Farrah is exasperated with the shenanigans. After bitching at her mom for not curling Sophia’s hair enough, it’s put into a braid for the photo shoot?! Way to be a witch about nothing, Farrah. Debz does a semi-rap to “Ten Little Monkeys” which is both cute yet appalling.


Farrah checks in at her furniture store. Michael shows up for some abuse, I mean, to help Farrah. Farrah starts talking about how Deb is irritating and in the way. She also manages to critique Michael while complaining about Deb. She’s a true multitasker. Farrah tries to get Michael to bash Deb on camera, but he refrains.

Deb comes outside to talk to Farrah. Farrah can’t really stop looking at her phone for the most part. Deb wants to talk about therapy and progress on their relationship. Farrah, naturally, cuts her off, and talks in that really annoying over-enunciating voice and tells Deb basically everything is Deb’s fault. Farrah then turns on the tears about how frustrated she is when Deb is in town.

Farrah Abraham Deb Danielson

Farrah and Sophia are having the ribbon cutting for her boutique. Farrah states that everyone will be cutting the ribbon together, and then cuts it herself? Okay then! Derek’s dad leaves. The next day, Deb is packing up to leave as well. She says goodbye to Sophia and Farrah. Sophia has a very evil little laugh. I worry about that girl. Farrah just basically says, “see you” to Deb.

Michael and Farrah meet for lunch. Farrah tells Michael that Deb is hurting her with the things she says and does and that Farrah needs a break from Deb. Michael tries hard to keep things calm. He knows who butters his bread. Farrah breaks into tears about how she wants a “good family”. All of a sudden, the waterworks stop and she bashes Deb a little more and again says how she is trying to have a “great family”.

Amber Portwood

Amber, Matt and Leah are talking about her new business “Forever Haute”. A random friend, Wayne, drops by to talk about the business as well. This is going to be an online boutique. Amber and Matt are also still flipping houses. Amber is fully recovered from her plastic surgery, but it was hard doing so without prescription drugs after two days. She is now having dental issues however.

Amber Portwood Leah Shirley

I’ve never been a size 12, thank you very much!

Amber feels sick while driving and the producer stops to check on her. Amber is nice enough to show her the bad tooth in her mouth. Ewww. Is that necessary?? I mean, at least she didn’t show the audience? Leah, who is the sweetest, says she will hang out with Amber since Amber doesn’t feel well. She really is a good kid, with a huge heart.

Amber has been to the dentist and feels much better. Their friends Annette and Wayne are back over. Amber talks about the need to make money to sock away for the future. Amber is still interested in starting some rehab facilities. Matt says he and Amber try hard to reinforce that girls/women can do anything and be anything in life. Amber wants to keep Leah overnight and take her to school. Matt pushes Amber to call Kristina. Amber points out that she would have to talk to Gary, not Kristina.

Gary and Kristina discuss Amber’s text. Kristina asks what would have to happen for Amber to be able to keep Leah on a school night. Gary points out that Amber still does not seem to have priorities in order when it comes to Leah. Kristina calmly points out that Gary seems to be unable to separate his past with Amber and Amber’s relationship with Leah. Gary does state that he has trouble trusting Amber as a parent. He brings up the fight Amber had with Farrah at the Teen Mom reunion show. Gary points out that he started skipping school when he met Amber. I know most people are Team Gary, and I do think he is a good father, but something about him just still seems fake to me. However, I freely admit Leah seems like one of the best-adjusted kids on TM or TM2.

Gary Shirley

Amber can take Leah to school when pigs fly! J/k…sorta

Gary refuses Amber’s request to keep Leah overnight and take Leah to school. Amber breaks down into tears and says that Gary is not holding up the agreement to be flexible. Matt explains to their friends how Amber is feeling, even though Amber is sitting right there.

Catelynn Baltierra

Catelynn and Tyler are in the midst of potty training Nova. They show her, on the potty, in the living room. I realize this is by far not the worst thing that one of the TM kids will look back on and cringe, but can’t the kid have some privacy? Nova doesn’t seem too interested in the whole potty training gig.

Butch is still in jail and Tyler and Cate are still renovating their house. It is, however, almost completed. Butch should be released in about two weeks. Tyler and Cate say on camera that Butch does not want them to talk about why he was sent back to The Big House. Tyler explains how he has gotten used to his dad disappointing him.


Tyler Baltierra

Cate, Tyler and Nova are carving pumpkins. Nova seems unimpressed with the pumpkin guts. I’m with her there. Later, Kim joins everyone for dinner. The topic turns to Butch and when he will be released. Tyler looks pensive and his mom worries that he has a headache or is exhausted. Tyler says it has been a long week with “everything” going on. He doesn’t really explain what “everything” really is. He decides he should go see his therapist, while Cate looks bored in the corner.

Catelynn Baltierra Nova Baltierra

Ewwww no Mom!

Tyler is seeing his therapist, Kathleen. Tyler fills her in on Butch going to jail. Tyler admits he was very angry at first and now just feels exhausted. He also had to use all his energy taking care of Catelynn. Tyler talks about his depression as a kid and his suicide attempt. He is worried that it feels that way inside again. He also feels that he is walking on eggshells around Cate. Kathleen tells him that he has to demand that his needs be met as well.

Tyler gets home and plops down on the couch with Catelynn. He tells Cate that he talked to the therapist about his father and about his negative feelings. Cate seems bored with the conversation and says she hasn’t really noticed Tyler being sad or anything. She asks him what he needs and he says he has no clue. Tyler states that it has been a long year not focusing on him.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Nova turns two, Amber gets her Corvette, Sophia gets a miniature pony for her birthday, Ryan proposes and things seem to fall apart with Maci and Jen and Larry. Farrah also bosses Michael around, Amber and Matt pick out a place to get married, Tyler continues to struggle, Amber states that she doesn’t trust Matt. The Teen Mom OG group plans a trip to Puerto Rico, sans Farrah.  Until next week, Jersey out!

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  1. Nikki says:

    Thank God for your recaps, I cannot watch the show anymore. I dvr it and then end up fast forwarding thru nearly the whole thing. Farrah is useless and needs no comment. Maci is boring, get a new story line, she’s been babbling about Ryan for about 8 years now. Amber looks EXACTLY the same or worse then she did before surgery. Only difference is her horribly bleached hair. And Catelynn is so disinterested in life it’s kind of shocking. She has no passion for anything at all, not even Nova. She just sits around all day and does nothing. I wonder if B&T cut off the in person visits by now? They should, these two are no positive influence on Carly at all. Side note – I don’t know if my eyeballs will ever recover from seeing Amber’s horrible hairdo in the aftershow 😯

  2. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    Whatever, Amber. You’ve been a size 11 but not a 12. Sometimes clothing comes in even sizes instead of odd, but they’re the same damn size. Like if you’re an 8 you’re also a 9. You want to cater to the struggle of the plus sized woman, but you don’t want to admit your size. OK.

    And I was half watching, did anyone explain why two thirds of the kids are Charlie Brown and Bentley is Thing 2? Couldn’t they all have been Dr. Seuss? I’m sure the babies don’t care. Maybe Bentley changed his mind late in the costume game.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I wondered that exact same thing about the costumes! I mean, Bentley could have picked and then the babies could have been something complimentary to his costume? Weird lol.

      And yes to the size thing too– and size 11/12 is not even really “plus” size is it? (I’m old, I just buy what fits, and don’t care what department it’s in)

  3. Mo says:

    Thanks for the recap!! I forgot the show was even coming back lol

  4. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Is Cate gutting pumpkins INSIDE the house?

    • JerseyGirl says:

      yes, yes they were.

    • Alli says:

      I live in the north east. I don’t know anyone who carves pumpkins outside because by October your wearing winter jackets and most halloween have snow on the ground already. I buy my son’s costume a size up so I can layer him up underneath it.

      Typically we just cover the table with newspaper or the lovely weekly adds and have at it.

      • Baby Daddy #3 says:

        I reiterate this statement. My pumpkins get carved indoors. It’s cold in October. I don’t like the cold.

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        Yeah, same here. We usually get a plastic table cloth and just roll it up and throw it out when we’re done.

        • Grace says:

          I live in Alberta, Canada. We don’t carve pumpkins outside. Way too cold, and too much snow! We put newspaper down and do it at the table

        • JerseyGirl says:

          why did I never think of the table cloth idea before?? that’s freaking brilliant!

          • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

            Took many many hours and many messes before we took our laziness to the next level 😂

            • JerseyGirl says:

              I’ve been carving pumpkins a longggg time and just never even thought of that..brilliance, pure brilliance!!

  5. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Maci: I just want to say; my husband is a really great guy, an amazing husband & an awesome dad. On that note, without me running the show he would fall flat on his face. Some men are followers that need someone to lead them to reach their full potentential. I think Makenzie is that person for Ryan, he just needed someone to keep him together. I’ve always seen a lot of Ryan in my husband (Ryan has better hair) Im not a doctor but my husband has severe ADHD. He leigtmitaly can’t function without someone telling him what to do. He dazes off much like Ryan and hyperfocuses. He had an extremely hard time keeping a job up until 8 years ago when he found an amazing company that understands he needs to be stimulated. I honestly think Ryan tries but I honestly think it is ADHD. I will never understand how it feels but I know what it looks like. As far as the matching/non matching Halloween costumes that everyone is commenting about. I think Maci is struggling to distance herself from Ryan’s family who adopted her as their own and is trying to create her own family with their own identity seperate from Ryan. It isn’t a simple thing to do with Bentley stuck in the middle and he is Jen & Larrys only biological grandchild at this point so he will always take center stage.

    Farrah: I think she really does want a “good family” however she has never seen a good family outside of TV, movies or books. I don’t think she realizes that small struggles and being annoyed by your parents is a normal thing. It seems like as soon as one of her parents annoy her the frame breaks on the picture perfect life she wants and she blows it up. When I look at Farrah I don’t see the strong independent woman she strives to portray. I seen a woman who has so many insecurities that it would be impossible to list them. I think she will eventually write off Sophia as soon as she does something that doesn’t fit into her moms box of perfect.

    Amber: Gary has a point! Her daughter was at the reunion and very easily could have witnessed what happened. Hell if nobody was paying attention Leah could have followed her mother onto the stage and ended up injured. Amber has good intentions when it comes to Leah however I don’t see Amber having the parent mentality. I’ve said it before with a few of the dads and I’ll say it about Amber; she really is better off just being an every other weekend parent. I don’t think she could manage parenting full time mentially. I really appreciate Kristina again for her honestly and input to the situation. She really does seem to have Leah’s best interest in mind and voices when she feels like Gary or Amber are slipping a bit.

    Cait: I just don’t understand how the stupid freaking producers made me feel bad for Tyler. I think he really lost himself and his feelings in his marriage. It isn’t fair to him but I respect him for putting Cait first through her struggles. I think it is Caits turn to suck it up and bit and help Tyler deal with some of his crap. They have been together for years and a lot of the things that Cait is going through Tyler is also.

  6. Jessica says:

    I just read that jenelle is pregnant again??

  7. chelseas annoyimg baby voice says:

    Tyler is not looking well at all from what I see in the pictures. Have not seen the episode yet though could be wrong.

    Maci….. Same sjit all over again. Ryan ia a crap dad etc.

    Farrah: Same old same old.

    Amber: Is it just me or does Amber look bigger than before her operations? Just an observation..

  8. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    In other news…. Matt & Amber’s fights seem to get out of hand..


    • El-ahrairah says:

      Yeah, I’m waiting for a bit of confirmation before posting anything. Matt has already gone to the press and said it’s all made up, of course. =\

  9. Josue says:

    Greetings! I’ve been reading your website for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic job!

  10. Wenona says:

    Hello, you used to write great, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your super writings. Past several posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!


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